Wessie walks

Bredell keeps Wessie firmly entrenched

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 14 May 2014. 07h30. As O!O predicted many times, Western Cape minister of local government Anton Bredell exonerated Eden Mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen.

In a letter dated 23 April – 14 days before the May 7 general election – Bredell informed speaker Doris Naylor and Van der Westhuizen that the prosecution was not conducted according to the rules of natural justice and that Van der Westhuizen’s main accuser, deputy mayor Essau, was biased.

Now, my longsuffering readers, I need someone to explain to my, like I’m a five year-old, why Oudtshoorn ratepayers are, apparently, so desperately concerned about legal expenditure by the ANC/Icosa/NPP coalition for protecting the integrity of council, while not a word is uttered in the face of gross mismanagement and gross wasteful and fruitless expenditure and gross violation of supply chain policy in the alleged R3m persecution (sic) of Van der Westhuizen – by his own party, the DA!

I need to come to an understanding of how Eden MM Godfrey Louw is currently proceeding against former Eden senior managers and directors for alleged supply chain violations when Louw – Louw of all people! – have committed some R3m in an investigation of some R20k questionable spend… and not a wopd from the Zero Tolerance shammers lurking in the Marks Building!?

Why the delay in announcing Van der Westhuizen’s vindication!?

Why not before the election?

Like… Why announce Liniwe Mazibuko’s defection days after the election?

Such selective dissemination of critical information before an election is nothing but deceipt; nothing but crude cheating; nothing but the fleecing of the voters.

The DA manages by deceit. The DA manages by disinformation. The DA manages by mendacity. The DA manages by plain bloodymindedness. The DA sells snake oil, silver bullets, and perdedrolle vir vye. The DA is a despicable alliance of fringe frauds frollicking in the fleecing of fruitcake voters.

Take the pathetic Oudtshoorn DA whimper that it is prohibited from governing by illegal means.

What consummate crap!

And many Oudtshoorn voters fall for this line!?

Aggenee mense. Godsk! Wakker skrik, man.

Back to the Wessie fiasco.

If Wessie is to stay, then deputy mayor Essau; speaker Naylor; and the main drivers of what has now been found to have been a baseless persecution – councillors Tertuis Simmers and Johann Koegelenberg – must surely be fired!?

And Godfrey Louw must certainly do!

Louw must go! Louw must go! Louw must go! Louw must go!

Louw’s abject arrogance is almost certainly spawned of personal grievance against former colleagues he now is sueing for apprant mismanagement of which Louw himself is allegedly guilty!

The DA is exposed. The presence of Mazibuko during the campaign; the clear refusal to announce the Wessie decision before the election, shows up the DA’s mendacious corporate character.

The DA acts against the very people who uphold the DA’s so-called “principles”: Pierre Nel in 2007; Peter Roberts in 2014.

The rogues remain.

Despicable. The Despicable Alliance.

I know for a fact of at least two Eden DA councillors that flirted with the ANC in the weeks running up to the May 7 elections. Both were waiting for the Wessie decision to make their move. Both stayed in the absence of a decision and in anticipation of DA zero tolerance in action.

They trusted the DA. Their careers are consequently severely compromised.

Trust to the DA?

If you are soft in the head, yes!

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7 thoughts on “Wessie walks

  1. The DA has a rather specific procedure when councils are “taken over”. Also, the DA has not a velleity of an indication of a clue about how Oudtshoormn is really run at this time.

  2. Ed, why would Theuns say they’ll put Oudtshoorn under administration once they take over? Would’nt the DA want to govern when they take over? Somethings fishy! It does not make sense!

  3. To the editor of this blogg

    I’ve been following your bloggs on this Eden issue since its inception- and this post boggles me.

    If Minister Bredell has cleared Wessie of all wrong doing why on earth will other DA councilors have to be fired?

    Tertuis Simmers and Koegelenberg did not even serve on the disciplinary committee-so why fire them?

    Lionel Esau was appointed by his fellow disciplinary committee members because they trusted his judgement one would pressume- so why say he could have been bias when this was a multi-party committee?

    The speaker did her legal obligation and followed due process,as per this bloggs numerous stories on this case- so why fire her?

    Given the gravitas of the ENS findings- how on earth can DA still keep such a moral corrupt individual on as mayor at the expense of a district councils brand value and that of the party that governs it?

    Is this the future DA…a ANC light version?

  4. Ek dink Speedcop Louw het ‘n knock weg na die 2009 dissiplinere optrede. Hy moet gaan vir berading en evaluasie deur ‘n sielkundige by Valkenberg. Eden Dm het geen bestaansreg nie asgevolg van sy onvermoe om die strategiese leiding te neem. Speedcop Louw bestuur daardie instansie in die grond in. He is not fit for purpose!

  5. Battlefield 2016 will be interesting. With my ears on the ground I hear horrible stories of mass defections like the Mazibuko defection in the DA’s future. Revolt is coming to a municipality near you!

  6. Ag we all expected that fool from the Swartland to turn a blind eye to Teflon’s corruption. Ed you must please get us the letter fromBredell if posible. Godfrey “fruitless and wasteful expnditure” speedcop Louw is a person who cannot learn from past experiences. He was found guilty on two ocassions for incurring fruitless and wastful expenditure of R350 000 and after his hearings he committed fraud by claiming compensation for “unlawful” suspension while he knew that the Local Government Bargaining Council through Adv Flowers found that his suspension was lawful. Moreover, During 2010 it was found that three previous DA councillors were found to have been compensated for travel claims in contravention of the MFMA and the Income Tax laws. Two legal opinions advised that the claims were unlawful and amounts to fruitless and wasteful expenditure. Council instructed the then MM (Hoogbaard) to recover the monies from the three councillors (Jac Bekker, Hannes Bouwer and Jenny Harnick). The amount in question is R870 000. A local attorney was instructed to recover the moneys. When Speedkop Louw was reinstated by the DA in June 2011 after the local government elections, he instructed the attorney who was busy with the debt collection to close his files. The claims against thses previous DA councillors have now presribed, which means that Council is barred from persuing its claim against the three. The Eden District Municipality has lost R 870 000 because of Speedcop Louw’s irational and unlawful actions and his actions amount to fruitless and wasteful expenditure. He should now be held accountable for his actions. This mistake of a municipal manager must be properly investigated, charged and fired! The matter wil also now be referred to the Public Protector for investigation.

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