Eskom about to cut Oudtshoorn!!

The future is dark – literally

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 31 July 2014. 09h00. Believe it or not… Some people who live in Oudtshoorn – people you and I see on the streets regularly, and them without supervision – yesterday spread the story that Eskom was about to cut electricity supply to Oudtshoorn for non-payment of the Oudtshoorn account.

Utter folderol, of course. But the naïve anti-municipal doffies soaked it up.

This old wive’s tale originated, probably, with statements made by the minister of public enterprises about some R3b owed to Eskom by municipalities. Also, ORPA, Oudtshoorn’s powerful ratepayers’ association with thousands and thousands of members, “alerted” the NBU (Nasionale Belastingbetalersunie) yesterday morning that Oudtshoorn’s Eskom account was in arears by some R7m.

Absolute nonsense.

There was a story that Eskom wanted to take out a full page advertisement in the Herrie to announce the termination. Unfortunately, so the story went, the Herrie could not accommodate the advertisement as its deadline had passed.

Someone even called a media office reporting that the Medi-Clinic were unable to schedule surgery for Friday due to the Eskom termination.

Look, I don’t say we should kill dumb people. But I do think we should take away the warning signs and let the problem sort itself.

Are some people of Oudtshoorn really this fucking stupid?


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