Ivan Meyer. Ye gods & faeries, Ivan Meyer

Hoe DOES the DA choose ‘em!?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. September 1, 2014. 06h15. I could hardly believe the Ivan Meyer media statement on Oudtshoorn, issued Friday.

I was going to respond, but Meyer’s incompetence is becoming clear to all who matter, so I concentrated on enjoying the week-end.

But Wicked Mike, that indefatigable Knysna blogger, took Meyer on:

Ivan Meyer, the DA Western Cape Leader and Oudtshoorn Constituency Head, has condemned the ANC for using taxpayers cash for legal battles in Oudtshoorn and applauded the Judge Roger’s decision to charge costs to ANC Speaker Stoffels.

I’m also very glad that part of the bill is going to be paid by a politician and undoubtedly the DA will find evidence of further ANC abuse in Oudtshoorn but Ivan Meyer’s hypocrisy stinks more than a oil tanker fill of rotten fish.

He totally ignores the Nel Settlement in which DA Councillors tried to illegally stick it to the taxpayer to the tune of millions. He ignores that only one DA politician, Peter Roberts, fought against that and was summarily suspended for doing the right thing. He ignores that the DA just did the same in Plettenberg Bay, using taxpayers’ cash and the courts to hang onto power – they lost the case but gained enough time to insert Plan B. He ignores that Judge Rogers, rightfully, criticised all political parties: “All councillors and the parties to which they belong should be warned in future litigation the court may wish to be more fully addressed on why they, rather than the ratepayers, should be ordered to pay or bear the costs of this type of litigation.”

Honour and truth is an elusive beast cowering in the shadows of the claws men and women as they reach for power that has very little to do with the rights of South Africans.

Meyer, like the ANC, and like so many politicians and conquerors before him, attempts to rewrite Oudtshoorn’s very sad history. Being the Western Cape, the media is likely to use his version. Here is his stinky press release:

The ANC in Oudtshoorn is wasting taxpayers’ money on long and unnecessary court cases in order to illegally cling to power.

The ANC in Oudtshoorn has no respect for the residents nor the Constitution of South Africa.

After many illegal actions by the ANC in Oudtshoorn, the judge in the case “Stoffels, Speaker of Oudtshoorn Municipality vs. the MEC for Local Government” decided that the Speaker, Mr. John Stoffels is personally liable for the legal bill.

The DA in Oudtshoorn is pleased with this development and have learned that the account will soon be delivered to Mr. Stoffels.

He will not be able to use the taxpayers’ money to settle this account.

This is a victory for democracy, as corrupt leaders will have to start paying for their corrupt behaviour. Just like President Zuma, the Speaker of the Oudtshoorn Council must now start to pay up personally.

The Western Cape High Court is sending out a strong message to the other ANC councillors who are illegally in charge of the municipality. The day will come when the court will rule that these councillors also have to personally pay back thousands of rands. Public accountability is one of the core values of the Constitution.

The DA is fighting to restore democracy in Oudtshoorn and the finding against the Speaker of Oudtshoorn is a victory for democracy.


And the finding against the DA councillors? I’d like to know about the some R700,000 owed by the DA councillors. And about the odd R500,000-odd owed by DA councillor Pierre Nel, for which he is already provisionally sequestrated. What about that, Ivan?

Jac Bekker, Zelda Jongbloed, Ivan Meyer… advised by Koos Cilliers, and, I believe, Oudtshoorn’s own Hannes Barnard. It is little wonder it’s been 457 days. It’s so easy to beat these guys, it’s boring.

Ivan Meyer is not worth a first thought, let alone a second. The man is incompetent. But then, he is a DA Leader…


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