Your vote. And why.

As Helen Zille often says, party loyalty is not for life

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 6 May 2014. 06h40. I have watched on television, and allowed myself to be bombarded by DA minded tweets for weeks on end. I have paid cursory attention to the campaigns of the ANC and the EFF, and all but ignored the campaigns of other, quite legitimate yet desperate, hangers on.

Helen Zille was rather spectacular. She is a great marketer; politically selfless; a deft chancer; a talented performer; and she can think on her feet. Amongst several other qualities distinguishing her as a politician.

To hold together divergent factions and satisfy demanding funders and stock for all, speak to great ability… and virtually guarantee expediency which diminishes political capital such as that veritable Lear’s Lady Brach – principle.

But when the dust settles sometime Thursday, the result will very likely be 63-23-8; ANC-DA-EFF.

A slight drop for the ANC; stagnation for the DA by its 2011 results; wow for the EFF – a party to be taken seriously.

I continue to be discombobulated by something that directed my political attunement in the aftermath of the 2011 local government elections: Most DA supporters are firstly vehemently anti-ANC, yet benefit most from ANC rule.

The Whites never had it better in this South Africa. Any alternative, by the early 1990’s possibilities, remain, as John Vorster used to say, “too ghastley to kôntumplait”.

JP Landman notes that we had become 34% richer since the ANC took power. In the preceding 19 years, we grew 11% poorer.

In the 16 years before the ANC came to power, GDP growth was 1.55% per annum. In the 16 years since the ANC came to power GDP growth was 3.33%. During the Zuma presidency GDP growth is even more advanced.

Per capita income grew by a third since the ANC took power – despite the 1998 global crisis and the 2009 recession.

Our population growth is just above 1% – and this includes immigration.

The most significant variable in South Africa’s development is the growth in the number of people actually working. It is indeed possible to have rising employment and unemployment at the same time – it is a function of demography and social change, and our working age figures will even out in a generation or two.

That governments create jobs is a Keynesian fallacy. (This is not Landman speaking, but yours truly.) The solution lies in economic growth. And statistics indicate that in South Africa we can expect some 0.7% job growth for every 1% economic growth. And income and GDP growth, mentioned, above, indicate that we are making progress.

O, and by the way, while Black unemployment is around 40%, only 7% of Whites are jobless.

More than 60% of South Africa’s tax revenue comes from petrol, VAT, Excise and company taxes.

This despite Sampie Terreblanche’s statement that the estate left by Apartheid’s National Party in 1994 was bankrupt to the extent that it was virtually impossible for the ANC to rule wisely. And, also, that negotiations forced an economic policy on the ANC by binding the ANC to what he calls “an elite compromise”.

It is the ANC’s most vociferous opponents who benefit most from ANC rule.

One’s vote is of extreme importance. It is the most powerful public influence of the most. Few have the privilege of more substantial and more direct influence on government. Use this power wisely.

A single word of advice: vote for something on Wednesday, and not against something.

And, please, my longsuffering readers, do not hide behind Nkandla (the sole issue in this election, according to DA WC leader Ivan Meyer) as reason extraordinaire for voting DA… Oudtshoorn’s DA councillors owe, in wasteful expense, Oudtshoorn’s ratepayers more as a percentage of the Oudtshoorn budget than Nkandla costs taxpayers as a percentage of the national budget.

Let’s get our facts straight.

2013. Landman, JP. The Long View. Stonebridge. Auckland Park.
2014. Terreblanche, Sampie. Verdeelde Land. Tafelberg. Kaapstad.

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7 thoughts on “Your vote. And why.

  1. Your election guess was very close to the mark 🙂

    However, I have to scratch my head at your GDP figures. It was during Thabo Mbeki’s time in office that SA registered its best growth by far. Not under Zuma. South Africa has in truth never really recovered from the recession, unlike other developing countries.

    Just the other day Gill Marcus published growth estimates amounting to a pitiful 1,7% for 2014, well below most African peers. The economy is definately not well today, though I agree that it is the ANC’s most loyal supporters that are getting the raw end of the deal, and not its most passionate critics.

  2. Young and frustrated is an apt name comrade.
    and that’s what you will stay, young and frustrated.
    Give Mr Malema a farm and 6 shebeens and he will
    soon forget, like before, the.youth.

    Take responsibility mr black Eugene ‘Julius’ Trerreblanche
    and honor our ancestors.
    Your success today is simply made up of the remnant
    disgruntled and frustrated NKANDLA refugees.
    Anyone who thinks, including much respected prof
    Sampie Terblanche, that Blacks will surrender their
    gains. must think again.

    ANC is immovable, finish and klaar.
    You better believe it, my man.

  3. X baie bly die puppets en masters het net die weskaap. Joh joh joh. Celebration! Nou gaan ons hulle afbreek. No more provinces in the future! Ons soeki fake partye nie. My next vote will be eff.

  4. Gevaarlike article Ed. “Vote for something”. My opinion. Vote vir anc cope udm npp icosa eff whateva. Die future is beter met revolutionary partye wat rerig baklei vir verandering. Viva South Africa!

  5. Young and frustrated that is me. My elders failed me. The ANC makes all the wrong moves to truly empower the youth and population with skills. Support for the DA would be sky-high but it is clear that they only want to maintain the status quo of white dominance in the economy. You can’t keep stalling this issue. Hence the arrival of the new kid on the block. The EFF came about because a segment of the population was neglegted by all the political parties. How irresponsible of you. How careless of you. How stupid of you. Julius tried to warn the ANC, but they refused to listen. The DA also did not move enough to accommodate this youth segment. The DA lacks authenticity and a caring spirit. It’s all cold hard facts, not enough emotion. Which says something about the foundations of the DA. People won’t vote DA unless they believe the DA is truly authentic. Their campaign was to superficial. Their parliamentary list to superficial. Nobody except Julius Malema cared enough for the youth. Everyone else talked about it but never cared enough to make promises with more definitive deliverables. Now watch as the EFF moves to become the most explosive force in South African politics.

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