Learn to count, Dee-Aye!

Its 1, 2, 3… 11, 12, 13…

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 29 March 2014. 05h50. I addressed the little matter of “majority” in the Oudtshoorn Council on March 24, saying that I have never trusted to this so-called “DA majority” since May 31… or August 7.

Now the DA local soi disant “strong men”, Chris MacPherson and Wessie van der Westhuizen, have confirmed my position by telling the mainstream media… and its lesser hangers on, that they were, o so sharp – xyresic even, to have had known since September already that Peter Roberts, their DA council colleague, were in cahoots with me – “Drewan Baird and the ANC councillors”.

As per mostly poor Wessie has it wrong.

Roberts, I hear say, is highly upset with me for calling him a “mampara ” and for this: “Whatever credibility Roberts might have had is shot. Period. He is no longer of any force and use to either the DA, to which he swears (yeah, right) allegiance; or the ANC, which he claims he could never support.”

But thanks for the confirmation that the DA wailing about commanding a majority in council was always just that: a whimpering; a mewling.

With Wessie and MacPherson fronting locally for poor Jac Bekker and Anton Bredell and Theuns Botha and Koos Cilliers, the DA never had a velleity of a chance anyway to take control of the council.

You see, me hearties, you’s can have any number of members in a 25 seat council, but if ya can’t muster 13 members in good standing no motion of no confidence – the only democratic route to control – will ever be carried.

It simple junior primary sums, for Zeus’s sake!

And by Wessie’s umpteenth zinger, the DA apparently never did command the majority in council since the dumb failed attempt at a putsch on May 31.

If Wessie is right, it is abundantly clear that the DA was lying to its local supporters and misleading voters and ratepayers and residents for months, claiming a majority denied its democratic rights by the ANC!

Ye gods and faeries, these Dee-Ayes are a useless lot of whinging, has-been losers.

Maybe Theuns Botha can make another statement that “the DA has taken over Oudtshoorn” during the Absa KKNK and have it televised? The previous announcement of victory is getting a bit long in the tooth, ek sê.

And now Wessie is saying that Theuns probably didn’t know his nates from his cubitus when he made that victory speech in the Pearl May 31 – 302 days ago.

This is hardly surprising. If Theuns is to be believed, the DA is marching to Pretoria.

Mooi, man!

Will the DA announce national victory on May 8?

Given Oudtshoorn, they’re suficiently delusional, methinks.

And clearly the Dee-Aye might well be convinced that some 20% represents a majority over some 60%

Lege labris volumen inguinale mihi…

For updates, new stories, and additional comment,
click here to follow @DrewanBaird on twitter

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2 thoughts on “Learn to count, Dee-Aye!

  1. Lol. Roberts told an acquaintance of mine, he’ll never leave the DA. Why should he leave? The corrupt councillors should leave. Let’s wait and see what the DA does?

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