DA beefed up!

Zelda Jongbloed replaces the bumbling Jac Bekker

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 10 March 2014. 11h45. The local DA this morning introduced Zelda Jongbloed, a former deputy editor at Die Burger, as its new MP for Oudtshoorn and Kannaland.

I have had my (non-political) differences with ms Jongbloed but acknowlege her competence. One does not rise within Media24 unless one is able.

Unfortunately Jongbloed inherits a pathetic shambles of an organisation in the Oudtshoorn DA.

Jongbloed must still be elected to parliament on May 7, but she is high on the DA list and poor Bekker is placed lower than proverbial snake dung.

So utterly useless is this lot that their own national leader, Premier Helen Zille, will not see her own caucus when she attends the Absa KKNK on April 3 – to boost her “Afrikaner”(!!) image among the elite and less so of that partuicular clan.

Ye gay gods and freakin’ faeries.

What an embarrassment is this DA lot!

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6 thoughts on “DA beefed up!

  1. Ag toemaar, pastoor Prins, dit was net ‘n ou grappie. Ons sal maar moet wag en kyk hoe me Jongbloed vaar. Of wat sê ek. So terloops, wat moet ons vir Nikkie van der Bergh (Sê wie) vra. Het jy hom al gevra? Indien wel, wat was sy antwoord?

  2. Gertruida a Happy and prosperous New Year,and a Happy KKNK Easter too.Kleur was nie ter sprake toe ek die comment gemaak het nie.Wonder maar net of u nie die een is wat rassisties en seksisties is nie.Dit was eerder ‘n geval van ‘Go (Comment) with the flow”.

  3. Ronnie Prins, jou rassis en seksis! Hoe kan jy ‘n wit man wil gebruik om ‘n bruin vrou te wil verdag maak? Sies man!

  4. Zelda Jongbloed ‘n briljante keuse vir eers,,…maar vir hoe lank.Vra maar vir SE WIE? Nikkie van der Bergh.

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