Eden becomes hell for the DA

A screwup of Biblical proportions

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 13 June 2014. 10h00. Ye gods and faeries.

In Oudtshoorn a number of DA caucus members want the party’s come-to-Jesus offer to Peter Roberts to be accepted. Roberts will be forgiven for vernal impetuousness and political naïveté and be welcomed back to the DA bosom in return for his precious 13th signature on a s29 demand for a council meeting to remove the mayor, the deputy mayor and the speaker and replace them by blue bros.

Only, of course, the Rogers Order prohibits such motions of no confidence until the matters of the 10 DA and one Cope councillors, and of Jurie Harmse’s ipso jure removal, are heard on August 4.

In any event, at least one DA caucus member – Pierre Nel, no less – opposes such reconciliation “over my dead body”.

Roberts will come back, so he apparently intimates, when the DA removes every one of his caucus colleagues but Harmse. The sweetheart deal therefore bit the dust this Wednesday last. Did someone use the word naïve?

Nel is facing a sequestration application by the municipality in the Western Cape High Court. The matter was postponed earlier to this Monday last, when the file went missing; postponed to this Wednesday last, when the matter could only had been heard late in the court day and subsequently postponed until August 14.

Several DA caucus colleagues of Nel want him removed. Several others not.


Ag jirre, Wessie.

The entire DA caucus wrote the party fedex last year demanding the removal of Wessie, mostly for sloth (a disinclination to work or exert oneself).

Yet presently Wessie is an important cog in the faltering Blue Machine – without him, or any other caucus member, the DA/Cope coalition no longer has a majority of councillors… even though this “majority” has failed repeatedly and humiliatingly to be of any force and effect.

Then there’s this Peter Roberts thing.

By the the Chiss on the edges of the galaxy, and the reducing Feeorins; and the avian Fosh, and the Firrerreo of Firrerre (Star Wars, of course)… this Peter Roberts thing is funny ha-ha.

Then Roberts rises against corruption. Then he sits among the corrupt in council and votes against them, or sometimes with them, alone or in congress.

He calls himself blue forever and often touches his breast at the utterance. But, he declares as regularly, the DA leadership has failed both him and the party’s soi disant Popperian principles of liberal political prognostication.

Roberts means nothing to the DA, and it is to be seen who, or what, benefits from his stance against corruption and for the so-called “True DA Principles”.

There is a concerted effort to make Roberts relevant – he is, after all, the proprietor of that defining “Thirteenth Vote” in council.

Does Roberts desire to control council by voting “his conscience” – some fishy farrago of fundamentals?

All hail! Oudtshoorn has a saviour!

Methinks not.

The taciturn, pistoleering Roberts and his equally secretive proverbial Jim Henson, ghosting over the horizon, spell manipulation with a capital O for opportunism.

The bottom line: The “only DA principled member of the DA caucus” is set up against the entire DA.

That the DA does not gain control of the Oudtshoorn council with such unity abounding is discombobulating.

In consequence of misguided strategy, Roberts, frankly, has failed spectacularly: He is of no use to either grouping of 12 in the council of 25.

Should he indeed “go to Jesus” he will be crucified as soon as his utility is depleted. Ya’all can take this to the bank.

In Eden, the DA Mayor is accusing the DA Deputy Mayor of bias and the DA Speaker of being an embarrassment to the party. DA MEC Bredell has taken the Mayor’s side and in doing so this MEC, doubling as the DA Provincial Secretary (and widely suspected of being the champion of the Western Cape Mensa chapter), has managed to call a fedex approved compromise birthed by that political genius Theuns Botha (also of the DA) illegal. And the DA appointed and protected MM, Godfrey Louw, is fighting Bredell hand and tooth… me hears talk of the prosecutor in the Mayor’s disciplinary advising.

I now need to call upon the patheons. Mere gods and faeries just won’t cut it no more.

