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If you have something to say about something not reported on O!O – this is the place to do so!
As jy iets op die hart het – iets waaroor daar dalk nie berig word nie – is hierdie die plek om keel skoon te maak.


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  1. Dear Sir/madam

    To whom it may concern.

    I joined your site to read and receive an unbiased view of the political “confusion” going on in our town. Have noticed of lately that bias has set in. If journalism was supposed to be like this, then I’d rather not read this site or any other news site any longer, but to form my own idea about what is really going on.

    It grieves me that journalism can so easily be turned to propaganda and that is what’s currently going on on this site.

    “Journalism that is biased, is really and truly propaganda and defeats the real reason for journalists to write news”

    P Dos Santos-Gerber

  2. Ed dis jaareindfunksies oraloor.Wonder maar net of jy nie vir al jou getroue kommentators ‘n geselligheid wil reel nie.

  3. Nee wat dan lui my volgende sin soos volg: ‘n “Baie baie dapper (brave) statement”,JURIE HARMSE.Jy’s beslis ‘n “mens -(Gemeenskap-Gemeenskap)- mens”.Ek salueer “die statement wat jy maak”.Jy verdien beslis “die Nobel Prys vir Vrede.”SISA JURIE !!! SISA!!!

  4. Uh-uh, Ronnie! Balla het nie daai brief geskryf nie! Nóg ‘n taktiese flater van die DA, dié. Balla, en sy afgryslike meesters gaan klippe k… baar oor dié stukkie belaglikheid.

  5. ‘n Baie baie dapper (brave) statement,JURIE HARMSE.Jy’s beslis ‘n mens -(Gemeenskap-Gemeenskap)- mens.Ek salueer die statement wat jy maak.Jy verdien beslis die Nobel Prys vir Vrede.VIVA JURIE !!! VIVA!!!


    One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut.
    After the cut, he asked about his bill, and the barber
    replied, ‘I cannot accept money from you, I’m doing
    community service this week.’

    The florist was pleased and left the shop.

    When the barber went to open his shop the next morning,
    there was a ‘thank you’ card and a dozen roses waiting for
    him at his door.

    Later, a farmer comes in for a haircut, and when he tries to
    pay his bill, the barber again replied, ‘I cannot accept
    money from you, I’m doing community service this week.’

    The farmer was happy and left the shop

    The next morning when the barber went to open up, there was
    a ‘thank you ‘ card and a dozen eggs waiting for him at his

    Then a politician came in for a haircut, and when
    he went to pay his bill, the barber again replied, ‘I cannot accept
    money from you. I’m doing community service this week.

    The politician was very happy and left the shop.

    The next morning, when the barber went to open up, there
    were politicians lined up around the block waiting for a free haircut.

    This little fable perfectly illustrates the fundamental difference between the citizens of our country and the politicians we choose to run it.

    Blessed are those that can give without remembering, and
    take without forgetting.

  7. Lo almal, was so 11 maande afwesig van hierdie blad en die gebeure in
    jul omgewing maar dis opvallend dat weinig enigsins verander het, die verhale is dieselfde maar die outeurs het ander name.

  8. All Blacks vs Springbokke
    Enrique het alles in sy brief in die Hoorn gese. Gister was daar ook ‘n brief in die Rapport oor respek vir ander kulture. Wil net se dat ek 5 Oktober op Ellispark bang was om te wys ek ondersteun die All Blacks. Oor respek en onverdraagsaamheid van sommige ondersteuners. Wil net se/vra: Waarom ondersteun die hele Wes-Kaap nie die Stormers nie. Meer nog, ons steun nie eers die Super Kings. Ek sal ook nie weer Jhb toe gaan vir die jaarlikse wedstryd. Durban of Kaap- beslis. Hierin le ons steun vir die All Blacks. Los die geskiedenis.

    As jy ‘n kind het wat rugby nou wil leer speel, of jy is ‘n afrigter sal die rugbylesse vd All Blacks waardevol wees.

    Alle rugbyondersteuners. Kom ons respekteer mekaar en wees meer verdraagsaam.

