DAmockracy, à la Ivan the Terribly Uninformed

What a little whinger!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 8 Augustus 2014. 02h35. Ivan Meyer, in failing desperation to indicate, as proof is a bridge too far already burned, that he may possess some velleity of leadership, is going on and on and on about democracy being trampled in Oudtshoorn because the DA is prevented from governing the town by what he now calls a “corrupt minority”.

That Western Cape DA Leader Ivan Meyer, of all people, can accuse anybody of “corruption” in the face of the fraudulent Nel Settlement – a fast one designed and pulled by the DA in Oudtshoorn – is inconceivable and clearly indicates an unimaginable confluence of denial and deceit!

(On June 27 last year a local weakly – damned keyboard – reported that the arrogated “DA government” settled DA Councillor Pierre Nel’s personal legal debt, an attempted fraud of R528 063.83 on the ratepayers of Oudtshoorn. The DA attempted this trick on the back of an illegal botched take-over of the council on May 31 that year. Nel is due to be sequestrated for this debt this Thursday next, August 14. The DA has failed to this day to act against the perpetrators.)

Ivan the Terribly Uninformed yesterday celebrated the first anniversary of the DA gaining a majority in Oudtshoorn.

Say what?

I have already clearly indicated why the DA is not, and should not govern Oudtshoorn – click here.

The DA does not govern Oudtshoorn because the ANC is oh, soooo nasty, the DA does not govern Oudtshoorn because the DA is too dumb, too divided, and too damned incompetent to govern Oudtshoorn.

The whinging of Ivan the Terribly Uninformed is consummately embarrassing for DA. Ivan clearly does not know his gluteal cleft from his olecranon process. What a little crybaby. Ye gods and faeries.


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