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High net worth professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs with control of corporate budgets nationwide turn to O!O first for what’s really happenening in Eden. Get their attention… While they’re behind their desks making decisions.

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Your advertising is only as good as the people who see it – regularly.
Here’s the kind of people that’ll see you on O!O:

Electronic advertisements are cheaper and better looking and give a better return than printed advertisements – so the risk is lower and the journalism more audacious and attractive.
~ Theuns Botha, DA Head of Government Affairs; Deputy Provincial Leader; WC Health MEC

“Anybody suggesting that there is hope for the future of the newspaper industry is clearly living in cloud cuckoo land. Which isn’t to say that newspapers are about to become extinct in South Africa. They will continue to be bought by people who can’t afford laptops and iPads and therein lies the real problem.  A newspaper relies on advertising to survive and if your product reaches an audience with very little disposable income then what is the point of a company taking expensive space to advertise a product that nobody can afford?”
David Bullard 6 March 2013

It is amazing what O!O has achieved so far!
~ Hardy Mills, Lawyer

The 30-page interim (ENS) report was leaked and published on Tuesday by Mr Drewan Baird on his political blog o!online. Baird is an outspoken political blood hound from Oudtshoorn and a thorn in the side of many a politician, regardless of their political affiliation.
~ George Herald

If we only had more journalists and editors like you South Africa would have looked quite different today – quite different!
~ Jaap Kelder, Chair: National Ratepayers’ Union

We have noted your altruistic service to the community.
~ Pieter Rautenbach, Head: Local Government Affairs, AfriForum

I take my hat off to you, Drewan. If anything does happen, you will have played a big part in bringing justice to your town.
~ Mike Hampton, Knysna Keep

Fantastic information and balance of facts. I follow every link and regard the reporting of our political woes and successes as gutsy! Keep up the good work! I wish I could clone O!O for Stellenbosch – even as a councillor it would be fantastic to have such shenanigans exposed as O!O does. Us politicians (I am more of a businessman than a politician) react brilliantly to media pressure and such reporting. Stellenbosch’s media is too dependent on municipal money for advertising revenue and has decided to be polite and careful. You are neutral like Martin Weltz.
~ Pieter Venter, MMC Finance, Stellenbosch

O!O is fast becoming an important role-player in the media. Keep up the good work.
~ Les Dyason, owner in the hospitality industry

A forum such as O!O must state facts fearlessly and if someone’s nerves are touched in the process, so be it! Doet zo voort! I enjoy reading O!O very much and believe that O!O has an unbelievably important role to play in catalysing political debate.
~ MC Botha, US Graduate School of Business

O!O is worth its weight in gold!
~ Nico Ungerer, Dealer Principal

Your reporting is bloody classic! Truly fun to read. Sharp!
~ Leon Smith, Project Director: Mubesko

You have a very loyal readership.
~ Janine Oelofse, Garden Route Media

O!O knows what it’s doing.
~ Wilton Kawa, former Chief Whip, ANC Oudtshoorn

It is wonderful to have investigative journalism of such outstanding standard!
~ Leon Coetzee, Lawyer

O!O, an apolitical blog, one of the finest in the country, got the scoop…
~ Mike Hampton, The Knysna Education & Enabling Project.

Thank you for your outstanding quality investigative journalism. Well done!
~ Hikkie Marais, Businessman: Wealth & Risk Management

You must do yourself a favour and read O!O regularly!
~ Mathilda le Roux, Business Woman: Hospitality

Wonderful, insightful, cutting, yet humorous!
~ Marianne Spies, Educator; Academic

Do as you wish then – I just don’t want to learn of my dismissal on O!O!
~ Diane de Jager, former Oudtshoorn Mayor, talking to…

Your publication attracts attention everywhere! The only reasonable request from politicians should be that facts are correctlyreported – O!O succeeds 100% in this regard.
~ Theuns Botha… But he no longer holds this view! click here to see why!

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Die impak van OO


8 thoughts on “OO Readers

  1. Jou beriggewing oor die munisipale raadsvergadering Maandag 24 Februarie 2104 is baie interessant en bruikbaar, meer as wat jy besef.

  2. Poli- German for many
    tics- Blood Suckers
    ANC, DA, same sh!t different toilets.
    O!O can you please share more possitive information, like what oppotunities there are for Youth Development and Entrepreneurial Ideas, things that can contribute towards Social development and Self Sustainable living. Remeber the type of Energy you create goes around and what goes around comes around. If we the people start to empower ourselves than Poli-tics lose their live support of taking advantage of ignorant people. Each one Teach one!!!

  3. Wel! As Nicholas John Barrow jou aanbeveel kan jy nie te k… te sleg wees nie, of hoe!?

  4. Drewan,

    Ek piepie bietjie op jou batterye. Ek ken vir Pieter Venter baie goed en ek het vir hom gesê om OO te lees as hy niks anders het om te doen nie. HAHAHAHA

    Pieter hierdie dorp is in sy moer. Ek is eersdaags in Franschhoek en sal dan by jou kom kuier.

    Groete Nic

  5. Fantastiese inligting en balans met feite – ek kyk elke link en dink dis n ongelooflike gutsy storie vertelling van ons politieke hartseer en sukses! Hou so aan! Pieter Venter burkom lid finansies stellenbosch (DA raadslid) ( sakeman betrokke in plaaslike sakekamer , vliegklub , dieresorg , toerisme , stigter van Stellenbosch Wag)

  6. Slegs die oneerlike’s vrees n goeie feitlike media, opregte en eerlike’s het niks om weg te steek nie. Dankie vir die feite OO. Vir die wat agter toe deure en donker kantore duistere plane beraam, om op oneerlike wyse hul self te bevoordeel teen koste van die gemeenskap, wees gewarsku OO het sy bronne!

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