  9. Well Ed, as much as I would like to agree with you the track record of this school, 17 years into democracy and our rainbow nation, leaves much to be desired. This is not about one learner but a leadership culture of a school. When it comes to appointing principals, deputy principals, School Governing Body chairs, head boys/girls and captains of sport teams Oudtshoorn High just find it so difficult to shake off the shackels of the past! The people of Bridgton and Bongulethu would love to know the selection crtieria and processes of ODN High when it come to appointing people into these leadership positions. What may appear ‘fair’ to you is not necessarily ‘fair’ to us who year after year must be satisfied with second and third place. When is real transformation coming to the shores of ODN High?

  10. Goeie argument, Ronnie. Ek moet toegee dat daar hoogs waarskynlik ‘n (passiewe, hopelik) kanteling na “wit” oorbly.

    Jy moet ook vir Junior Primêr, verreweg die grootste voedingskool vir Van Reede, krediet gee vir sy samestelling en “ras-sukses”.

    Ek vermoed – vermoed! – dat die “bruin” leerderleiers van die Hoërskool Oudtshoorn deur Junior Primêr en Van Reede gekom het.

  11. Ek wil in ‘n groot mate saamstem met Clive en ietwat verskil met ED.Nie lank terug het Ed geskryf oor die
    ANC – DA situasie dat dit nie “is soos dit lyk nie”,maw hoe die DA dit sien nie,EN DAARMEE STEM EK 100% MET HOM SAAM.Dieselde beginsel word subtiel en uit ‘n ander “angle” toegepas by die sogenaamde spogskool.Die oormag is te groot.Selfs by ‘n bekende Laerskool op Oudtshoorn word dit nog toegepas en is dit nog sneeuwit op alle gebiede.Ek haal my hoed beslis af vir byv Laerskool van Rheede waar dit blyk hierdie beginsel nie toegepas word nie.
    Soos dit dan by die skool lyk soos wat Clive dit uitwys ,lyk dit na my beskeie en nederige mening ook so,al was jy teenwoordig Ed.

  12. Clive

    I objected to the voting procedure for the 2013 election of the school’s learner leadership. Strongly. It completely ruined whatever relationship I had with the then principal. This year’s election was, by all reports, fair. There never was a single year, in my recollection of five years at the school in the 70’s and some twelve years since returning to Oudtshoorn, where several people were not convinced that one or another young adult should have been head boy or girl, or either in the leadership core, or not. By your comments you have compromised the very young man you are championing! Leave it be! And race does not enter into this thing, Clive. Racists will be with us like disease for some time still and must be eradicated. But I am convinced that race played no role here. The makeup of the councils speak to the fact.

  13. Once again Oudtshoorn High School has shown its racial biase when it fails to appoint a well deserving learner from Bridgton, Liam Snyman, as Head Boy for 2014. Liam is one of Oudtshoorn star learners, very active and involve in school sport such as hockey and cricket, where he year after year reach the highest local, regional, provincial and national ladders. He is one of Oudtshoorn brightest and is consistently in the top academic ranks, having been 70th in a recent national olympiad. In addition, Liam is one of the most well-mannered, concientious and respectable young leaders around.

    Despite these attributes Oudtshoorn High has once again proofed that our learners from Bridgton and Bongulethu are not good enough for a ‘white’ school. Once again the school, its Governing Body and staff have shown our learners that they will never be good enough to lead the ‘white boys and girls’ of Oudtshoorn.

  14. “Any person or official suspected of corruption should be held accountable for their actions, charged and face the music in terms of the law.

    The DA will not stand by while the rot of corruption continues to eat away at the fibre of our society.

    We will continue to fight this scourge wherever it may rear its ugly head.”

    Statement issued by James Selfe MP, DA Shadow Minister of Correctional Services, October 9 2013″

    So se die DA. Nou wag ons net om te sien hoe MAAK hulle as dit by die DOEN kom….