In George a questionable foreign tourism trip is searing atoms in ignescent emails between York Street and the Marks Building. The George Mayco member for Finance is up in arms as the delegates are being frowned upon. Yours truly has seen some of the these emails… It is clear that the DA leadership is regretting the appointment of the Mayor.


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4 thoughts on “Eden becomes hell for the DA

  1. Poom M ek ken darem vir jou (so tongin die kies gese).Jy is reg ou maat ek dink ou Louw is dommer as ‘n sroefdraaier en is maar net daar om ou Theunsie vuilbek Botha se vuil werk te doen . Ja jong Ou Clive Afrika is vrek bang vir Godda. Morne Hoogbaard het na ek verneem vir Clive gereeld aan die tjank gehad omdat hy so stupid en nikswerd is. Beide Louw en Clive is aangestel omdat hulle lede van die OD was., dan praat dieselfde OD cum DA van cadre deployment! Noujatoe, hul dag is vinnig oppad en Godda gaan sy broekie vuilmaak.

  2. Eden, o’ Eden. Waarheen is ons nou op pad. Rome brand af en hulle poeding aan met die strooi. Terrence, ek ken jou g’n, maar dis waar. Sedert Vernatt en louw aan die stuur gekom het, het hulle vanaf dag een baklei oor skottels wors and aalwyn en albasters. Vir Louw se part, bloot omdat Wessie ‘n OD man is en die OD gestem het saam met die ANC vir sy skorsing destyds, en omdat die OD’s by George nie ooghare het vir meneertjie toe hy by George was. Dis duidelik dat louwtjie ‘n manetjie is wie nie goeters vergeet nie. Hy verwerk ook nie trauma en skok goed nie..

    Tweedens, volgens Louw is Wessie nie ‘n opregte DA met blou DA bloed. Snaaks, paar jaar gelede man, toe pronk Papa Louw as ‘n Thabo Mbeki aanhanger en het selfs verskeie ANC raadslede laat weet hy is ‘n komeraat (minus ANC hempie natuurlik). Nou is hy een van die lojale uitvoerders van die DA se slegte besluite. Maar hy het so baie om, dankbaar te wees aan die huidige meesters omdat hulle die enigste plek is waar hy nog werk kan kry met sy rekord. 1. Skuldig bevind aan “fruitless and waste ful expenditure” 2.Eeers laas jaar sy Minimum Kompetensie Sertifikaat gekry en dit terwy van sy junioR amptenare die al lankal gekry het. Hy het aangesoek gedoen by twee munisipaliteit wat hom nie wou he nie, (1). omdat hy baie, baie lui is, (2) baie arrogant en eiewys is (3).omdat hy so dom soos ‘n skroefdraaier is (4). omdat hy altyd van beter weet (met ses gelees is dit ‘n slegte kombinasie (4) 5 omdat hy nie een strategiese been in sy liggaam het. Die huidige bestuurders se vir my hulle kry geen leiding vanaf hom nie, net reaktiewe onbenullige strooi wat jy definitief nie te verwagte is van die bestuurder van ‘n distriks owerheid. Die ou kan net nie ‘n besluit neem en as hy dit doen en daar is risikos, dan moet een van die ander bestuurders dit dit namens hom doen wanneer hy op verlof is. Die ou is ooglopend shellshock…Vra maar vir our clive (bang clive) wat maar net teken.

  3. Let’s forget about no vision at Eden and wherever else the Dumbocratic Alliance governs- where is the so called leadership to correct these cock ups?

    Good grieve:”accountability,transparency,clean governments….a DA promise”….sorry Zille but that’s crap!

  4. Hulle gaan mekaar nog vrek maak daar by Eden. Het Eden nog enige rol te speel in die ontwikkeling van die streek? Ek dink nie so nie want beide Tflon Wessie en Godfrey ‘Fruitless and wasteful expenditure” Louw het fokkol visie nie. Laat hulle maar mekaar uitroei, ek sal op hulle grafte gaan dans!

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