Local DA calls on Province to place Oudtshoorn under administration

Really, wussies! Really! And I spell poorly.

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. September 5, 2014. 06h30. Chairperson of the DA Oudtshoorn Constituency Pat Wagenaar yesterday called on the DA Provincil Government to place Oudtshoorn under administration.

Calls to place Oudtshoorn under administration are both ludicrous and irresponsible. The DA is too divided and too weak to assert itself in a constitutional democracy and now resorts to outrageous schemes to save face after nearly 16 months of failed attempts to gain Oudtshoorn. The suggestion that Oudtshoorn be placed under administration is rejected with contempt and disdain, as is the rumormongering that Oudtshoorn is mismanaged.

Hey, Pat, as I say, the DA is too divided and too weak to assert itself in a constitutional democracy. This call for administration underscores the absolute inability of the DA to gain control of Oudtshoorn. The DA has been failing this last 462 days – nearly 16 months now! – to take over the Oudtshoorn Council. If you can’t get to govern, you can’t govern, Pat. And your lot can’t get to govern.

This call is embarrassing, coming from the lot that managed Oudtshoorn into oblivion in 2007 and had Oudtshoorn placed under administration. The sheer irony is in your face.

But by now, 462 days – nearly 16 months now! – after the failed and illegal attempt at coup on May 31 last year, embarrassment is part and parcel of being a DA member in Oudtshoorn… led by the most embarrassing “leaders” imaginable.

Take Jac Bekker. Take Zelda Jongbloed. Take Theuns Botha. They came; they got saw; they conked. Got clobbered. The lot of ‘em. Perhaps it’s a better idea to place the Western Cape Government under administration.

Now Ivan The Terribly Uninformed – “what’s a trust account?” MEC for Finance – is making out to be Oudtshoorn’s messiah… but all he can muster is crawling on his belly through the streets of town.

And how is Helen Zille and James Selfe and Debbie Schafer getting on with the “internal zero tolerance investigation” into the fraudulent Nel Settlement? For new readers: The local DA caucus tried to swindle some R600,000 from ratepayers to settle a member’s personal legal bill.


Ye gay gods and freakin’ faeries!

How lame is this!?

You won’t let me play with you, so I’m going to tell mommy and she’ll make you play with me.



Here’s Pat’s preposterous persiflage:

WCape govt should place Oudtshoorn under administration – DA
Pat Wagenaar
04 September 2014

Pat Wagenaar says ANC-regime in municipality is illegal and inefficient, instability prevails

DA requests government to place Oudtshoorn under administration

Thursday 4 September

Last night the DA’s Oudtshoorn Constituency formally requested the Western Cape government to place the Oudtshoorn municipality under administration.

The main reasons for the request is:

– The ANC-regime in Oudtshoorn is illegal and inefficient

– Great political instability prevails in Oudtshoorn

– Service delivery in Oudtshoorn is poor and deteriorating

For longer than a year now the ANC has been undermining democratic outcomes and the rule of law by applying delaying tactics to prevent the DA from legally and democratically taking over the Council. It is now time that the Western Cape government intervene and that the ANC ‘s illegal and disastrous reign come to an end.

On Monday 15 September, the Western Cape Leader of the DA and Constituency Head of Oudtshoorn, dr. Ivan Meyer, will lead a DA march in Oudtshoorn. Hundreds of DA supporters will march to the municipality where we will present the mayor, Gordon April, with a petition.

It is time to restore democracy in Oudtshoorn.

Statement issued by Pat Wagenaar, Chairperson of the DA Oudtshoorn Constituency, September 4 2014.

Source: Politicsweb


One thought on “Local DA calls on Province to place Oudtshoorn under administration

  1. Ed. Please remind them of the judgment in Overberg District Municipality v Premier of the Western Cape.

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