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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 1 April 2013. 08h00. This, unfortunately, is not an April Fools’ story…

About a year ago, also about a year after “spurning” O!O, Theuns Botha, then Western Cape DA Leader, wrote Bitou Constituency Head Donald Grant, Bitou Mayor Memory Booysen, Bitou DA Chair Liz Mundell, and Western Cape DA Secretary Anton Bredell to ignore JEF as they did O!O…

Subject: JEFF
From: tlb50@yahoo.com
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2012 14:09:56 +0200
To: booysenmemory@hotmail.com; donald.grant@pgwc.gov.za; mundellwl@hotmail.co.za; Anton.Bredell@pgwc.gov.za

Dear colleagues

Please refrain from reacting to Hardy Mills and JEF. The reference to him and JEF in your newsletters justifies his publication. Please just ignore him, delete your subscription and forget about him. This is what we’ve done with Drewan Baird and his Oudtshoorn Online and since we did so all the influential people did the same.

You can never win an argument because they are not journalists but “opinionists” and not convincible.


I remain, as can be expected, devastated by the rejection of so influential a personage as Theuns Botha.

If my medical aid would only continue footing the bill, I should prefer to retain the local therapist who initially assisted me in coming to terms with the fact that the DA leadership and party councillors and functionaries did not recognise me.

Since the DA abandoned me, only weeks after my small joint efforts delivered the party more than 50% of the local vote on May 18, 2011, I could not, as my readers would know, obtain any information for my stories and reports… Because my beloved Dear Leaders wouldn’t speak to me. Sob!

Snot en trane.

Jokes aside, Botha’s pathetic efforts to contaminate the influence of O!O and JEF is simple yet clarion proof that O!O and JEF are thorns deeply embedded in the raw, exposed nerves of a political party caught at what political parties do – cozening, fobbing, and snookering voters.

What Botha of course handed O!O on a platinum platter, is consumate licence to publish whatever the hell about him, his colleagues – Zille’s mediocre men – and the DA itself… The authoritative declaration, the pronouncement, the political dictum that “no influential” people read O!O means that nothing O!O ever should say about the DA or any DA functionary could possibly be considered libellous or defamatory – as only people the DA regards as being of no consequence, like you, read O!O!

Now, about not being “convincible”…

Ye gods and faeries Theuns! At least you should attempt, futile even as the exercise would prove, to muster a velleity, a semblance, of logic in what you arrogate as argument!

The very fact, my dear man, that you once doted on O!O’s achievements (see notes) and now are convinced of its aridity, confirms its ineluctable ability to adjust and adapt and correct itself:

O!O is now convinced of the obvious fact that the DA is not even nearly what it proposes to be!

I am convincible, Theuns – I once was a member of the DA in the false conviction that the DA was “different” to, say, the ANC; I changed my mind…

However, can you, Theuns, can you change your mind? Are you “convincible”?

Let’s test the hypothesis of your “convincibility”:

Do you still believe that Wessie van der Westhuizen is the prime candidate for Mayor of Eden?

Do you still believe that Anton Bredell is a good minister and improving by you and your leader, Ms Zille?

Do you still believe that the DA is doing all it possibly can to serve the more than 50% of voters in Oudtshoorn who do not want an ANC coalition in power?

Do you still believe that Sumeia Ndayi is a better councillor than Johann Brummer?

Do you still believe that Diane de Jager should be a councillor?

On October 16 last year, at the height of the “automatic termination” of several DA councillors, Botha instructed his acolytes about O!O enquiries: “Please don’t reply at all.”

This after Botha’s respected and formidable spokesperson, the former By and Rapport editor Liza Albrecht, went to much trouble to source responses on this still unexplained DA “process”.

Botha simply called Albrecht off because O!O would not change its criticism of the “beloved messiah party”.

And on January 10, in response to my reaction on a comment from him – “I will decide what suffices for my publication and your reply is inadequate”, Botha wrote: “You don’t deserve further attention.”