  15. Oudtshoorn, dit isi nodig om so te struggle nie !!!
    I am not affiliated with any political party, but must say that I will always have love for what the ANC once represented especially in Oudtshoorn, Dysselsdorp because of my family’s connection to the party many moons ago.
    I fear only GOD and am guided by the Holy Bible so I respect the Governing Bodies that can only be put in place by GOD so I don’t waste time by debating how political parties come into power.
    I am well informed about my country and am happy with the work the ANC lead National Government is doing. As a Youth I have personally benefited from free Education.
    I am proud to live in the DA lead Western Province; as a result of Provincial Government’s good management I am currently gaining valuable work experience as an intern of one of Governments youth development programs.
    As a youth development volunteer working in the Oudtshoorn Municipality I can understand why the power have shifted in my Local Government so I except it.
    Here is why:
    The NNP lead ANC coalition is not united with ICOSA managing our towns Local Economic Development (LED) into the ground, the NNP is as foreign to our town as the people that really control our local economy and most of the new leaders of the ANC is like corporate black face puppets with infant membership to the party, just check their membership cards.
    The DA coalition stand united.
    It’s time for real ANC members to take this time to rebuild what they have lost as result of this political games and get back on track with its Mandate that the founding fathers had fought and died for. The African National Congress was intended to be much more than what is made of it at this moment in time. Its (AFRICAN) not south african (NATIONAL) not municipal (CONGRESS) not units.
    It is time to stop this political games, South Africa is filled with opportunities, let the elected bodies govern and the vultures be shammed.
    The People has Spoken!!!

    Llewellyn Grootboom

  16. In antwoord op investigative public-WKOD se reaksie- Keur sy ongeskiktheidsaansoek goed.Nou hoe de
    donner kan iemand wat ongeskik is om onnie te wees
    `n Burgemeester wees?
    – Diamanttak se reaksie- sluit hom toe in Groot Brakrivier se selletjies.
    volgende oggend/middag uit op borgtog.
    Liksens, goeie vraag? Het saaidkick vroutjie liksens om so rond te ry????

    Wessie sal nie antwoorde verskaf nie ,want sy koukus mag nie met Ed.praat nie-odrag van Theunsie.

  17. WOW Colin, groot aantygings, wil Wessie daarop reageer;
    1) Weggehardloop as Koshuisvader en wat is die kant van die Onderwys Dept oor WESSIE SE WEGHARDLOPERY ?
    2) Diamanthandelaar ? Was dit wettig of onwettig of het hy ook n liksens om as n American Swiss handel te dryf, waaroor dan die klippies in die Bybel ? Wat is die kant van die Diamant Tak van die SAP hieroor ?

    Wessie, gee jy om om hierop te reageer want die DA stel net mense met skoon, eerlike en deursigtige rekords aan wat ook bevoeg is, nie net n BEE gesiggie op n blou plakkaat is nie, – ‘the DA has raised the bar, or have they Theunsie en Antonietjie ? Wanneer gaan laasgenoemde tweetjies tog bedank ?

  18. Michelle Gratz Mossel Bay Municipal Manager earns R1.6m p/a. She does not stay in Mossel Bay nor does she take her child to school in Mossel Bay. Why do public servants earn so much? Who authorises these exorburant salaries and is there any value in it for the rate payers.

  19. Wessie Speaker!!! Whoh!! is die DA nou van sy trollie af. Dit is nie Eden FM nie demit dus die Oudtshoorn Munisipaliteit. Dit kan nie waar wees nie , hy hardloop weg omdat hy moeg is van bollie aanvang by Eden.So het hy ook weggehardloop as Koshuisvader en diamanthandelaar.Die Godsdienstige Wessie gevang met blinkklippies in die Bybel. Die man ons speaker!!!

  20. well Pletty, maybe you are right,, its just another bunch of gangsters, and so much for the heads of dept who just want to tick the boxes and get a salary, and run the town as if it belongs to them, no different to the past. I would have thought it was the Mayor calling the shots but looks like that chap Dupre has the final say in everything in the town..

  21. Tony.

    Sorry so long to reply.

    What I tried to illustrate by quoting DA policies, code of conduct etc is that the political parties’ priorities do not lie with the efficient and effective management of towns and cities. The focus is almost exclusively on the growth and welfare of the PARTY. Everything they say and do is focussed on that.

