Zille being Zille in the WC Legislature

Pathetic Premier preaches poppycock in Parliament

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 2 August 2014. 06h55. In that usual screeching tone, Helen Zille on Thursday attacked the ANC for not handing over power in Oudtshoorn after the August by-election when the ANC won ward 13.

It’s not the ANC, Helen. It’s the DA. Let me explain why the DA can not take over the Oudtshoorn Council:

The claim that the ANC/Icosa/NPP Coalition is irregularly denying the DA/Cope Coalition some right to govern Oudtshoorn, is deceptive, delusory, and dishonest.

The Oudtshoorn Council has 25 members: 12 DA; 10 ANC; 1 Cope; 1 Icosa; 1 NPP.

The DA and Cope (13 seats) have a tenuous coalition; and the ANC, Icosa, and the NPP Coalition (12 seats), currently governs.

Ten DA councillors and the Cope councillor are removed as councillors by operation of law for being absent without permission from three consecutive council meetings. The councillors oppose the removal in the Western Cape High Court on August 4 (Case No. 3517/14).

One DA councillor is removed by operation of law for being absent without permission from three consecutive council meetings, being different meetings than those from which the above 11 were absent. This councillor opposes his removal in the Western Cape High Court on August 4 (case No. 8813/14).

One DA councillor, being one of the 11 opposing their removal in Case 3517/14 above, is opposing his sequestration in the Western Cape High Court on August 14 – sequestration will remove him from council by operation of law.

One DA councillor, the sole one in good standing, is currently being prosecuted by the DA in a disciplinary matter relating to his refusal to support DA motions of no confidence. A sanction of removal is possible, if not probable.

The Cope member had been removed as a councillor by his party, and, apparently, been reinstated. Confusion characterises his current standing, him being removed by operation of law, and removed, or not, by his party.

Two DA councillors, both removed by operation of law in Case 3517/14, are expected to be investigated by the DA for their part in an illegal settlement attempt to void personal legal cost of one of the two. This is the same councillor facing sequestration – for failure to settle the self-same legal cost. A sanction of removal is possible, if not probable, following a party disciplinary process.

For the DA to claim a majority of votes, or something approximating a majority of votes, to pass motions of no confidence in the current Oudtshoorn executive, is, under these circumstances, both ludicrous and patently deceptive.

The governing coalition Speaker is fulfilling his statutory and moral obligation to secure the integrity of the council.

The reason the DA is not governing Oudtshoorn, Helen, is that the DA cannot muster 13 votes to pass motions of no confidence in the executive. Therefore, you Constitutional groupie, the DA can not take over the Oudtshoorn council – even if it had, say, 22 of the 25 seats.


Let me tell you why the DA should not take over the Oudtshoorn Council:

On May 31, fueled by DA MEC’s Anton Bredell and Theuns Botha, on the back of inapposite, ludicrous, and plain vanilla bad legal advice form the Premier’s legal adviser (?) Koos Cilliers, the DA, with FIVE supporters from the governing ANC Coalition – F-I-V-E supporters – botched the “take-over”.

The DA commanded 12 seat on May 31, 2014; the ANC Coalition held 13 seats. FIVE ANC councillors threw in their lot with the 12 DA and councillors to command 17 – SEVENTEEN! – seats, against a residual EIGHT.

And still, to this day, 427 days later! – the DA does not rule Oudtshoorn… AND YOU SAY IT’S BECAUSE THE ANC IS SO ROGUESISH IT WON’T PLAY NICE DOGGIE, ROLLOVER, DEAD DOGGIE.

Ag purlease, man! If you can’t get to run with THIRTY EIGHT PERCENT of the government supporting you in an effort to gain control of a local government, then you CAN’T RUN OUDTSHOORN – you’re not qualified. You’re not able. This local DA lot can’t run fun in a cat house with fistfuls of big notes.

The DA House in Oudtshoorn is as divided as a cleft palate.

That is why you, Zille, had to go plead with a lowly DA councillor in Franschhoek some time ago to throw in his lot with the other DA aligned councillors. He did. Then he didn’t, Then again he did. Then you suspended him without removing him. Then your instituted disciplinary action, and despite your usual ebullience – as in Bredell making a call on Wessie van der Westhuizen in, what, more than 12 months, you are now considering not whether Councillor Roberts is guilty – of whatever – but whether he should be enticed to be associated for the taking of the Oudtshoorn Council, or not.

You see, Helen, DA Principle is like cell phone reception between Oudtshoorn and Calitzdorp – it comes and goes.

For YOU, Helen, to make any noise about Oudtshoorn is mere whinging about the DA’s small little pecker, in heat with the big dawgs, and not getting any.

Cowboys don’t cry, Helen, and your lot are cowboys, believe you me, and in the fullest sense of the word.

Stop lying to voters, Helen.

Potch, and Nama Khoi, and Bitou, should have shut you up, but you’re clearly to bigoted to realise this. Or, maybe, just too plain dumb.


2 thoughts on “Zille being Zille in the WC Legislature

  1. It is not the botched take-over in may that Zille has a problem with. It’s the august by-election later that year and its aftermatch. However incompetent the DA was in their initial attempt, the ANC should have ceaded power after their defeat at the ballot box. The 2014 election result also clearly show the voters of Oudtshoorn still prefer the DA.

    You talk about Potch. I must remind you that Mayor Combrink stepped down when ANC won back their wards in december 2013. She did not use court action to try and stay in Power in the municipality. What bigotry has to do with any of this remains a mystery…

  2. Wat ‘n dikvellige reptielagtige vrou… wat haarself voorhou as die kampioen van menseregte en iemand wat die Regstaat-beginsels eerbiedig (net wanneer dit haar pas)!!! DA-ondersteuners is skaam-kwaad vir haar. Sy is ‘n rara avis (vreemde voël) wat ‘n yslike politieke las vir die DA geword het. Sy het Donderdag ook in die Wetgewer weer gewys hoe sy die Natte (ook in haar midde) verag en haat met ‘n aanval op ‘n ander een… Terwyl sy soos ‘n viswyf gegil het sy het nooit apartheid ondersteun nie! Miskien nie, maar sy het in haar kantoor middagete geëet terwyl haar swart kollegas buite op die sypaadjie moes sit; en haar afgod (Helen Suzman) net stemreg wou toeken aan mense wat grondeienaars was (terwyl die apartheid-regering swart mense se grondeienaarskap weggeneem het met die Native Land Act)! Dus, teen swart politieke deelname… “Vryheidsvegter” Zille! Haar enigste aanspraak op dit is die feit dat sy ‘n boere-jagter was wat die polisiemanne ontbloot het wat Steve Biko vermoor het – ‘n storie wat soos ‘n vrot appel in haar skoot as destydse joernalis geval het. Nou smokkel sy met die gewone mens se brein. Waarom? Vir geld. Sy verdien bykans R2 miljoen ‘n jaar as premier – met ‘n skrikwekkende pensioen en ander voordele. Dit is dan juis daarom dat sy nie wou afstaan om haar party teen Jacob Zuma in die nasionale vergadering te lei nie en ‘n huurling as afstandbeheer inspan. Want, as sy Zuma in die oë moes gaan kyk, het sy minstens R600 000 per jaar minder in haar sak gekry – ‘n aardige bedrag wat die gewone aardse wesens se eie verdienste by verre oortref!

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