Botha, the Provincial Deputy Leader of a party that has but one sapless appeal – the vanishingly small probability of being an improved alternative to the worst political machination (the ANC) ever to embrown the land South of the Limpopo – is convinced that he needs not speak to the readers of O!O… O!O readers, so he is on record, are not “influential”, so… screw ’em!?

Well, O!O readers already know that the DA can not be trusted with the government of Oudtshoorn – see here and here and here and here.

Botha’s churlish wimpering shouts to the point.


Things Theuns Botha said of O!O before O!O started to criticise the DA…

(1) Drewan

Keurige en smaakvolle woordspel en styl – dit rol lekker oppie tong en pak nie aan teen die tande nie.

Jy weet, die verskil tussen die konvensionele koerantjie-styl joernalistiek en die kontemporere blog-busting laat my dink aan… (Gesensor. DB)

Dit werk so – [die naam van ‘n plaaslike koerant] (ongeag die feit dat hy nie meer regop staan nie maar al ‘n paar grade suidwaarts neig) kan net bestaan as hy advertensies verkoop en sy publikasie verkoop.  Die verspreiding is ‘n beslommernis en in vele huishoudings het die bladjie meer waarde vir vensters was en hondjie-pis opvee, as nuus en lees!

[Die plaaslike koerant] moet die groot omies met die pankoppe ne boeppense napraat en beskerm en die egos streel anders is hy oormore dood, kan die water en ligte nie betaal word nie en staan die spulltjie sonder ink!  Met blog-busting is die vryheid van spraak en die vlak van verdraagsaamheid veel hoger (hoer sonder die fronsie op die e is te veel soos hoer op die hoek).

Elektroniese advertensies is goedkoper en mooier en betaal meer as die gedruktes – so die risiko is laer en daarom is die joernalisitek ook meer waaghalsig en aantreklik.  Mens kan nou wel nie blog-busting vir toilet papier gebruik soos met [die plaaslike koerant] nie (behalwe as jy jou gatkant aan die screen afvee – maar die produk is nie klient-vriendelik in hierdie opsig nie. Ek het nie op jou sakekamer-kaskenades reageer nie omdat dit darem te plaaslik vir my status is (sorry, maar ek het tog so iets).  Sommige dinge moet maar locally opgelos word. Maar ek stem saam met jou hieroor.  Die ouens ladieda met die sleg moer in die dorp en versaak hulle plig om stront, nie stront te noem nie.  Hulle probeer polities korrek wees deur die slegte ouens te paai en die goeies te beledig – tipies van mense wat met die stroom swem en te slapgat is “to call a spade a spade”.  Maar wanneer respekteer mens ander – wanner hulle jou onverdiende lof toedig of wanneer jy weet jy kan staatmaak op hulle ware opinie .

Hou moed pal, die slapgatte het baie pelle in gatkruip tye maar as die kak spat sny hulle polse!  Moet nooit ooit jou waardes en beginsels verdedig nie!  Dit is ononderhandelbaar.  As dit nie ondersteun word nie verdien hulle nie jou vriendskap nie – so eenvoudig soos dit!   Ons soort bepaal die pas en jy loop saam of bly agter maar ek pas my nie afwaarts aan vir enigiemand nie.  Ek is gatvol vir ons mense wat ‘n laer standaard aan die ANC stel as aan ons.  Dis die soort wat hulle vrouens moer maar R100 in die kollekte gooi – vals etters!

(2) Drewan

Geluk met wat julle reeds daar kon vermag – kanse lyk nie te sleg nie dat ons wel nog een of ander tyd kan oorneem – wys jou net hoeveel meer mens kan vermag met eendrag en betrokkenheid! Ek respekteer julle April besluit, dit is altyd beter om by die waarheid te hou en nie onnodig lyke te laat rondlê nie.