    What has happened in Odn is a perfect example. What happened was BAD for Odn and its residents. What happened in Odn went against the party’s loudly proclaimed basic principles of democracy, rule of law, respect for the Constitution, etc. They used the Odn council as a plaything to show-boat and get some publicity before the next election.

    That, I am afraid will continue while political parties are allowed to dominate local government. They will not give up the power and the money that comes with controlling municipalities. It is going to be up to the people to take note of what is going on and to cut the political parties out of local government.

    You say: “That being, to establish committees, specifically mandated from within, who’s task it should be to pro-actively monitor the mm, cfo, speaker and mayor (whomever they are) to ensure that they move within the boundaries of the three municipal acts and not an inch beyond.”

    The system has been put in place by the Constitution and we, just like the officials, have to operate within those legal confines. You don’t need committees, all you need do is to chose the correct councillors who can do that. What you describe are the basic functions of a municipal councillor.

    It is not the fault of our Constitution which says that anybody who is eligible to vote is elegible to stand for election as a councillor. That is basic democracy.

    Where the problem comes in is that we as voters do not take the trouble to elect SUITABLE candidates to our councils.

    Often we vote for complete fools who we would not employ to carry out the most menial of tasks on our behalf and at our personal expense. But we elect them to oversee the management of our towns and to take complicated decisions with far reaching effects.

    Equally badly, we abrogate the responsibility to choose a suitable councillor to a political party. We listen to the song and dance and vague promises of a party’s election machine and senior functionaries and then give them our vote and let them choose who is to represent us on council and look after our affairs.

    Our interests and those of the political party are very very far apart. Our primary interest is a body of HONEST people with the requisite skills DEDICATED to ensuring that the municipality is run efficiently and cost effectively to deliver the services as set out in the Constitution and to do so to the benefit of all residents of the town.
    On the other hand, you have the political party whose objectives are entirely different. For them it is about the growth and welfare of the party. The council and municipality (and its resources) are merely a means to this end.

    If in the process they run it well it is a bonus and can be used for electioneering next time round. If they run it badly, what the hell, they have access to the resources for 5 years and who knows, by shouting “Swartgevaar”, “One-party-state”, “Witgevaar”, “Apartheid-will-come-back”, “We-were-part-of-the-struggle”, “Mandela”, “Biko”, “Helen Suzman” we, the Sheeple, will probably vote for them again.

    The most important attribute they want in a councillor is a person who will unquestioningly do what he/she is told to do. Regardless of whether that what they are told to do is legal, damaging to the town, illogical, flies in the face of the party’s own stated principles and values or whatever as long as it is to the benefit of the party.

    The ability to do the actual job of a councillor is not a consideration.

    Once the party has such a group in power it has almost uncontrolled access to the resources of the municipality. That is when the fun and games start.

    They are then told who to appoint in the administration. That is then used to house party hacks in cushy jobs. It is used to create jobs for pals and to buy favours from other players. A prime example is the three jobs created in the Deputy Mayor’s office in Plett. It costs the Plett ratepayer R500k per annum to employ people who do not have work to do and are of no benefit to the town to buy support and power elsewhere. It allows the appointment of officials at exhorbitant salaries, to repay past favours, and to allow for direct control of administrators by the party. It allows the creation of hundreds of so called poverty relief “jobs” for the voting fodder in the run-up to elections.

    All this happens under the noses of the councillors who do not have the knowledge or life skills to see what is happening. They are invariably unemployable by anybody else, and in any event even if employed would not be earning a fraction of what they do.

    You get the situation where a domestic servant, a labourer, a painter, a waiter, etc are executive councillors earning salaries in excess of R500k per annum and can barely read and write, let alone understand what they are reading. All that matters to them is the salary which is massively disproportionate to their worth and what they do. The five star accommodation, the fine food, the luxury travel and the power to do their own little dark deals on the side.

    This they get to hold onto as long as they do what they are told to do, don’t think and don’t question. Then the party will look after them and they remain in an electable position on the list and the good life continues.

