Wildschut resigned to become an author of fairy tales

The former Opposition Chief Whip aspires to become the next J. K. Rowling

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. August 21, 2014. 06h30. Ye gay gods and freakin’ faeries.

I commented to a friend yesterday that DA “strategists” very probably can no longer stand. Too many holes in their feet. And they just keep on shootin’, man.

So Raymond Wildschut, who resigned Friday last, and decided three days later that he didn’t, yesterday filed a complaint of fraud with the SAPS – and provided an affidavit… more likely an affijonathan: Serendipitous discombobulation, by Raymond Wildschut.

I’ve so long wanted to use my two favourite words in conjunction! Thank you, Raymond!

While Wildschut claims in the affidavit that he did sign the document, but that he was unaware of its contents – councillor, councillor, such heedlessness! – he writes the Speaker that he had never seen, nor signed the resignation letter. Whatever, Wildschut’s explanation is fantastical, don’t you think!? Entertaining, man!

Also, Wildschut claims in his affidavit that he only became aware of the “resignation” on Tuesday, at around 08h35. Poor Wildschut probably just has his timeline somewhat wonky: The Friday events notwithstanding, he was in the Speaker’s office some 24 hours earlier…

Conspiracy theories abound.

Yet, I solved the mystery yesterday already – is’t theoretical physics, plain and simple, what with parallel universes and all. Like Michio Kaku, whom I quoted yesterday, says, parallel universes qualify as a Class II impossibility – not in violation of the laws of physics, but current technology fails to prove its existence. Wildschut and the DA are therefore not mendacious at all – quite the opposite: they are far ahead of all of us!

The DA…



3 thoughts on “Wildschut resigned to become an author of fairy tales

  1. The very fact that I may or may not have signed..
    Does on no uncertain way be interpreted that I have in practice re-signed.

    In any case, I hereby rest my case,
    while doing the egg dance with egg on my face.

    I am the chosen generation in this OUDTSHOORN-hood.
    Hear ye friends and foes, is that clearly understood?

  2. Die laggende mannetjie onderaan die berig moet eindelik verander word na ‘n huilende man na aanleiding van die Spreek : “Lag en die hele wereld lag saam,Huil en jy huil alleen” of is dit nou maar die geval van “Wie die laaste lag,lag die lekkerste.Sit dan meer manne in wat lag.

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