Cope recalls Maxim… Lekota intervenes

The cookie crumbles every which way

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn.

27 June 2014. 06h20. The IEC informed the Municipal manager yesterday that “Each party has a designated person who communicates on such matters as vacancies – The IEC has not been informed by the COPE that Mr Romeo Koeberg is that person.”

The replacement of John Maxim as Oudtshoorn Councillor is therefore, apparently, thwarted. But, apparently yet again, word is that his replacement is no longer needed for the ANC attuned Cope faction to achieve its objective in Oudtshoorn. It’s all about what is happening on the other sides of mountains.

21 June 2014. 06h52. Cope Regional Secretary Alfred Nkosinkulu and Regional Chair Romeo Koeberg yesterdaay informed the Municipal manager that Cope Councillor John Maxim is rtecalled and replaced by one Virginia Williams.

The IEC’s Chief Electoral Officer, Mosotho Moepya, and Provincial Electoral Officer Courtney Sampson were copied.

Maxim only heard the news after the letter was filed.

Maxim was unhappy about his recall. He is an Oudtshoorn delegate to Eden and serves on Wessie’s Mayco. Good money, that.

It turns out that the Cope Leader, Moshia Lekota, advised Maxim late yesterday to file disciplinary charges against Nkosinkulu and Koeberg. Maxim would remain the Oudtshoorn Cope Councillor.

By close of business yesterday no further correspondence in this matter had been received by the MM’s office.


Cope’s Eden leadership wants to work with the ANC; Cope’s national leadership wants to walk with the DA.

This is the kind of crack that causes breakage. And the crack is long in the making.

And to think that it was a DA deal that forced Eden to provide parking for Cope’s most undeployables in 2011.

Politics, she is a rabid bitch going for derrières.

Methinks the proverbial marchers are on round 6 around DA Jericho.

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click here to follow @DrewanBaird on twitter

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2 thoughts on “Cope recalls Maxim… Lekota intervenes

  1. Maxim is an Oudtshoorn delegate to Eden. Remove him from Oudtshoorn and all his walls come down.

  2. What a state of confusion COPE has become!

    But Ed is Maxim,poor sod,still a COPE councilor in Oudtshoorn and Eden Municipality?

    Or is he just being recalled from Eden?

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