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Making sure they see it your way

31 May 2013

DBC tweet of the day
“Funny how proud but blind ignorance and racism go together – like bread and butter.”


DBC Quote of the day
“An Indian-American won an English spelling bee with a German-Yiddish word.”
David Javerbaum (Oy. Ed.)


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One thought on “Daily


    It is with regret that we have established that our Local Priest in Bitou has, at least since 2009, been intermittently worshipping The Sphere. He has not denied this and his claim that his priestess also sometimes did so does not excuse his deviance but merely serves to confirm it.

    The worship of spheres is anathema to the FES and I take every opportunity to express this in my song and dance rituals. Despite the fact that he is our only Black Wizard we are forced to do the right thing and remove him from his position as Local Wizard and the FES’s chief protagonist of Flat-Earthism in Bitou.

    My message to all our Wizards and Witches is: Stay away from spheres! The world is flat as piss on a plate! That is our position and we stick to it. Anybody caught with a marble in their pocket will be flattened.

    High Priestess.

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