The walk of the wanker: I saw. I came. I left.

Frustrated. Confused. Weak. The DA is useless.

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. September 16, 2014. 07h30. The DA bused in some 400 people, by their own admission per text message, from out of town to march to join a handful of Oudtshoorn Whites lounging against the wall of the business chamber building across from the municipality.

The DA even had a sound truck.

The DA’s sound truck was blown to bits by the municipality’s system which demanded complete ownership of the space in which the few local DA supporters attempted to raise some noise.

The DA was only heard because The Team allowed them to be heard.

Why did The Team allow the crowd to be subjected to lies and innuendo? Well, the crowd consisted mostly of philistines. And Philistines should be accosted by the jawbone of an ass.

It’s getting boring. This beating up on the hapless DA. They just can’t get anything right.

To have someone like Ivan Meyer lead a march is to march to defeat. His voice, and his delivery are weak and inconsequential. His facts are are best questionable, mostly biased, and loosely mendacious. He is the kind of person who rises to leadership on the back of cosmetic trifle, without the qualities ordinarily required and admired.

The DA says – and said it over and over and over again yesterday – that the ANC, Icosa and NPP Coalition is illegally keeping the DA out of the [power that is by law theirs as sy have a majority in the Council.

The SABC TV News on Dstv193 last night even reported: “‘n Koalisie van die ANC, NPP en Icosa weier egter om die mag af te staan, ondanks ‘n bevel deur die Kaapse Hooggeregshof.”

I wrote several SABC functionaries, with whom I had severe telephone conversations on Sunday and Monday:

Where, in the name of everything ever worshiped on this planet does this outrageously misfortunate statement originate!?

Tanya Krause affixed her name to this insert…

Can someone, anyone, at the SABC please explain this codswallop!?

O, and may I please have a copy of this “High Court Order”… and a copy also of the 23rd chapter of The Revelation of St John the Divine?

Ye gods and faeries

When the DA lacks a fact, they create one. Dis gewoonlik krom en skeef, maar hulle desperate gehoor vreet dit meestal vir soetkoek op. Soort van Attempted Government by Guile. Dit werk net eenvoudig nie.

Ivan Meyer en Wessie van der Westhuizen en die ander DA-sprekers het gister goed kwytgeraak wat hulle nie moes gesê het nie. Telefoonoproepe gistermiddag en –aand van beklommerde lede dui dit onteenseglik aan. Maar alles wat gesê is, is op video. En dis heerlike kykstof. As jy nie ‘n DA-lid is nie.

Van der Westhuizen het selfs die kontrakteur wat die video-dekking behartig openlik gedreig met ‘n sake-boikot deur DA-lede.

Ek het só vir James Selfe geskryf hieroor:

Your Wessie van der Westhuizen, Executive Mayor of Eden, and Oudtshoorn Caucus Leader, this morning publicly called for a boycott of a local business… because the owner, who also owns a small production company, dared accept my instruction to record the DA march on the Oudtshoorn Municipality.

Such churlish immaturity is unbecoming.

Kindly direct your member to fix his bêtise and amend his boorish wonts.

After everything has been said and done, the issue is a simple one:

The DA must muster 13 councillors to pass motions of no confidence in the current Oudtshoorn Government, or shut the fuck up about being prevented to take power.

Jirre, such whinging is pathetic! Completely unbecoming of a government in waiting… proof the more that the local DA could not run an empty store.

Also, the Acting Municipal Manager granted Meyer and local DA Constituency Chair Pat Wagenaar until 16h00 tomorrow, Wednesday, to provide proof of their accusations or face legal consequences.


2 thoughts on “The walk of the wanker: I saw. I came. I left.

  1. Ek wonder met watter kak is hulle nou weer besig in Bitou wyk 7 om aan die bewind te bly?

  2. Die DA bus ook kiesers in van ander wyke om te gaan stem in wyke waar hulle nie wooagtig is nie. Oudergewoonte van hulle sedert hul Nasionale Party dae! Hierdie Ivan Meyer mannetjie kan darem kak kwyt raak en dit nogals op die tv.

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