Dr Ivan Meyer is coming!

Nóú gaan ons braai!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. August 29, 2014. 07h05. The DA’s Oudtshoorn Constituency Head, and the party’s Western Cape Leader, Ivan “The Terribly Misinformed” Meyer, has promised to visit this week-end to consult with his caucus.

What joy.

Ivan also suggested in the media that Mayor Gordon April hand the keys to the mayoral office to the DA.

Ivan The Terribly Misinformed is unspeakably naïve.

Where is the DA’s s29 Application for an urgent council meeting to consider motions of no confirdence in the Executive Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, and the Speaker!?

In short, where is the so-called “majority” the DA had been hiding since May 31 last year!?

Nobody’s going to “give” you anything, except perhaps a moerse headache, Ivan. Not that your caput isn’t spinning and noisy as it is.

I find it conclusively indicative of DA falsity that the party’s incessent whinging about not being allowed, not being given the keys to council, utterly overshadows the DA’s patent refusal to own up to the fraud perpetrated in the Nel Settlement.

The DA only does not govern Oudtshoorn since early June 2013 by ineptitude, arrogance, exposed trickery, and division. The DA’s continuous failure has little to do with what “others” had done, or is doing. The DA’s sustainable failure is solely of its own making. The pathetic sniffling is but a horrifying exhibit of incompetence.

Who, in their right mind, would want a government made up of people who could not turn additional support of A THIRD of the government into power!? It is piteous. It is embarrassing. This lot could not drive nails into a bucket of water. I would not trust them to organise a cup of black tea without sugar.

What is needed, and something the DA may want to consider, is too have its councillors act as councillors and not petulant preschoolers.

Ye gods and faeries, get a grip, dammit.


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