“Plunder; steek aan die brand”

Supporters of a planned march by some unknown chunking threaten violence

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn.

6 March 2014.

06h55. I was watching the SABC News snippet on “The March” last night and sniggered at Wessie’s pontificating demeanor. The very picture of thwarted conceit, was our Wessie.

Wessie van der Westhuizen speaking to clean government is Monty Pythonesque. It is hilarious.

But what is truly risible is the fact that Oudtshoorn’s DA caucus must be the only caucus in the land headed by a person who is not a councillor!

The media, me sees, is generally reporting that the administration had no comment. This is, of course, not true. The comment, clearly communicated to the SABC and other vendors of bespoke stories, was this: “The Oudtshoorn Municipality will not legitimise an illegal gathering with comment.”

And ye gods and faeries, ain’t the DA a bunch of whingers!?

“We are the majority”; “democracy is undermined”; and so on and so forth.

Hey, wake up DA… You are not the majority; and democracy is alive and well in our lovely town – you were even allowed an illegal march and gathering under an assumed name yesterday!

Stop quetching and do summat constructive to further your case, dammit! Pose a challenge, you sissy boys!

5 March 2014.




10h58. The little gathering dissipates.

The administration’s official response: “We will not legitimise an illegal gathering with comment.”

10h47. Personally speaking, I see not a single influential business leader in the throng. Several ex DA councillors are also absent. None of Oudtshoorn’s lawyers are present. No professional. THIS is the opposition to the current government and administration? Ye gods and faeries.

10h40. Wessie is getting hoarse… And Pieter Luiters – Pieter Luiters! – takes over the megaphone. Tip: Don’t scream over a megaphone.

10h38. A banner proclaiming the administration’s service delivery successes is displayed over the main entrance.

But Wessie continues his screaming… At a fee, I’ll assist him to speak and write. Hell, maybe I’m not THAT good… a hopeless case, methinks.

10h32. Wessie van der Westhuizen! is speaking about corruption and the posters proclaim thievery. Yet it is the DA councillors that are responsible for millions in expense!

Come on, Oudtshoorn… Surely you guys can see through this nonsense!

10h26. Yawn… About 100 people, mostly garbed in a ghastly blue hue, are making noise in front of the main entrance of Verwoerd Sq…


It’s an illegal march, by some lot called “Residence (sic) for Change”, but it’s blue all the way.

Why not just come out and own up, you yellow DA’s!? Par for the course.

An SAPS officer requested, at 10h24, that someone from the administration accept the mob’s memorandum. The officer concedes that the legality or not of the march is in dispute.

The officer leaves in a tiff.

06h45. Today’s planned march by the “Residence (sic) for Change” and its motley of hangers-on, disapproved by the acting MM after threats of violence, will probably go ahead. A mob is a petulant and obstreperous animal.

What should the objections of the “Residence” be?

I suggest the “Residence” should strongly voice against the 11 (DA and Cope) councillors who attempted to defraud the residents (sic) and ratepayers out of some R4.5m in legal fees and resultant expense.

The “Residence” should object vociferously against the legal cost of some R3m resulting from the DA and Cope illegal and thwarted attempt at coup on May 31.

The “Residence” should complain bitterly about the additional expense of managing the noisome results of the DA and Cope folly.

The “Residence” should be abhorred by some R2m paid to the DA and Cope councillors since June last year – without a smidgen of work in return!

Ye gods and faeries, such behaviour by the DA and Cope councillors IS indeed worth marching against!

In deference to Churchill, such behaviour is summat “up with which we should not put”!

Give it up for the “Residence”!

Viva “Residence”, viva!

4 March 2014.

22h50. Ahhh… It is now clear that the Dee-Ay, the “Dastardly Alliance“, is behind it all!

Too yellow, too lame, too chicken, too cowardly, too caitiff, too ignoble, too currish, too specious to front the march, the DA is hiding behind “Residents for Change” – they call themselves “Residence (sic) for Change”, poor ignorant wannabees…

It’s really the Dee-Ay, those mountebank would-be settlers of millions, whose first order of business after a spurious “take-over” was to settle a legal bill for millions at the expense of ratepayers and the very residents now marching for “good governance” in the DA’s favour.

What, are you shitting me!?

This is laughable.

The only thing worse than the DA’s shenanigans is the fact that so many residents are buying the DA’s crap. All 300 of them, according to papers filed by “Residence for Change”…

Ye gods and faeries.

And the Pa’lowick of the swampy world of Lowick.

And the Paaerduag – an “individual” formed by two symbiotic races that are joined as one. However, two voices create the actual name of their race, and four ears hear the true sound of it.

