Yet another DA yob

Another member of da violent mob

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 15 March 2014. 03h40. Violence obviously comes naturally to members of the Oudtshoorn DA caucus.

This Tuesday last wannabee mayor Ben van Wyk threatened me with “Ek sal jou teen die grond vas dônir”.

Wessie van der Westhuizen – another of the DA’s “mayors”, on February 25, called a female law enforcer a “bitch” and told her that he knows where she lives and “ek kom vir jou”. Also, the officer claims, Van der Westhuizen told her he’ll bring matches.

Ya’all know Chris MacPherson’s public threats to my person on June 27 last year: “Ek sal jou dood donir. Ek sal jou kry waar jy ook al is en al die kak uit jou slaan. Ek sal jou moer.”

Now Raymond Wildschut has donnered someone.

A well-known accounting officer of De Rust deposed on Friday that Wildschut attacked one Bradley Booysen over a dispute about, what else, money.

Ye gods and faeries.

“Deliberately acting in a way which impacts negatively on the image of the Party… bringing the name of the Party into disrepute…” used to be reasons for suspension in the DA.


For updates, new stories, and additional comment,
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One thought on “Yet another DA yob

  1. Ed, hierrie DA blyk almal n ‘bedonnerde’ lot te wees
    Iemand, help ODN tog net, help asseblief net, met sulke politieke opdrifsels vanuit n ‘longdrop’, wat anners kan mens verwag ?
    Sterkte met die KKNK, voordat die DA raadslede eendag nog na lg vernoem word

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