Peter’s Principle: Real Zero Tolerance

Pathetic DA folds like a single sheet of pony newsprint

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 21 March 2014. 16h00. As one approaches Worcester on the N1 North, just before the big fuel station on the left, a DA billboard on the right proclaims “Zero Tolerance”, complete with a “Coloured” poster boy, arms folded over a proud chest in defiance of all that is not part of the holier than thou so-called “Blue Wave”.

Dis om van te kots.

DA councillor Peter Roberts this week filed an affidavit in the Western Cape High Court that speaks to “zero tolerance”, defying the lies on offer by his caucus colleagues in the Nel Settlement.

For his proud effort to maintain the proclaimed DA stance against corruption, Roberts was suspended amateurishly from the party to which he remains committed, and now has to defend his position against corruption before the very people claiming “zero tolerance”.

This quite incredulous situation is reminiscent of the troubles of DA councillor Pierre Nel in 2007, when he too was suspended from the DA for maintaining the party standard against corruption, at that time temporarily abandoned by “The Leadership” in service of a questionable deal with Patricia de Lille’s then Independent Democrats.

In Nel’s case he refused to support the ID’s Jeffrey Swartbooi, embroiled at the time in an alleged R50m scam, in flagrant disregard of a leadership instruction to the then caucus.

Nel to this day still waxes lyrical about his principled stance, eventually endorsed by the DA’s Federal Law Commission before which he won an appeal against his suspension and was exonerated and reinstated.

Quite ironical then, that Roberts is at this time “suspended” for his refusal to support the Nel Settlement, in flagrant disregard of a leadership instruction to the current caucus bent on protecting Nel… and itself, now that the corruption had been aired in open court and in the media.

The DA has strong principles, to be sure.

But the DA uses principle like currency. They buy a solution with arrogated principle capital; then go fudge together some more principles to drop on expediency.

Informed and involved in this scandalous Nel Settlement cover-up are party leader Helen Zille; Western Cape Secretary Anton Bredell; Fedex Chair James Selfe; and several other more junior leaders the likes of Debbie Schafer of the Federal Law Commission, amongst several other designations, who “investigated” the Nel Settlement months ago; and of course, the Oudtshoorn caucus sans Roberts.

Roberts’s affidavit before court rubbishes the version of the caucus and the DA leadership of the Nel Settlement.

But the absurdity of the Nel Settlement is long known to O!O readers; it has ceased to be news long ago.

What is significantly more serious than the shenanigans of the local caucus to protect its own at the expense of ratepayers, is the contrived leadership campaign not to act against the local Champions of Corruption.

The DA quite evidently has “zero tolerance” for corruption only when “others” (read ANC members and functionaries) act in a corrupt manner… not when DA members are corrupt – such DA corruption is defended by the DA Leadership; condoned even!

Currently the DA is screaming to high heaven about Nkandla… and covering up corruption in its own ranks.

Note that the DA is not only covering up corruption, the DA is acting AGAINST the very person standing up for the very principle violated by the corrupt caucus!

Ye lecherous gods and lascivious faeries!

And about Nkandla…

On December 27 last year I showed that the DA is costing Oudtshoorn ratepayers some 32 times more, by comparison, than what Nkandla is costing South African taxpayers:

Nkandla, now synonymous with the outrageous spend on the president’s personal residence, comes to some 0.03% of the national budget. The money owed by DA councillors to Oudtshoorn makes up some 0.96% of the municipal budget. Oudtshoorn ratepayers are therefore some 32 times worse off than the South African taxpayers, by comparison.

Much had been ventilated about the cost of the Nel Settlement. It was even reported that Nel is considering legal action against acting MM Ron Lottering and me for “misleading council” about the actual cost of the DA corruption. (What, it’s not quite right to attempt to lift R4.5m from ratepayers, but quite acceptable to lift a mere R700k or so!? Ye…)

The cost of the Nel Settlement cuts much deeper than taxed legal bills, me hearties. Much, much deeper.

But for an alert municipal management team, and the brave, principled stance of a single DA caucus member, Peter Roberts – who, incidentally, has told the media that he remains committed to the DA and has not, and will not “cross to the other side”, the DA would have conned Oudtshoorn’s ratepayers out of millions.

O!O salutes Peter Roberts.

For showing up the DA.

And for not joining the ANC/NPP/Icosa alliance.

May Peter Roberts remain a DA member. The pantheons know, the DA needs people like Peter Roberts. And the people of Oudtshoorn deserve someone like Peter Roberts.

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11 thoughts on “Peter’s Principle: Real Zero Tolerance

  1. Gertie jy het ook maar lank gaan nadink wat om te se as jy nou eers comment…
    Was jy ook n pos belowe?

  2. So wat jy nou se is R700 000 is aanvaarbaar? Wat sou julle nie nog beskou as aanvaarbaar as julle eers die raad sou oorvat nie?

  3. Jirre Gertie, ma’ jy’s onophoudelik kwaad! Ek kan mos nou nie help dat die DA’s sulke boewe is nie!

  4. Mnr Baird, jou redenasies grens aan die absurde.

    Eerstens is daar twee kante aan elke storie. Jy aanvaar altyd die kant van die storie wat jou pas. In dié geval aanvaar jy mnr Peter Roberts se kant van die storie klakkeloos omdat dit jou propaganda-mikpunte pas. Dit gaan interessant wees om te sien hoe holrug jy nog hierdie storie gaan ry.

    Tweedens het jy bewustelik gelieg toe jy die bedrag van R4,5 miljoen voorgehou het as die hofkoste in die sake van Pierre Nel teen die munisipaliteit. Ek sal graag wil weet waar jy aan die bedrag gekom het van R4,5miljoen. Kom, vertel ons! In jou ou koppie het R4,5 miljoen net soveel meer propagandawaarde as R700,000.

    Jy skryf dat die R200 milj + wat op Nkandla bestee is, maak 0.03% van die nasionale begroting uit en die geld (is dit die R4,5miljoen of die R700,000?) wat die DA-raadslede na bewering aan Oudtshoorn skuld sowat 0.96% van die munisipale begroting. As ons daardie dom redenasie van jou gebruik, sal ek graag wil weet watter persentasie van die munisipale begroting jy onwettig ontvang vergeleke met die persentasie van die nasionale begroting wat die president verdien.


  5. Now it’s getting confused.
    Me thinks we need Barry Roux and Gerry Nel for this one.
    Or is it like 7de laan.

    This is democracy at its best.
    Or is it demo crazy.

    All this dear fellow citizens of OUDTSHOORN
    While it’s costing us R16000 per month per councilor, plus…
    (While some wonder where the next meal will come from)

  6. Sjoe! This is a lot to take in… Dis hartseer neh. Sterkte Raadslid Roberts, Viva Raadslid Roberts Viva

  7. I too salute Peter Roberts for his stance!

    As a former DA councilor who valued the DA’s principles his stance echoes with me- ACCOUNTABLE PARTY REPRESENTATION.

    The DA I knew,and who most voters still believe in is no more.

    People like Brummer etc who stand for what’s right is not good enough for the DA- yet Wessie and all former I.D members are.

    But at what expense Ed, at what expense?

    There are more people like Peter in the DA.- I think here of Tertuis Simmers who brought me into the DA, blinded by party loyalty and a firm believe in the collective vision and ideals of what use to be the DA.

    The DA is no better then the ANC- Oudtshooorn’s case,and that of Eden’s case, is a good example.

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