(Die April-besluit: ek gaan dit nie openbaar nie. DB)

(3) Hi Drewan

Baie nice maar die tweede laaste paragraaf verraai alles? Almal wat moet weet, weet wel watter rol julle speel – moenie die game weggooi nie. Ons wil immers hê Me Z moet dink…

(Oor wát “Me Z” in die duister gehou moes word, swyg ek. DB)

Your publication attracts attention everywhere! The only reasonable request from politicians should be that facts are correctly reported – O!O succeeds 100% in this regard.
(Translated from the original Afrikaaans. DB)

DREWAN BAIRD COMMUNICATIONSensaytional – 076 349 6316
Making sure they see it your way

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19 thoughts on “What the DA thinks of you – the O!O reader

  1. Sceptic. You beauty! You nailed it. That IS his problem. You can fool some of the people etc etc YES! But when you come with the kind of BS he does the “some” becomes less and less. Hopefully insufficient to keep him in his job post 2014 election.

  2. Pletty,

    I agree with you. About being “unconvincible”. For so many years so many people were completely convinced by the DA (old NP). Now their eyes have been opened, in large part due to blogs like O!O, and they are seeing the DA for their deceit and lies (having been convinced that the DA is not so holy and not so innocent as they used to believe). I would say that Mr. Botha’s problem is more with the fact that people are indeed convincible, than that they are not.

  3. Wilmot James! Wilmot! Daar is ‘n drol in die drinkwater in die Weskaap. Jy is die baas van die plaas, haaluit!!

  4. Theunsie, dit gaan nie meer oor hoe lank Zille jou gaan gedoog nie, maar hoe lank die gewese DA ondersteuners oral in die Kaap jou nonsens gaan glo.

    Jy klink soos n ‘has been ‘ vir my, past tense, in sy eie nes gemis, geen geloofwaardigheid.Jy wil en sal nie bedank nie, wil die laaste oorblywende rot op die sinkende ‘brand’ wees. RIP – het VERDRINK in sy eie kots !

    Wat ek wel wil weet is wat Hannes hieroor te se het ?
    Jy laat Zille en die kiesers geen keuse nie Theunsie.

    Weet jy wat is ‘n slang in die gras seuntjie” ?

    Jou patetiese politieke gordyn het gesak, niemand gaan jou ooit meer glo of onthou nie “Hamman”, Mordegai se tyd het aangebreek, de Koning hebt jy niet !!

    En nou Hannes ……….X!@#$% ?? Dalk klop jy nog vir beide Theunsie en Bredell lyn toe. Grant was nog nooit n faktor nie. Om die spul, ‘mediocre men” so te noem, gee hul almal in elk geval gans te veel krediet !!

  5. Studies show that people’s political beliefs tend to correlate strongly with their race, sex, socioeconomic status, occupation, and personality traits. Members of minorities are much more likely to support affirmative action than white men are. The poor are much more likely than the rich to believe in wealth-redistribution (welfare, etc.) Members of the entertainment industry are much more likely to be liberal than conservative. And so on. None of these trends would be expected if political beliefs had a solely, or even primarily, cognitive origin. However, I think we may rest assure that all the different personality traits are in agreement with the following: Theuns Botha is an infectious asshole!! Thank you O!O for publishing this.

  6. Oh great and fantabulous Politician

    I am an avid and unapologetic reader of O!O and several other informative and opinion-leading publications both in printed and electronic form. Your belief that as a result I am inconvincible and therefore of no consequence to you and the DA may not be as illogical as it seems at first glance.

    Fact is, it is no longer possible for you to convince me regardless of what you may say, simply because I know what you and the DA under your leadership are about. My opinion in this regard is constantly affirmed by all these, what you seem to believe to be, subversive publications.

    It is not that I unquestioningly lap up and believe what they say, it is rather because when I test what they say, (with the exclusion of JEF) I find it to be factual and accurate in the main, whereas when I test what you and JEF say I find it to be unsupported by facts and mostly inaccurate and/or deliberately couched to mislead. You are correct, it is not possible for you to convince me and many others with your bullshit.

    In that context, I agree that I must be of no consequence to the DA. It would be foolish for you to waste time to try to convince people like us with the bullshit arguments at your disposal. You have proven to us over and over that you have no credibility and now O!O is putting the hard facts on the table that you also have no integrity.

