The plot sickens

In Bitou, as in Oudtshoorn, little appears to be as it… appears

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 11 July 2014. 13h25. I recall your attention again to Wittgenstein… Things are not necessarily as they appear to be.

There is a particularly skeptical school of thought, my kinda school, I’ll have you know, which leans, at this time, to an outré probable dénouement of the situations in Oudtshoorn and Bitou.

Be certain of at least this, me hearties: In Oudtshoorn, since May 31 last year, the DA was never more than a passing irritation; the governing coalition’s enemy was within, and remains within. Had the DA some velleity of political savvy, and had it not been weighed down by a humungus collective ego, the DA would have governed Oudtshoorn from mid June last year. That the DA failed to win council is supreme proof of its incapacity to govern.

In Bitou, the ANC, with its new-found Cope honeybunch, should have taken control of the council on July 1. The Bitou Rules of Order allow for a majority of councillors to elect a temporary speaker in the absence of the real item, and to proceed with business. The ANC and Cope councillors did not avail themselves of this benefit on July 1. Why on earth not!?

As it is known, I have interesting sources.

And the word is that the ghost of the king of Phrygia is about us as once was the spirit of Elsinore.

Agents provocateur working both sides; working all sides.

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One thought on “The plot sickens

  1. My girlfriend is also on switch.
    Ja, Peter STYVESANT, switch.
    It’s cheaper you see.

    After all you can stay as your are
    Or you can switch to ….. Stay.

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