Bitou Deputy Mayor: “DA Municipality funds COPE’s high court challenge”

What? The squeaky clean Dee-Aye!?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 20 July 2014. 19h25. Knysna Keep reports that Bitou’s (in, or out) COPE Deputy Mayor Adam van Rhyner is accusing the DA municipality of funding COPE’s legal challenge in the high court.

I had some rather irrate local DA supporters harrassing me some weeks ago when it was, erroneously, thought that Oudtshoorn Municipality was funding (in, or out) DA councillor Peter Roberts’s disciplinary defense.

Are these DA supporters as upset with the DA in Bitou, as they were, without reason, with the ANC Coalition in Oudtshoorn?

Here’s Van Rijner’s statement:

1. All hope that I will receive a fair disciplinary hearing was finally destroyed Thursday night, July 17, in what can only be described as a travesty of justice.
2. I had no choice but to ask that the matter stand down in order for me to approach the Court for an interdict against the continuance of these proceedings.
3. In a last attempt to avoid litigation, I proposed that the parties agree to an independent chairperson and that I receive a written undertaking that the Rules of Natural Justice be respected.
4. I will know whether my proposal has been accepted by tomorrow afternoon.
5. Not only is the municipality actively involved in my disciplinary hearing, but also uses tax payers’ money to finance COPE’s legal challenge of the current litigation in the High Court.
6. Advocate Johan De Waal, acting for the DA and paid by the municipality, openly admitted that he drafted the opposing papers filed by COPE.
7. In the meantime the Speaker [Annelise Olivier] still refuses to convene any council meeting.
8. The Municipal Manager [Allen Paulse] refuses to retract the undisputed unlawful vacancy that he declared on 30 June 2014.
9. Moreover, he and the mayor attempted to evict me and my staff from our municipal offices last week. This attempt was fortunately stifled after my attorney had to intervene.
10. The municipal manager further makes uncalled for and boastful remarks to junior staff to the effect that he put an end to my political career and that I am finished with politics.
11. I am extremely disappointed and saddened by his conduct.
12. On the other, I am overwhelmed by all the support I am receiving from all across the political spectrum, ironically enough, most from within the DA.
13. I hereby wish to thank each and every individual from the bottom of my heart and assure them that I will hang in there and see this through.

Ag no man, Adam, man! The DA always plays fair, don’t you know!?


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