    You may think that those of us who read widely and question what we read have little or no influence, but I beg to differ strongly with you on that point. In fact, given your attitude you inspire me to prove you wrong at the next election – 2014.

    Speaking of which, I trust that when you come to us in the not too distant future to ask us to vote to keep you in your cushy job, you will have the courtesy to tell those who are not convincible by bullshit, to remove themselves and take their votes elsewhere before subjecting us to more of the same.

    Come begging for donations again? You can go sell your

  7. Les. Every election you and I are approached by the DA to donate towards their election campaign. Every time I have donated generously, out of over enthusiasm for the cause perhaps on occasion even more generously than I could strictly afford at that time.

    I have always been able to justify it to myself and others.

    Now that I have read that Mr Botha considers it beneath his self-awarded “status” to deal with “sakekamer-kaskenades” … “omdat dit darem te plaaslik vir my status is (sorry, maar ek het tog so iets).” I can no longer do so.

    Now that I know that he considers me and my colleagues in business who fund him to be nothing but irritating “omies met die pankoppe en boeppense” I can no longer in good conscience do so.

    His arrogant and insulting views deserve insulting response.

    Sorry, Mr Botha, this pankop, boepens omie has seen you for what you really are. I will make it my task this time, instead of raising funds, to inform all my fellow colloquial bald-headed paunchy buddies that our money is just too “plaaslik” for a person of your high status. I hope Les will do likewise.

    One last thing, Big Man, other than in your own eyes, you have bugger all “status” never had and never will have.

  8. Gotcha! You are convincible. Easily convincible!

    Seriously, thanks.

    Lets see what happens over the next week or so. Actions speak louder than words.

  9. O!O, I hear what you say and read into that what you do, I think. That’s my knee-jerk. I’m gobsmacked and insulted.

    But I disagree with you wrt your duty.

    Lets accept that before you published this article those DA leaders were in awe of Theuns’ leadership abilities and lazily believed and trusted him. Give them a break and an opportunity to let their new found knowledge convince them of the error of their ways. Maybe a light has gone on for somebody.

    Give them the benefit of the doubt and make it as easy as possible to do what they know they MUST do to protect the party’s credibility and integrity.

    You owe it to your readers and the DA to give them the opportunity to give a straight answer to a straight question. You are ideally placed to be our conduit.

  10. Pletty

    If the DA wanted to act against Theuns Botha, it would have already done so.

    Consider Botha’s correspondents: It’s the senior DA members that receive the instructions and the injunctions.

    I recall Donald Grant’s refusal to meet with me even after the then Oudtshoorn chair, Hannes Barnard, suggested a meeting to him. Grant said that he was told not to speak to me.

    I have no duty to “get the DA talking”.

  11. Stadig, manne.
    Julle hoef nie beledigend te raak nie
    Einde vannie dag is daar geen groter fool as n April fool nie.,

  12. Die waarheid my vriende het die lastige manier om altyd uit te kom…veral wanneer jy dit die minste verwag.

    Ek haal die agbare Botha aan:

    “Die ouens ladieda met die sleg moer in die dorp en versaak hulle plig om stront, nie stront te noem nie. Hulle probeer polities korrek wees deur die slegte ouens te paai en die goeies te beledig – tipies van mense wat met die stroom swem en te slapgat is ‘to call a spade a spade’.”

    “Moet nooit ooit jou waardes en beginsels verdedig nie! Dit is ononderhandelbaar.”

    Mnr Botha versaak sy plig om stront stront te noem en ladieda lustig met ouens soos Wessie, Niehaus en Booysen om hulle te paai, maar die goeies versaak hy sonder om te blik of te bloos. Waardes and beginsels is duidelik ‘n vreemde konsep vir hom. Wat ‘n huigelaar.

  13. Lets stop and take a deep breath before we judge the DA by this man’s attitude and actions alone. He is not the DA, merely a member, a senior office bearer and a public representative. We do not know at this stage where the DA actually stands in relation to his conduct as they have not yet been given an opportunity to comment. (O!O, may I suggest that to be fair you ask for a response on behalf of us all.)

