Helen Zille is in town!

But not for “all” of us…

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 2 April 2014. 05h15. The leader of the DA – 36 days before the general elections, she is nothing but the leader of the DA, so don’t give me “the premier” – is visiting Oudtshoorn today.

I reported earlier that Zille initially refused to speak to anyone about politics – unwilling even to meet with her own caucus. She was to visit Oudtshoorn as a guest of the Absa KKNK… and, wait for it: to conform her standing as the leader of Afrikaans speaking folks.

The thing changed some two weeks ago.

Now Zille will meet a delegation, a hand picked delegation nogal, of the business chamber. I am reliably informed that at least two members of the DA caucus will attend this meeting. I wonder whether the business chamber will be meeting with high profile delegations of the ANC, and the VF+, and the EFF?

Messrs Business… Marius Fransman, Pierre Uys, André Gaum, and several other senior Western Cape ANC leaders are in Oudtshoorn at this time. Thought you might want to know.

After the business chamber meeting Zille will address a DA meeting in either Bongolethu – she’s the leader of “Black people” too, don’t you know; or in ward 7 – Peter Roberts’s ward… because she’s the leader also of “Coloured people”! How do we know Zille is such a pronounced leader? Why, because she tells us so!

In a supreme manifestation of political arrogance and disrespect, Helen Zille will today be accompanied, unless the arrangement is changed after this report, by none other than Wessie van der Westhuizen!

I reported yesterday that Wessie ignored a caucus decision in Eden Monday and that he is now to be suspended as the DA suspended Peter Roberts in Oudtshoorn.

Yet Wessie accompanies Helen Zille today!

Two human made things can be seen from outer space: The Great Wall of China… and DA inconsistency.

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