Die DA vat oor!!


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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 21 June 2014. 07h10. I can for the life of me not recall exactly how many times the DA had “taken over” control of the Oudtshoorn Council since May 31 last year, but I do know there were many instances of good old Nat Kragdadigheid searing the Karoo air like so many flatuses in a troep bivouac after a long night on Rum.

And they’re at it again.

The DA takes over on August 4.

August 4 is the day on which two matters are to be heard in the WCHC: The removal of 11 councillors; and the removal of Councillor Jurie Harmse.

The DA will not take over on August 4, me longsuffering hearties. Even someone who can not spell or pronounce s-t-r-a-t-e-g-y will confirm as much.

Then there’s the Peter Roberts Problem. And the COPE Problem. And the Nel Settlement Problem. And the Pierre Nel Problem. And the Ben van Wyk Problem. And the Wessie Problem. And the DA Caucus Problem.

All problems that’ll go away once the DA takes over… Because we all know that they will settle with themselves at huge cost to the ratepayers at the drop of a hat. It’s exactly why the DA is not governing Oudtshoorn – corruption in the open without mastering the Art of Not Being Seen (Monty Python).

For updates, new stories, and additional comment,
click here to follow @DrewanBaird on twitter

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One thought on “Die DA vat oor!!

  1. Ed

    Are you sure that the DA Oudtshoorn caucus want to take over, or better yet- Who in that caucus does not want them to take over?

    I’m thinking here of quite a few names who’d prefer the status qou hey

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