    They have adopted and published rules and standards.

    I suggest we wait and see how they deal with their member/public representative’s transgressions in terms of their rules and standards, the most pertinent of which I list below as copied from the DA website. It is long, but necessary for us to know and consider before we make a judgement of the party.

    How they respond is what must inform our opinions.


    1.2 VISION

    An independent and vibrant civil society is essential to the preservation of an
    open society, because it acts as a bulwark against any attempt by the state or the
    ruling party to impose a hegemony of thought and truth over society.

    The vision of the Democratic Alliance is grounded on the defence, promotion and
    extension of the following principles:
    1.3.1 the fundamental rights and freedoms of every person – including the
    right to freedom of conscience, speech, association, and movement;
    1.3.2 the rejection of unfair discrimination on any grounds;
    1.3.3 the supremacy of the South African constitution and the rule of law;
    1.3.5 equality before the law;
    1.3.12 respect for the right or a vibrant civil society and a free media to
    function independently;
    1.3.13 the rejection of violence and intimidation as a political instrument;

    1.5.1 The Party will promote its growth in all communities with the intention
    of realising its vision and advancing its principles either as government
    or opposition in all spheres.
    1.5.2 The programme of action must include provisions aiming at, but not be
    limited to, the following: being an effective government when in power; being an effective opposition when not in government; holding its public representatives to account.

    2.5.1 All Party members are subject to the discipline of the Party and submit
    to the provisions of this constitution in regard to rules on conduct and
    to the disciplinary procedures set out in Chapter 9.
    2.5.2 All Party members submit to the right of the Party, subject to clause
    2.5.5, to remove any public representative from office in any executive
    or legislative sphere of government or office within the Party, on the
    grounds of incompetence, inefficiency or incapacity.
    2.5.3 Any member, including a public representative, is guilty of misconduct
    if he or she: publicly opposes the Party’s principles or repeatedly
    opposes published party policies, except in or through the
    appropriate Party structures; deliberately acts in a way which impacts negatively on the
    image or performance of the Party; acts in any manner whatsoever which results in him or her
    being found guilty of a serious criminal offence by a court
    of first instance; fails to carry out his or her duties or responsibilities
    according to standards set by the Federal Council of the
    Party or of the relevant Provincial or Regional Council as
    embodied in the applicable Code of Conduct, or to
    standards required by any statutory rules of conduct
    required by the public office he or she holds; brings the good name of the Party into disrepute or harms
    the interests of the Party; acts in a manner that is unreasonable and detrimental to
    internal co-operation within the Party; unreasonably fails to comply with or rejects decisions of
    the official formations of the Party; submits or attempts to submit false membership forms or
    commits or attempts to commit membership fraud in any
    way; contravenes any of the explicit Party decisions or
    regulations for the appropriation of Party finances; collects money on behalf of or in the name of the Party or
    any of its structures without depositing such money in a
    bank account opened and operated in terms of procedures
    approved by the Federal Finance Committee and/or
    operates a bank account in which Party money is deposited
    without the approval of the Federal Finance Committee or
    a structure of the Party authorized by it; in any election for office, or in opposing any proposed or
    existent Party policy or process, mobilizes or attempts to
    mobilise opposition to the policy or process, or opposition
    to or discrimination against [or opposition to] any person
    on the grounds of race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital
    status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation,
    age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture,
    language or birth. publicly alleges or implies that he or she, or any group of
    members, have been unfairly prejudiced, or any member
    or group of members unjustifiably preferred, as a
    consequence of that member’s or those members’ race,
    gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion,
    conscience, belief, culture, language or birth. Any such
    concern must be referred to the Mediation Panel
    established in this Constitution.
    2.5.4 A public representative may be removed from office on the grounds of
    incompetence, inefficiency or incapacity, but only in terms of the
    procedures laid down in Chapter 9.
    2.5.5 Subject to clause 3.5, disciplinary action against any public
    representative or any member which could result in that member’s
    membership being terminated or his or her privileges being curtailed,
    can only be taken in terms of Chapter 9.


