The Dishonourable Alliance

Ye gods & faeries, but this lot can lie!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 5 May 2014. 06h15. DA… Dishonourable Alliance.

There is ample proof of the DA’s mendacity in Oudtshoorn and now the untruthfulness of the highest cadres has also been exposed.

In Oudtshoorn, in the last couple of days alone, the DA came up with quite incredible lies:

1. Oudtshoorn has an R18m cashflow shortfall.

This is laughable, as Oudtshoorn has substantial cash balances.

2. Oudtshoorn can not honour its capital commitments.

Oudthoorn can, in fact, honour its commitments.

3. Oudtshoorn owes the Blossoms project more than R10m.

The Umvoto managing director personally refuted this nonsense in writing.

4. A court case relating to the Blossoms debt on April 25 cites Oudtshoorn for millions.

What court case?

5. Oudtshoorn’s monthly expenditure vastly exceeds the budget.

The DA needs fiscal advice as urgently as it needs legal advice… the current sources embarrasses the party in Oudtshoorn.

Methinks the DA’s “informer” either deliberatedly deceives, or is incompetent.

6. The old kospakkie complaint was also resurrected from its stinking grave: The MM issued “onwettige kospakkies” during the August 7 municipal by-elections.

One can only wonder that the DA can so blatantly insults the business leaders who provided these food parcels.

7. My favourite DA lie: The ANC/Icosa/NPP Alliance snubs democracy.

It’s been 339 days since the DA “takeover” of the Oudtshoorn council and the DA only does not govern because of DA stupidity, inability and internal strife. The speaker dealt with this nonsense comprehensively on Friday.

The Sunday Independent repoprts that Zille told TV station eNCA in February, that “the Reserve Bank has modelled the DA’s policy and has concluded that indeed we can achieve 8 percent growth”.

DA spokesman Gavin Davis said on Saturday that “Given the overlap in the Reserve Bank paper’s proposed interventions with the DA’s policies, it follows that 8 percent growth and 6 million jobs would be achievable if the DA’s economic policy proposals were implemented. This is what we are conveying in our advertisement.”

The advert referred to is being aired on Gauteng radio stations including SABC’s MetroFM and commercial station, KayaFM.

Reserve Bank spokesman, Hlengani Mathebula this week said the DA and Zille had demonstrated disregard of the independence and integrity of the bank which acted in the interest of all South Africans.

“(The Reserve Bank) refutes the claim by DA leader Helen Zille, that the SARB has modelled the DA’s economic plan and confirmed its eight per cent growth projections,” he said.

“A discussion paper on the SARB’s website examines areas of policy reform, which if implemented, could contribute to achieving eight percent growth. The paper makes no reference to the DA policies or its manifesto.”

He said the bank’s research department frequently posted such papers on its website.

“These are independent papers, which are peer reviewed and intended to foster thinking on various policy issues.”

He said previously both Zille and the DA’s spokesman on finance, Tim Harris, had given him their personal guarantees that the party would stop saying the bank had endorsed the party’s policies in any formulation.

He said the paper was not an official paper and had no standing whatsoever.

As a result, the DA’s adverts and any comments to this effect were “misleading and not correct”, Mathebula said.

“We take exception to the continued disregard for the independence of the bank and the continued association between of the bank with party political policies,” he said.

I say: Who can believe anything the DA says?

And, of course, that great lie: “Zero tolerance”… Ye gods and faeries, I give you Wessie van der Westhuizen; Dianne de Jager; Ewa Fortuin; Johan Fourie; Julia Le Roux; Pierre Nel; Chris MacPherson; Felicity Magxaka; and Raymond Wildschut.

“Zero Tolerance” is easily the greatest SA political lie since Piet Promises Koornhof’s “Apartheid is dead”.

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5 thoughts on “The Dishonourable Alliance

  1. Ek loop die strate elke dag. Whatever you do don’t vote puppets en masters. Op dishonourable alliance parlementere lys is 90% wit mense maar die voters wat moet kies is die meerderheid coloured mense in die weskaap. Now don’t you have enough skilled nie-blankes in your puppets en masters party. Of is julle bang vir clever blacks. Ek dink julle is bang die clever blacks stel goed voor wat anner non-whites economic freedom kan gee. Dit moet net puppets wees wat die 10% opi lys uitmaak anners soek julle hulle nie op daai lys nie.

  2. Is dit net die DA wat lieg en mooi stories vertel? Ek is geleer een wat steel lieg ook. Watter politikus lief nie? Seker net die ANC kadars wat jy so aanhang.

  3. … Die DAnes die NP gebruik die arme kleurlinge/bruinmense/khoi/San whatever om aan bewind te bly. Hoekom gaan staan Godzilla nie in Gauteng nie?Sy weet hulle gaan verloor dis hoekom sy daai hollow Obama wanebe opsit as premierskandidaat in Gauteng. Hulle gaan Woensdag hulself nat pis!

  4. Liegbekke my broe. Daai puppets en masters party use die newspapers ook om te lieg. Dis simple man. Puppets en masters strategy is simple. Own or control the media. Nou huil hulle en se die sabc behoort aan die anc. Before 1994 constantly tell the people the anc and non-whites are terrorists and the people will believe it. Nou isit weer tell the people they are corrupt en dan believe die mense dit. Sure I agree there is corruption maar die liegbekke try en maak asof hulle so smart is. Zero tolerance is n dishonourable alliance slaaptyd storie. Kyk net hoe word die puppets en masters gewys op woensdag wanneer die coloureds hul vote vir anner partye gee. Ek onthou wat my oupa gese het. Promise my jy sal nooit n witman vertrou nie. Van hulle help ons maar die meeste voel fokkol. Hulle vat alles my kind. Jy word dood geslaan as jy teepraat. Ek onthou oupa ek onthou.

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