The thing about the DA

Three things, really

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 19 April 2014. 06h40. It is obvious. Three things.

If the DA was a party representable as a viable alternative for all South Africans, twenty years of democracy should have seen several credible black leaders in the top leadership echelon.

There are none.

The proof lies in the rummaging haste of the Mamwhatsisname Ramwhatchamacallit presidential candidate announcement.

It is not the clumsiness of the event that is telling; it is the necessity of such reaches that is conclusive: The DA, after twenty years of desperate maneuvering, has failed entirely in attracting black leaders demanded to be a serious contender.

Chalk it up to whatever makes your hair blow back, and be it misrepresentation or political naiveté by Mam Ram, the DA needed a black person unavailable from its own ranks – twenty years on!

If the DA was a party representable as a viable alternative for all South Africans, the May 7 general election would have been a proverbial perambulation in a bosky common:

Nkandla, Eskom, the SABC, Jacob Zuma, rank (apparent) corruption, the Arms Deal, failed education, and much more… and the DA is fighting desperate battles to get at least 1 in 5 South Africans to vote for it. Success would mean the DA beats its current 1 in 6 public acceptance; and not too long ago it claimed it would muster 1 in 3.

Then, the leadership…

Helen Zille has succeeded in alienating or eliminating any and all contenders to her leadership. She is not replaceable. Therefore insiders regularly tell me that the top lieutenants are both scared Zille may not go, and scared that she does go.

Zille has surrounded herself with yes-men and takes criticism badly. She is a weak and ineffectual manager arrogating as a leader.

Who will follow Zille?

Mazibuko? Maimane? What, are you shitting me?

It should be Athol Trollip, but he is a middle-aged, rich, white male – utterly and completely not DA leadership material.

Ye gods and faeries.

It’s game over.

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6 thoughts on “The thing about the DA

  1. The problem with the DA is that they are fighting against something (the ANC) and NOT for anything.

  2. Nou moet ons sorg dat die DA nie volstrek die Weskaap vat nie. Hulle moet deel met n ander party. Daarna bliksem ons hulle by die stembus in 2016. Ons is besig met n army van youth members wat die puppets en masters party gaan wys hoe lyk dinge!

  3. Ek het gedink die DA is die antwoord. Nadat ek daai lys van parlementslede gesien het weet ek nie-blankes word net gebruik. Puppet bruin en swart leiers. Die wittes sit lekke en ondersteun die DA terwyl nie-blankes moet steun werf onder mekaar. Nou is die DA ook nie n alternatief nie. My toekoms is in my hande. Jongmense van SA unit. Revolutionary Change is coming.

  4. Absolutely True and that’s exactly why I will never vote for them. Issues of transformation is not mentioned publicly only failures of the ruling party. Whites will never support issues like employment equity as they will rather pay fines for not applying the policies. These companies are Helen’s financial donors for sure.

  5. Everyone blamed Patricia DeLill for selling itself out for a plate of Malay bunny chow,
    Everyone may prove to be wrong.
    Everyone will have to eat their words, even their words if it it a hostile take over.
    Everyone will have to bow down to DA leader, both in parlement and elsewhere NEW big boss! the only boss ME PATRICIA DE LILLE.
    Some will sing: I lost you, I lost you to the summer wind, thanks Frank Sanatra.

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