    1. General Provisions

    1.1 The Nature of Public Representation

    The role of Democratic Alliance Public Representatives is central to the success and growth of the Party. Public representatives are the standard bearers of the DA. They represent the Party in every aspect of public life, and in important respects, the Party is judged by their conduct and performance. They are leading activists of the Party and are expected to demonstrate leadership, knowledge and judgement.

    1.3 Probity

    The Party requires its public representatives to maintain the highest standards of ethical behaviour, and any incidence of corruption, fraud, improper inducement, nepotism, dishonesty or similar offence on the part of any public representative will lead to disciplinary action.

    2.7 Profile

    Members are expected to be aware of the need to project what they do to the public media. In this respect, they are expected to build up good working relationships with representatives of the media, to issue statements, to respond promptly to enquiries from the media, and to write letters and opinion pieces for publication.

    3.4 Public Profile

    Public representatives are expected at all times to defend and promote the interests of the Party, and to propagate the Party’s policy and standpoints when appropriate. Any action or statement by a public representative which brings the good name of the Party into disrepute will be viewed in a very serious light.

    3.5 Availability and Responsiveness

    Public representatives are expected to communicate with other members of the Party and with members of the public when they are contacted, and are expected to deal expeditiously and courteously with enquiries from voters.

    3.6 Media Profile

    Public representatives are expected to establish contact with the local media operating in their constituency or ward, and should monitor such publications and contribute articles or letters to them.

    3.9 Expanding support for the Party

    Public representatives need to give special attention to building the Party’s profile in communities that have hitherto not supported it. They need especially to establish ongoing relationships with leadership figures in all communities, to get involved in community projects and to build trust in the Party.

    5.1 Public Profile

    It is the duty of all public representatives to build the profile of the Party, and to defend and promote its interests at all times. All public representatives are expected to act in a way that promotes and advances the Party. Conversely, any action by a public representative that harms the Party will be viewed in a very serious light.

    7. Enforcement of the Code

    7.1 This code encapsulates and codifies the “duties or responsibilities” and “standards” thereof referred to in *clause of the Constitution of the DA. It is applicable to all public representatives of the Democratic Alliance and failure to adhere to it could result in disciplinary steps being taken against a public representative in the manner provided for in the Constitution of the DA.

    NOTE. * There is no clause but clause 2.5.4 reads as follows:
    2.5.4 A public representative may be removed from office on the grounds of
    incompetence, inefficiency or incapacity, but only in terms of the
    procedures laid down in Chapter 9.


  15. Jou verwaande vuilspuit, Theuns Botha! Jy is welkom om my af te maak, jy gaan tog net weer moet gatkruip voor die verkiesing.

  16. Net mooi niks geloofwaardigheid oor en daar waai die laaste greintjie integriteit ook nou. Dink die man ons kan of moet hom verder vertrou as hy beried is om so gladweg sy eie leier te mislei.?

    Die een ding wat soos die spreekwoordelike gouedraadjie deur al die e-mails loop is die ongeewenaarde kinderagtige arrogansie. Dit is waaragtig asemrowend.

    Hoe is dit dat gesoute bullshitters soos die keer op keer uitgevang word en dan nog steeds hulself daarvan kan oortuig dat hulle nie uitgevang is nie en al ons dom swape steeds aan hulle lippe bly hang en alles vir soetkoek opvreet.

    As ek Theuns Botha was, sou ek nou dadelik doen wat enige eerbare mens sou doen. Dadelik my bedanking uit die DA inhandig.

  17. Jou moer ok Theuns.

    O!O het die storie gister met my bespreek (hoop nie jy gee omdat ek vertel nie, O!O) en ek was toe moerig. Maar noudat ek die storie lees is ek sommer erg omgekrap!

    Waar kom jy vandaan, Theuns Botha, om opdragte te gee oor media wat geïgnoreer moet word, veral media wat die regte vrae, die moeilike vrae, vra!!!

    Een van die grootste voordele van O!O lees is dat my ogies uiteindelik oopgegaan het oor die DA!

    Ag nee man!

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