The Peter Roberts disciplinary explodes in DA face

This lot can’t run a bath

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 26 April 2014. 05h30. Wessie van der Westhuizen folded under cross examination by advocate Willie Vermeulen yesterday, confessing that the Nel Settlement was a disaster.

In the current absence of a transcript, Wessie used words to the effect that he only now sees the error of the DA way in attempting the settlement. And that action against his Oudtshoorn caucus colleagues Pierre Nel and Ben van Wyk was demanded.

And then Wessie compromised his Oudtshoorn caucus colleague Chris MacPherson.

DA Fedex Chair James Selfe was, of course, too busy to burden himself with something as unimportant as this little Oudtshoorn (say what?) matter and in his absence Vermeulen convinced the prosecutor to drop charge two – that Roberts voted against the DA for the adoption of the Oudtshoorn budget (I thought MacPherson was on record that there was no budget!?).

The DA closed its case without calling MacPherson to the witness stand – what was he to have said after Wessie broke down?

Written submissions will now decide the matter. And hopefully time will save the DA from another huge embarrassment days before the general election.

Ye gods and faeries.

That old political war beast of burden, Jac Bekker, washed his hands yet again.

He used words to the effect that this Nel Settlement disaster wasn’t his fault. And, of course, that he was to retire now in any event.

You’ve got no choice but retirement Jac – you are 10th last on the DA list and some 90! places below the last number on the DA list to hold a parliamentary seat. The pantheons couldn’t save your sorry butt if it tried.

MacPherson also muttered, apparently, that he is considering attending to his business interests more fully and that he may leave politics.

And in the halls Wessie was openly critical of the DA.

It is widely accepted in Eden political circles that Wessie already has a deal with the ANC in anticipation of his removal from Eden as mayor and as councillor both in Eden and Oudtshoorn this Friday next. He has little to fear, methinks – MEC Anton Bredell has not the balls to act against a lame fly on a flat sticky surface if he is edged on by the gods themselves.

Quite a conundrum for the DA, and for the DA in Eden and in Oudtshoorn.

The DA could not manage to take over council WITH FIVE ANC COUNCILLORS SUPPORTING IT!!

The DA could not manage to take over council WITH AN ELECTED MAJORITY!! – because it could not successfully bring motions of no confidence before council.

The DA cannot manage even its own caucus…

But the DA arrogates to be able to run Oudtshoorn.

What a bloody joke.

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4 thoughts on “The Peter Roberts disciplinary explodes in DA face

  1. Nou raak dinge baie sleg baie vinnig vir die da. Ed ek hou van wat ek lees. Joh joh joh! Wanneer gaan die saak hof toe. Die da moet Pites skuldig bevind asseblief. Hy hoort nie by die puppets en masters party nie. Ek like die drama. Dink net hoe sal die saak in n hof lyk.

  2. So why on earth would the ANC make a deal with Teflon? This guy is compromised and tainted! The ANC must think carefully before it allows this baffoon into its fold since he will just be another liability. Teflon should now join Icosa, that is where he belongs! Jak is has been who shld now focus on his struggling farm and poorly paid workers. The DA must be relieved to be rid of this old fart!

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