365 days and counting

The unbounded DA humiliation continues unabatedly

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 31 May 2014. 08h55. Every man and his dog know the story by now:

Sometimes during April and May last year a number of DA rogues visited some soi disant version of a political Chuck Norris in Riversdale (whomever could this have been!?) to set up a pathetic plan which was trumped in stupidity only by the piteously botched execution on May 31 when the DA caucus of the Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality got its butt kicked all the way down High Street to a “celebratory” event in some hotel, complete with two bottles of cheap bubbly supplied by strongman Nic Barrow and new T-shirts for the apostate ANC councillors who delivered the “victory”.

At the time Theuns famously said, “En as ons ‘n hofbevel moet kry om ‘hulle’ te verwyder, dan krý ons maar die ou hofbevelkie!”

Jaaaaa, boet.

This DA couldn’t manage carnal knowledge in a cathouse with a fistfull of fifties.

The arrogance; the cack-handedness; the mendacity; the plain unadulterated stupidity is both gruesome and comic to behold.

And the ANC/Icosa/NPP coalition still rules…

For updates, new stories, and additional comment,
click here to follow @DrewanBaird on twitter

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2 thoughts on “365 days and counting

  1. Berig asb. iets positief wat ‘n slag opbouend is. jy hou net van die negatiewe en hoe jy en jou vriende in jou eie woorde ;verwoerdplein en demokrasie kan omseil.

  2. Weereens Hapy Birthday DA. Die laaanng gewag gaan beslis vir julle die moeite werd wees.Aanhouer wen. Focus!!!

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