Zille speaks to multitudinous throng in ward 7… and to hand-picked business chamber members

Discombobulation all round

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 3 April 2014. 07h15. No fewer than 50 people crammed the 300 seat Nicolonia Hall in Bridgton’s ward 7 yesterday afternoon in a mighty show of support for DA national leader Helen Zille.

Clearly the people of Oudtshoorn stand united behind the efficacious DA.


This followed a debate earlier at 09h00 yesterday where DA Western Cape leader Ivan Meyer (permissioned to be in Oudtshoorn by Theuns Botha, allowed out of his cage no doubt by Debbie Schafer – more about this later) and his ANC counterpart Marius Fransman engaged in the presence of professor Willie “Ek-verlang-sóóóverskriklik-na-Thabo” Esterhuizen. The debate was won, as most all debates are, by the person YOU wanted to win it.

Meyer did ignore completely my question relating to the DA’s incessant nagging about Nkandla: Given that DA councillors owe Oudtshoorn’s ratepayers more as a percentage of the town budget than Nkandla is costing taxpayers by national comparison, who the hell are you, Ivan Meyer, to bitch about Nkandla?

No answer.

Meyer did say, he really did say, that this May 7 general election is about Nkandla and Nkandla alone. Whomever still harboured illusions of DA relevancy were doubtlessly diddered into disillusion by this idiocy.

As Thabo Esterhuizen said, it’s the new labour movement and the EFF…

Indeed, me lovelies. Indeed.

Then Helen also met with the “dagbestuur” of the business chamber. One delegate could, unfortunately, not make it and was replaced by Oudtshoorn’s leading publisher, Schalk le Roux of the immanent Die Hoorn.

Note, the meeting was not open to the media… then it was, then it wasn’t, then, apparently, it was – selectively. Or not.

Dontcha just luv the DA: It changes its collective… uh, “mind” like a traffic light changes colour.

Local DA’s attended the chamber meeting.

Why this secrecy?

What could Helen possibly have said that the entire chamber should not have heard? Or us – you and I – should not know?

Eat your heart out Dan Brown.

Take ten steps to your left. Five forward. Throw a stone dipped in cat’s piss at 25 degrees as hard as you can. Dig two meters where it falls. You’ll find DA ignominy. Then again, you’ll find DA disgrace everywhere.

Watch this space.

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5 thoughts on “Zille speaks to multitudinous throng in ward 7… and to hand-picked business chamber members

  1. Piet ou Nic is glo in Franchoek op sy plaas. Sy kak gaan sommer nog loop soos ou Noel hom gaan ry. Hy verkoop al klaar sy eiendom in Oudtshoorn. He can run, but we will find him, selfs al vlug hy Frankryk toe ons gaan haal soos Devani. Daai kak blog van hom “Waghond” slaap.

  2. Drewan, julle sal dalk Gou moet speel. Dalk vat die DA nou regtig oor… of dalkies sink die KKNK se plesierwater in en hulle vat die verkeeerde dorp oor… mag die hemele ons help… Hei hoekom is daai skelm Nic Barrow so stil? Waar (doen hy wat hy ander al sovele male van beskuldig het) of vir wie bevark hy nou weer? Watch hom met n vergrootglas.

  3. She came. She saw. She did not conquer.she conferenced and is concussed. Nog n stofwolkie in oudtshoorn en die fees het onverpooosd voortgegaan. Wat se sy van ou Wessie. En van niehaus wat nie vervolg gaan wird nie. En wat van Gou-skiet en steek die gun weg Qipile, een vsn die uitverkoses wie “fit for purpose, fit to govern”wat in George Thembalethu hof loop in thembslethu vir atttempted murder

  4. Op 7 Mei sal julle sien wat maak die jongmense van die provinsie. Raak wys!

  5. Drewan, let the people comment on May 7.
    Next morning quite a few will sing some with Joy some not so joyous,
    Ag my.
    8 may
    Ag.May. Tog.

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