    That is what we get when we vote for a party. We never question the ability of their candidates on their lists and whose faces appear on the posters. We blindly vote for the party and abrogate all responsibility.

    We so often read about some Mayor’s friend, with no education, being appointed to some senior position. “From gardener to deputy director of finance” screams the headlines and we are all shocked and horrified and spend hours discussing the stupidity of it around the braai fires.
    But we forget our own role in that. In 2011 I simply voted for the DA in Bitou. Great choice! What I actually did was to vote for a mayor who has no clue what he is doing, despite 5 years “experience” on council. A deputy mayor with minimal education, no management experience, no lifeskills. A Mayco member with minimal eduction, no lifeskills or experience, fresh off the building site where he worked as a painter. Another Mayco member with minimal education, no lifeskills, ex domestic worker, who despite 5 years on council has not a clue what is happening around her.

    There is no difference between what I did in allowing these people to be appointed to these positions and the “Mayor” who appoints his labourer buddy to a senior position in the municipality’s financial department.

    These people are, one and all, undeniably unsuitable for the positions they hold and WE put them there by voting for a political party to take our decisions for us.


  22. Vreemd….. baie vreemd dat jy jou lesers verwys na kommentaar van ‘n ander nuusblad? Wat het van jou uitgesproke kommentaar geword?

  23. Bito Municpality Salaries 2012

    Municipal Manager R 1 599 504
    Chief financial Officer R 1 441 390
    HOD. Community services R 1 362 332
    HOD. Corporate Services R 1 362 333
    HOD. Planning & Economic Dev. R 1 362 332
    HOD. Infrastructure Services R 1 362 333.

    WOW are these comensurate with experience or what? Not even a MEC earns this much.

  24. O!O might like to investigate the outrageous amount of money spent by the Kannaland Municipality in its attempt to recover and prosecute someone for allegedly ‘stealing’ electricity. The amount (on the one side) is a joke and obscene on the other. Just another case of politically motivated wasteful and fruitless expenditure. (or so it would appear)

  25. Ja lesers ek kry stil lag vir wat in suidkaap aan gebeur is julle moet weet vir wie julle stem. Daar loop nou n klomp mense vanaf die DA in GEORGE by die ANC rebelleer die oupas oor posisies.Mense gaan kyk in die manne se AGENDAS hulle lees nie eers die goed nie.ANC as julle ernstig is oor dienslewering.Gaan en raak ontslae van al die raadslede selfs die opposisie is nie waardig nie.Ek kan onthou in KAWA se tyd was die begroting nie eers goedgekeer as kawa nie insette gemaak het tot voordeel van die mense nie .Almal weet die raadslede wat nou daar is is daar vir geld verneem stokkie se vrou het daar kom huil maar die ANC het in mangaung gese disipliene is voorop.Moet nie bang wees vir verkiewsing nie die volk sal groter respek het en ywerig gaan stem.Dankie dat julle die raadsaal nie verder besoedel nie.

  26. Is Oudtshoorn die volgende DELMAS?

    (ALWEER ONBEVOEGDE AMPTENARE WAT NET PAY KRY EN NIE HUL WERK DOEN NIE of kan doen nie, of néé, dis seker ‘n 3de mag wat sit agter dit alles.)

    Lees gerus:


    “‘Tap water not so safe’
    Apr 19, 2010 6:13 PM | By NIVASHNI NAIR
    A government report detailing the performance of the country’s drinking water quality management, has warned residents and visitors to take precautionary measures when drinking tap water in six municipalities in South Africa.

    The Blue Drop 2010 report released at the Water Institute of South Africa conference in Durban warned that the Department of Water Affairs had no confidence in the drinking water supply and management in the Oudtshoorn Local Municipality and Central Karoo District Municipality in Western Cape; Ikwezi Local Municipality and Kou-Kamma Local Municipality in Western Cape; Thaba Chweu Local Municipality in Mpumalanga; and Renosterberg Local Municipality in Northern Cape.

