DBC Word of the Day

It’s been said that a new word should be used three times and one will own it. It works. Try it.

Camarilla – kǎm-ə-rĭl’ə
n. 1. A small private meeting room.
2. A leader’s confidential advisers.
3. A clique or cabal.
n. A legal declaration.

Pronunciation guide

mǎn | māde | lĕt | bē | sĭp | wīne | hŏt | cōld | sôre | dǔll | fūgue | bûrp |
| go˘od | foˉod | out | gĕt | thin | t^his | year | aˆzure | ō’ mən” | viN | für | Bacĥ

Previous words

Narr – nŏr
v.i. To growl like a dog.
n. A legal declaration.

Yaw – yô
v.t. & i. To deviate from one’s course, both literally and figuratively.

Athetise – ǎth’ə-tīz
v.t. To spurn, reject.

Pule – pūl
v.i.. To whine.

Antistasis – ǎn-tĭs’tə-sĭs
n. The defense of an action that prevented something worse from happening.

Isonomy – ī-sŏn’ə-mē
n. Equal rights.

Pyrrhonist – pĭr’ō-nĭst
n. A skeptic (from Pyrrho, a 365 BCE Greek skeptic).

Grivoiserie – grēv-wŏz-rĕ’
n. Lewd and lascivious behaviour; a lewd act.
adj. Foolish, idiotic.

Voidee – void’ē
n. A last-minute snack.

Gelogenic – jĕl-ō-jĕn’ ĭk
adj. Laughter-provoking.

Zugzwang – zoˉogz’vŏng
n. In chess, when any move weakens the position.

Agnolology – ǎg-nō-yŏl’ə-jē
v.t&i. The study of ignorance

Tabefy – tǎb’ə-fī
v.t&i. To waste away gradually

Abditive ǎb’dĭ-tĭv adj. Able to hide; hidden


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