And the Pau’ans of Utapau.

And the Phlogs of Genesia.

And the Polis Massans of the asteroid colony of Polis Massa.

And the Priapulin of Pria.

And the Psadan of Wayland.

And the P’w’ecks…

That’s all the Star Wars species starting with “P”, for pathetic.

19h00. Residents for Change (R4C)…

Ever heard of such an organisation?

Not until a week ago.

They don’t even know themselves, spelling it “Residence” for Change…

And now R4C wants to march “in protest of the current situation in the town”.

One Pastor J Ayford wrote the acting municipal manager on Monday requesting a “driehoekige” (triangular) discussion between the municipality, the SAPS, and the “applicant” (R4C) on a planned march scheduled for March 5 (tomorrow, Wednesday).

The acting MM first asked Ayford for the names of the representatives of the participating parties and proof of membership; confirmation in writing of the authorisation to hand over a memorandum to the MM and the executive mayor; and the resolution of R4C assuming responsibility for any and all damages during the march.

When no response by Ayford or a representative was received, the acting MM informed Ayford late this afternoon that the planned march “is not approved and should it proceed it will do so outside the parameters of prescribed laws”.

It is a bit, uh… disconcerting that march supporters on the perennially noetic incontinent pages of local facebook editions threaten violence.

The threat of violence. Inevitably the purport of the not very bright.

Ranting readers of Die Hoorn and The Oudtshoorn Courant let rip.

Notes one Deon Bosman: “… beswaardes moet begin bande aan die brand steek en winkels plunderdie munisipale geboue aan die brand steek…” (Objectors should start burning tyres and plundering shops… and set fire to the municipal buildings…)

And the march, ostensibly, is partly in protest of some biased aesthesis of democratic want in Oudtshoorn!

When pushed, R4C recognised, among others, Afriforum, the Oudtshoorn Ratepayers Association, and the DA no less! as parties to the “initiative”.

This follows somewhat disturbingly on the emetic utterances of premier Helen Zille’s legal advisor, Koos Cilliers, to the Oudtshoorn Business Chamber on September 12 last year when he addressed business leaders at the insistence of local DA soi-disant “strongman” and party “brains”, Chris MacPherson, stating that civil protest, including marches on the municipality, would assist in securing DA control of the Council. Cilliers made his call after he failed to secure confidentiality of the statement.

Some days later, on September 23, cadres chained several municipal buildings and threatened municipal directors, managers and staffers. Several DA councillors and members and known supporters were identified in the throngs.

The acting MM disapproved the Wednesday march late Tuesday afternoon.

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4 thoughts on ““Plunder; steek aan die brand”

  1. Die DA en politieke partye op ODN se toekoms is verby – mooi gestel SWAARDMAN
    Sterkte OO !

  2. Local government. Onafhanklike kandidate is die toekoms! To hell met al die al die politieke partye. Selfs die DA is n klomp rowers. Beplan glad om belastingbetalers te besteel.

  3. Die VODACOM vidio advertensie, hierbo, lyk my is spesiaal gemaak om party partye se toestand uit te beeld.
    Haastig op pad na erens nerens.

    Giel seg Koos, eintlik is dit n bargain dat geen besluite geneem kan word nie.
    Geen besluit is spanne beter as verkeerdelike besluit, vernaam as die geleerdes so eenparig besluit.
    Wonderlike mense die mense van OUDTSHOORN seg Koos op sy beurt.
    Hulle kom glo nie met n agenda raad toe nie, mens moet nie met n agenda kom nie, of so verstaan hulle.

    George herald, famielie van die plaaslike koerant huur nou pastore om hulle ‘leaders’ te skrywe.
    Dis nou om pres Zuma by te kom.
    Seker beter as redaktriese me Schoonraad se pogings. Mense.

    Maar niks kan daardie Dom redakteur van Beeld verby steek nie
    Seg hy gisteraand op tv, terwyl die wereld kyk , dat dit is algemeen aanvaar word dat as iemand inbreek in ons land, dat ons sal dink die n swart man. Praat vir jouself, Mnr verleendheid.

  4. Ene Deon Bosman? Suur druiwe oor hy nie meer adverteer? Of het jy vergeet wie “ene” Deon Bosman is? Of dalk het Deon sy “maaind” oor OO “gechange”? Mag mens? Wonder maar net. Maar as ek sy kommentaar lees met sy gebruik van hoofletters, lees ek dat hy na daardie voorstel met die eintlike een kom… Tensy my IK te swak is vir díe blog… Mens weet nooit!

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