“Financial Crisis”

”Nonsense”, says MM

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn.

13 April 2014. 05h45. A senior management meeting Friday confirmed the municipality’s positive cash flow and general financial health. That a number of residents may believe the false and incomplete data leaked by half-wits to hell-bent adversaries of the administration speaks to bias and blind fury at the continuous licking by professional superiors. Sad, really.

10 April 2014. 13h20. Municipal Manager Ron Lottering reacted this morning on allegations of a “financial crisis” in the Oudtshoorn Municipality following dastard politicking by the DA’s Patricia de Lille two weeks ago, and subsequent media reports:

The annual budget workshop is a courtesy afforded by the executive mayor to expedite the budget adoption process in service of transparency and political goodwill.

The fiasco surrounding the workshops of 2013, when DA councillors initially enthusiastically supported the draft budget, only to later oppose the self-same budget on patently false grounds, currently the subject of a Police investigation, moved the mayor to reconsider the customary workshops.

The mayor is also concerned about the alarming incidence of financial snippets “laid bare” but so devoid of context as to rapidly contribute to false perceptions honed for politicking.

The budget sabotage of 2013 resulted in an ineffectual budget forced upon Oudtshoorn by the Western Cape Provincial Government. But for alert municipal management, Oudtshoorn’s finances would have been severely compromised by Province’s lassitude and impotence.

That Oudtshoorn’s municipal management is correcting the ship is apparently wrongfully interpreted as the onset of some “financial crisis”.

The current “financial crisis” is nothing but a hodgepodge of innuendo, blatant lies, misinterpretation, bias, political expediency, administrative sabotage, and media opportunism.

The real facts indicate that Oudtshoorn’s financial position is stable and improving.

* The Auditor-General has issued an unqualified audit report for the Oudtshoorn Municipality;
* Annual bonuses has been paid;
* The half-yearly interest payments on external loans are paid up;
* Creditors are being paid within 30 days;
* Cash influx curves upward;
* The enormous debtors book is aggressively and efficiently and effectively managed to ensure the soonest recovery of arrears having resulted from weak receipts management past;
* The relationship with organised business is at a high;
* Province has confirmed that all compliance reports are filed timely, but commented that stronger action is demanded to recover debtors. To this end the recovery of some R7.2m in legal costs and wasteful expenditure from DA councillors are being pursued vigorously.

A financial crisis has indeed been averted by alert municipal management looking beyond mere bean-counting to political thuggery designed to undermine and create the wrongful impression that Oudtshoorn will be best served by Provincial intervention.

The government and the administration reject such roguery with contempt and state clearly that no subversion of its authority, be it internal or external, will be tolerated.

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One thought on ““Financial Crisis”

  1. Krag word net in sekere dele van dorp afgesny. Ek het bewyse vir dit wat ek sê. Mense wat al jare nie belasting betaal nie en al meer as R8000.00 aan die wonderlike mislikteit skuld se koopkrag sal nie geblok word nie. Ek nog meer voorbeelde kry as Mnr Lottering dit wil sien.

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