    The report said incomplete drinking water quality records, poor management and recurring microbiological failures, left the department with no other choice but to warn residents and visitors of unsafe tap water in those municipalities.

    The alert will not be lifted until the six municipalities can prove that its drinking water is safe and that its management has compiled with the Blue Drop requirements.

    The country’s top performing drinking water quality management is the City of Joburg, which scored 98,4 percent closely following by the City of Cape Town with a 98.2 percent.

    Smaller municipalities such as Bitou, Kgatelopele, George and Dr J S Moroka Local Municipality also made the top ten, all scoring over 95 percent.

    Ekurhuleni Metro, City of Tshwane and eThekwini Municipality also rated in the top ten.

    Municipalities are evaluated on their management plans, regular data collection and submissions and drinking water compliance with the South African National Standard (SANS).

    The report found that 13 percent of 787 water systems that were assessed rated excellent while 24 percent needed urgent attention.

    “Through the Blue Drop Certification process, progressive transformation from good to excellent has been stimulated while not neglecting the areas where unacceptable practices have been identified,” Department of Water Affairs deputy minister Rejoice Mabudafhasi said ahead of the Blue Drop Awards ceremony last night.

    Only the top ten municipalities will receive the prestigious Blue Drop status.”

  27. Wat dink Diane de Jager (Burgemeester) dink haar kinders, familie en vriende (as sy nog het) van haar en haar onbevoegdheid? Ek wonder of de Jager ooit weet dis van haar wat gepraat en geskryf word??????? Weet sy ooit sy is die Burgemeester? Of byt sy maar net vas soos Olivier vir die maandelikse pensioen-aanvuller? Mag ek nooit my siel en menswaardigheid vir geld verruil nie. (Ek hoop Olivier betaal royalties aan CJ Langenhoven. Langenhoven klim uit sy graf as hy weet hy het sonder sy kennis ‘n DA-lid geword.)

  28. Dankie Rotsvas.
    Hier kom alweer ‘n DUUR forensiese audit. Nic (Barrow) sal jy asb. die inligting van die Burgemeester aanvra? Indien onsuksesvol, bespreek asb. met Bredell of Zille. Dis my (ons) belasting geld.

  29. My liewe Diertjie. Jy’t ‘n beter kans om op die maan te land as op Oudtshoorn se lughawe. Raai wie beheer die potensiele uitbreidings by die lughawe. Kom ek verlig jou stres. Dis ‘n ene meneer Baartman. Vra hom hoe ver hy gevorder het…..Onthou dis ons wonderlike heldersienende burgemeester wat nee dankie gese het vir hulp van ons plaaslike sakemanne.

  30. ‘n Berig “Civair wil die lughawe bestuur” in die “HOORN” van 3 Desember 2009.
    Het die O-Munisipaliteit toe ‘n kontrak aan Civair toegeken? Indien wel, verwag ek dat die O-Munisipaliteit ‘n kopie aan die publiek bekend maak. (Publiseer asb. op Oudtshoorn Online).

  31. Bekommerd skryf dat die verslaggewer sensasie soek en dat hy die rede is waarom politici nie op hulle taak kan fokus nie en aanleiding gee dat astronomiese bedrae verlore gaan.

    Wat ‘n absolute klom bog, twak en onsin. Geagte bekommerd jy leef in jou verbeelding, wake up! As dit nie vir die verslaggewer was nie sou ons nie bewus gewees het van die werklike toedrag van sake nie. Verslaggewer slaag uitstekend in sy doel om dag tot dag weergawe te gee van sake van uiterste belang. Ek kan my nie ‘n Oudtshoorn voorstel sonder verslaggewer se kommentaar nie.

    Kan u een voorbeeld noem van berrigewing wat nie reg was nie ?


  33. As ‘n mens so kyk na al die afdankings wat die Oudtshoorn Munisipaliteit al gemaak het met astronomiese onkostes vir die belastingbetalers , dan is dit baie duidelik dat die politici hulle aan die neus laat lei en onder die druk swig van ‘n verslaggewer wat sensasie soek.
    Hy/sy maak dat daar nie op hul basiese mandaat naamlik dienslewering gefokus word nie.In werklikheid is die verslaggewer die grootste “destroyer” hiervan.
    Politici kry asb. ‘n “grip” .Die wereldbeker is om die draai en die gemeenskap soek dienslewering.


