Benign banter with Helen Zille

Abes etiam a consilio insultandi mihi nisi Latine loqui scias

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 16 Augustus 2014. 22h10. I had a fun passing twitter conversation of sorts with DA Leader Helen Zille on Saturday.

Someone apparently irked her about Julius Malema’s follower tally – overtaking the number of the Blue Beldame.

Zille retorted: “De gustibus non disputandum est.”

Clever girl!

It’s Latin for “In matters of taste, there can be no disputes”, or words to that effect.

I commented: “Especially of 4 091 584 South Africans” – the number of id…South Africans who voted DA in May.

Zille clearly did not like this, and on the seventh day of a week in which I exposed may DA lies, and even had poor Theuns Botha fall over his own feet, she probably just couldn’t stand it any longer… and cut me!


She exploded: “You are so boring, the time has come to keep you off my timeline.”

I am devastated!

Especially since Zille probably missed my comeback: “Age, catamite fac mihi hunc diem felicissimum” – go ahead, punk, make my day.

Jaaa boet.

Oh, about the heading – it means “don’t even think of dissing me unless you speak Latin”.


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