Adam van Rijner on his switch to the ANC

“Motivated by (DA) maladministration”

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 9 July 2014. 20h10. This statement was posted on facebook at around 19h45:

Why I’ve switched my support to the ANC in Bitou
Adam van Rhyner

COPE Deputy Mayor says his actions were motivated by maladministration of municipality since 2011

Re: Decision to support the motions of no-confidence against the current executive incumbents of Bitou municipality and my pending internal COPE disciplinary hearing.

Due to various queries regarding the above the last few days I decided to make the following short press release.

My decision to support the ANC in their efforts to replace the executive councillors including the mayor was not a spur of the moment decision.

My actions in recent days were motivated by various questionable deeds and various instances of mal-administration, tender irregularities and illegal tax increases committed by the municipality since 2011.

My pleas to address these issues, a lot of it which was also raised by the Auditor General, fell on deaf hears and I got tired of always hearing that the DA’s brand name is more important than this.

Cope was in turmoil and we had our own problems to deal with.

My decisions recently are in line with the direction Cope is heading in and that is that we will not be bound by either the DA or the ANC.

In order to justify our existence as an individual progressive political party that thinks for itself, I will be following my constituency’s instructions in consultation with the supporters of Cope and the party’s leadership.

I will not be bound by decisions made in Cape Town’s Waterfront by a few people in blue, sipping Champagne and eating caviar, overlooking the yachts in the harbour.

I will be taking instructions henceforth from the people of Bitou.

Statement issued by COPE Deputy Mayor, Bitou, Adam van Rhyner, July 9 2014

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