Ivan Meyer attacks Anton Bredell

Ivan is being silly on thin ice

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. September 16, 2014. 14h05. One can not avoid the conclusion.

Difficult, extraordinary even, as it may be.

Why on this blue green rock we call home, orbiting a small star at 30k/s, is it necessary for the Western Cape DA Leader to be asked by third parties – such as Afriforum – to ask the Western Cape Cabinet to place Oudtshoorn under administration?

Clearly Meyer has no respect for the abilities and the ethics and the commitment of his cabinet colleague, Anton Bredell – the Provincial Minister of Local Government – to do his job.

If Bredell has but an inkling of a velleity of a suspicion that untoward happenings occur in the Oudtshoorn administration, he has an obligation – no discretion – to intervene.

Yet Bredell does not, has not, intervened.

Meyer is double guessing Bredell.

Meyer is shouting out loud: “My colleague, Anton Bredell, is an incompetent idiot!”

I wonder how Bredell is taking it?

I wonder how Otta Helena is growling at such pathetic behaviour by her “Minister of Finance”.

Of course, the DA is only bluffing their Oudtshoorn supporters – the DA Leadership knows full well it has no chance of placing Oudtshoorn under administration. And the DA Leadership knows equally well that the useless local lot of incompetent varmints won’t take over the council either.


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