  35. “FEES DIREKSIE EIS VERSKONING BY DOZI” of so-iets, staan in Sondag se Rapport. Hy het dit durf waag om ‘n WOORD in die openbaar kwyt te raak. Waar was die einste Fees Direksie ‘n paar jaar gelede toe ‘n lid van die polisiekarre bênd my God gevloek het ????? Daardie einste gefeinstes sê toe dit is vryheid van spraak. Twak man. Julle het dubbelle standaarde en praat uit 2 monde, nes die ANC nou, na die ET Fiasko. Ek kan nie onthou dat EEN van julle sy stem dik gemaak het oor die karre nie. Bewys my asb. verkeerd, en ek sal my verskoning aan jou/julle uitbasuin op hierdie selfde forum.

  36. Simone

    OO het inderdaad verlede week ‘n reaksie op jou baie relevante navraag ontvang en sal dit Woesdag (môre) publiseer.


  37. OO, ek hoor, soos in die verlede, NIKS oor RFM se gedoente nie. Het jy nie belowe hulle sal jou inlig wat aan’t gang is nie?

  38. Ons staan by die vooraand van die grootste Genade dag vir die ganse mensdom–Goeie Vrydag, die kruisigingsdag van ons enigste Verlosser die Messias, Seun van God JHWH. Vir gelowiges is dit ook ons sterfdatum, want met bekering van ons sondige lewenswyses ,sterf ons ook aan dieselfde kruis, en word ons saam met Hom opgewek tot die Ewige Lewe! Daarom is die Opstandingsdag vir my as gelowige nog belangriker as Goeie Vrydag, want ek is saam met Christus opgewek en verlos van die dood.
    Kom ons begrawe die politieke strydbyle by die voet vd kruis—vandag nog, en laat toe dat Sy gees van genade ons harte vul.Hy is ons enigste hoop vir more en oormore.
    Vandat ek nader aan die Politici beweeg, kom ek al meer tot insig van hul dwaasheid en onvermoe om ons situasie en lewens te verbeter. hulle het geen planne op die tafel nie, en dus geen oplossing nie.,—Vandaar die korrupsie,diefstal,moord en selfvernietiging!
    Die Woord se mos duidelik–”Menslike wysheid, is dwaasheid by God!
    Ek doen n ernstige beroep op my ‘volk’ –Bekeer julle tot die Lewende Ewige GOD , draai om van julle verkeerde lewenswyses, hou op om oor jul skouer te kyk na Egipte, God is op pad met SA na die ”beloofde land”! Die wat omkyk gaan soos Lot se vrou in nuttelose ‘soutpilare’ verander, die wat murmureer in ongeloof en ontevredenheid gaan almal in die ” woestyn sterf”! Net hulle wat boontoe en vorentoe kyk, sal die ‘Hemelpoorte binnegaan! Dit staan geskrywe, mens!!!!
    Geseende ,Genadige Paasfees!

  39. Simone
    Jou navraag is Vrydag aan die nuwe RFM direksie voorgelê en die nuwe voorsitter, Nic Barrow, het onmiddelik een van die oorspronklike stigtersdireksielede opdrag gegee om te reageer.
    Ek verwag vandag die reaksie en sal dit publiseer.
    Dankie vir ‘n uiters relevante bydrae!

