Respecting the Court

How about respecting principle?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. August 28, 2014. 09h55. DA functionaries are like a bunch of cowboys with run mascara over their tearstained faces.

Hey chaps, cowboys don’t cry. Grow some balls.

Ivan Meyer and Theuns Botha and Anton Bredell and Helen Zille had been, and are calling for the ANC/Icosa/NPP governing coalition to step aside because the DA/Cope coalition has more seats in council.

By now only the most naïve still think that governments are replaced by stepping aside.

The DA, failing continuously since May 31 last year – 247 days ago, to take over the Oudtshoorn Government, wants the government to now be given them.

What a bunch of losers.

Come and get it! Nobody’s going to gift it you, for crying in a bucket.

I have two challenges for the DA:

Man up to the state of your caucus
Ye gods, the caucus is as divided as a chameleon conference on a Piet Mondrian canvass.

Some members do not trust Wessie van der Westhuizen because it is believed that Wessie feeds the ANC information. (Wessie simply does what Wessie does best – hedging against loosing his pay packet. And who can possibly blame him? Whatever is he to do if he becomes unacceptable to the main players?)

Some say they resent Chris MacPherson for lying to the caucus to get support for the fraudulent Nel Settlement.

Some say Nel should have been cut from the caucus years ago because of serious personal miscondcut accusations.

Some say Ben van Wyk should be booted for his role in the Nel Settlement.

Some say Peter Roberts will be allowed back in the fold over their dead bodies.

Roberts have alluded of the racism he suffered under particular members.

Some openly admit that their is so much strife in the caucus that it cannot focus.

Roberts says he’ll never support a take-over by his corrupt caucus members.

Nel is provisionally sequestrated and Van der Westhuizen, Ewa Fortuin, and Raymond Wildschut may soon follow the same route having been summonsed with writs demanding the payback of some R700,000 rand in lieu of the Le Grange cost order.

Bin your shit and move on.

Man up to guile
If is wasn‘t for the DA’s illegal coup and illegal settlement, the DA would have governed Oudtshoorn from May 31 last year. It’s not the government keeping the DA out, it’s the DA keeping the government in.

The Nel Settlement remains a sitter.

Already om July 2, last year, at 05h15, Helen Zille wrote the then attorney acted for Oudtshoorn:

Please be assured that I am looking into this matter, which I regard in a very serious light.

I will get back to you with a formal response as soon as I am able to do so. Let me be quite clear: the DA would NOT allow, let alone condone, a private
legal bill being passed on unlawfully to the ratepayers of Oudtshoorn.

I am investigating this matter to get to the bottom of it, and I request until Friday to be able to do so, please.

I have to be in Pretoria for a meeting with President Zuma and the Presidential Infrastructure Co-ordinating Committee tomorrow.

My formal response will be forwarded to you on Friday when I have a few questions answered.


Helen Zille

Nothing has been done by the “Zero Tolerance” party to clean up its mess in Oudtshoorn.

But the DA fully expects the Oudtshoorn Government “to step aside”. The DA can’t take over, and so it whinges that it should be given power.

Wussies! Dear god!

I wonder what the DA will do if they take over the Oudtshoorn Government.

Will the DA do better than the dark racism in City Hall in Stellenbosch?

I have had occasion during August 21 – 25 to travel substantively in Wellington, Paarl, Stellenbosch, Somerset West and Strand, and had been on roads in such disrepair that Oudtshoorn’s surfaces resemble the other side’s so-called streets of gold.

I think it is fair to conclude tat Oudtshoorn’s problems will not abate as a new government take control.

People who are currently out of jobs will stop complaining and those whose jobs will be taken to be given to the supporters of the new government will start complaining and marching and demanding the removal of the new mayor and deputy and speaker.

Ho hum.

Then, of course, there are still people naïve enough to be convinced that the current battle for control is about Oudtshoorn and can be influenced by people from either the municipality of or the council.

This is particularly sad.

The battle for Oudtshoorn has little to do with Oudtshoorn.

The battle for Oudtshoorn is not to determine who will govern, but to determine who will not.

The ANC does not want Oudtshoorn, but is saddled with it and can’t GIVE it away, because the DA does not want it, but has to be seen to want it to please it’s foolish local supporters.

Perhaps it is time to identify, say, five business leaders who do not wholeheartedly agree around braai fires, to support an initiative to introduce normalcy, such as it may be.


2 thoughts on “Respecting the Court

  1. Maggerfontein o maggersfontein
    O boere plaas. Geliefde grond
    Cry not beloved country
    Sigh not CJLangenhoven.

    Waar die bless bokke bles
    En die bye zoooooom
    En die stadsraadlede ledig is
    En ALMAL uit is
    En ALMAL in is
    En die pot steeds mis gesit is
    Dis soos dit gewis is
    Demokrasie kras is

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