Shame on you, thankless DA, shame on you

I made it all possible, and not even a word of thanks – in fact the DA is badmouthing me. Skánde!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. September 17, 2014. 06h45. The DA owes me a debt of gratitude.

I had personal control of the space between the municipal building and the walls of the Business Chamber offices and CP Nel Museum during the DA march on Monday.

I had an excellent team of professional audio visual specialists reacting to my instructions and commands, by voice or gesture.

I controlled the sound at will. If I had elected to blast Ivan Meyer, or that hapless Wessie van der Westhuizen of their little whingey perches, I could have done it with a gesture across the room.

The DA only had opportunity to get a word in because I allowed it.

And not a word of appreciation or thanks!

The temptation to kill Ivan’s god-awful shrieking voice was, at times, overwhelming. And he said the same thing over and over and over again – not that there was much to say, granted.

Wessie… you should see Wessie’s reaction, immortalised on video, when the Sound System first hit him. I rotfl.

To have blasted Wessie at any time was a constant urge.

But eventually I allowed, albeit it through virtually continuous urges to cut the DA down, stupidity to take its natural cause.

See, I maintain that one should not kill the stupid, one should simply remove the warning signs. And on Monday all the warning signs were down.

The more the DA said, and the longer they said it, the deeper they got into trouble.

A first review of the video footage leaves one discombobulated at what was said. I am certain that Wessie and Ivan do not realise what they have all said. And there will be repercussions.

But, back to the point:

Hey, DA’s! Thank me for letting you share your innuendo and bias and plain wrong data, and blatant lies for so long on Monday morning without cutting you down!

You ungrateful ne’er-do-wells!


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