  40. Bly om in vandag se Hoorn te lees van die “vooruitgang” wat vir Reenboog FM beplan word. Dis ‘n mooie gedagte maar iets pla my oor hoe daarmee te werk gegaan word.
    ‘n Jaar of wat gelede is groot gewag gemaak oor die feit dat RFM se destydse direksie die finansiele state weghgehou het van ons as luisteraars en hoe daar gewag is op ‘n Algemene Jaarvergadering om ‘n ander direksie sogenaamd in te stem.
    Nou weet ek nie mooi nie, ek het nerens ‘n kennisgewing gesien van enige AJV wat beplan is om die “nuwe” direksie in te stem nie of loop ons ook nou maar weer dieselfde pad. Selfs al word voorgehou dat dit ‘n “ander nuwe stasie” sou wees, moes die inwoners en luisteraars tog sekerlik geken gewees het in die “stigtingsvergadering.”
    Ek moet se dit lyk vir my weer alteveel van ‘n kliekerige affere, die “nuwe stasie.”
    Kan die nuwe direksie vir ons die antwoorde gee hieromtrent, seblief?

  41. Ek neem aan baie inwoners van die groter Oudtshoorn besit sogenaamde strandhuise teen die kus rondom Mosselbaai. Indien my raaiskoot reg is dan ontvang hulle maandeliks ‘n Nuusbrief van wat in, en rondom Mosselbaai gebeur. ‘n Berig in die Januarie uitgawe verduidelik redelik breedvoerig waarom daar besluit was om die karavaanparke tydens die afgelope vakansie oop te hou, gesien teenoor die water situasie. Werklik ‘n deurdagte redenasie en besluit wat met insig geneem is.
    Ek is nie ‘n karavaan tipe ou nie.

    Verder word die verskillende direktorate in die munisipaliteit uitgelig, met ‘n kort verwysingsraamwerk van hul werksaamhede, sowel as ‘n kontakbare persoon en tel nommer.

    Burgemeester-sowel as Raadsvergaderings datums EN ‘n tel nommer verskyn ook.

    Kom ons speel coppycat coppycat. Dan maak ons ook so. Of hoe MB, BM.

    NS : Hulle vertel ook sommer vir die publiek hoe hulle krag gaan spaar, met fondse (R15 miljoen) bewillig deur die Staat. Net so ! Sonder om eers gevra te word, of om op daai “wet op openbaarmaking van inligting ” te roep nie.

  42. Is ek maar net aan die slaap of is ek inderdaad wakker ? Op die hoek van Hoog en Voortrekker – oorkant die “ou Shoprite” gebou, sien ek die vensters van ‘n winkel vanoggend pragtig in rooi toegeverf, met die woorde “Adult World” daarop.

    Wonder wie diè nuwe entrereneur is en of daar advertensies vir so-iets in die pers moet/moes verskyn ?

  43. Vra die politici wat die vorige Stasie ‘gesink’ het om jou te help, dan kyk ons hoe ver jy kom!
    Hulle kan nie!!!
    Ons wat entoesiasties betrokke was, het onttrek! ons wat finansieel betrokke was ook!!
    Bye Stasie!

  44. Goeie naand almal,

    ek het ‘n jaar vir RFM 104.1 fm gewerk en ek en oorlede Marinda Castle het Middag op Reënboog elke middag tussen 1 en 2 uitgesaai. Ons het ons bes probeer om die radiostasie op die lug te hou. Mense van die groter Oudtshoorn het ons geniet.

    Ek wil net groot asseblief vra of u die mense van die Suidland nie kan help om die stasie weer op die lug te kry nie.

    As ons nie nou saam staan en die radio red nie mag ons dit vir ewig verloor. Hoor my hulpkrete asseblief en dis namens baie publiek ook,ons kan dit maak werk, ek glo in RFM 104.1 en ek glo in die mense van Oudtshoorn !!!

  45. Volgens vanoggend se Die Burger is 25 (vyf en twintig) vlugte vanaf George Lughawe weggewys weens ‘n nat aanloopbaan. Nie een van hierdie vlugte het op Oudtshoorn kom land nie. Van die vlugte is weggewys PE toe en vandaar Kaapstad toe, aldus Die Burger.

    Onder die passasiers was mev Helen Zille van die DA wat ‘n byeenkoms op Mosselbaai moes bywoon.

    Baie is die afgelope jaar geskryf oor ons lughawe. Baie is gese oor die vooruitgang wat dit vir die dorp gaan inhou.

    Vyf en twintig (25) vliegtuie word weggewys.


    Dis al.

    Geen kommentaar verder nie.

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