This time the DA is really “taking over”

Ons gaan nóú braai!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. August 28, 2014. 06h40. With the setting aside yesterday of the removal of the fourteen DA and Cope councillors, new fire happened on the tongues of frustrated and foiled DA leaders and supporters.

It’s been 454 days since Theuns Botha declared victory and a DA “Take Over” in Oudtshoorn. Nothing has come of such outrageous claims but to underscore the DA’s strategic and tactical impuissance.

On a number of occasions since May 31 last year, the DA threatened to “take over”. Nothing came of it.

And nothing will of this current rodomontade and braggadocio.

See, the DA must still act on the fraudulent Nel Settlement which so abhorred Helen Zille in June last year. Turning a blind eye is patently undemocratic, especially of a political party that cries wolf more often than Aesop’s shepherd boy… but the DA’s “Zero Tolerance” has collapsed in Oudtshoorn after a lust for power.

Democracy returns an elected government every, in South Africa, four years. The only way by which such an elected government can be replaced, is when an opposition successfully carries motions of no confidence in the government – motions removing the executive: the executive mayor, the deputy mayor, and the speaker.

For such motions to be carried the opposition must have a majority of votes in assembly – in Oudtshoorn’s case, 13 votes in council.

I think the DA/Cope coalition can muster not 10 votes at this time. Nine, even, would be a stretch.

The DA’s mortifying whinging about democracy failing in Oudtshoorn is nothing but a desperate attempt to hide extraordinary political inaptitude; outrageous acts of dupery; and devastating divisions in its caucus.

The DA is a risible nuisance; not a worthy opponent. Outwitting the poor sods has become rather boring.


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