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Oudtshoorn today: Politics; administration

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 1 March 2014.

18h00. The DA and Cope and the eleven terminated councillors finally served papers this afternoon – Saturday! – and demanded a reply on Monday; affidavits on Tuesday; and a hearing on Thursday… after they had some 9! days in which to prepare!

Ye gods and faeries.

And then the DA challenges the constitutionality of item 4(2) to item 1 of the Systems Act…

Nou wil jy meer!

07h00. At the beginning of the last month of the first quarter of 2014, this is the political status in Oudtshoorn:

The ANC has 10 members; the DA 2; Icosa 1; and the NPP 1, in a 25 seat council. There are 11 vacancies.

Oudtshoorn has an approved 2013/14 budget – eventually, after the DA delayed the adoption for ten months for no other reason but a surge for power all dressed up in a cheap tux of half-baked “budgetary improvements”.

Ye gods and faeries…

During this ten month period at least the ANC was purged of dead wood councillors when those members not raking in what they demanded from the ANC Damascussed to the DA where they got even less on bigger promises.

And Oudtshoorn was purged of 11 councillors bent on ruining Oudtshoorn for political gain – both personal and party-political.

Clearly the DA is not too concerned about losing ten councillors or someone would have approached the high court already.

And who can blame the DA for quietly celebrating the “loss” of Wessie van der Westhuizen, Ben van Wyk, Pierre Nel, Diane de Jager, Ewa Fortuin, Julia le Roux Krowitz, Johan Fourie, Felicity Magxaka, Raymond Wildschut, and Chris MacPherson?

The DA’s Theuns ‘Chuck Norris’ Botha called Peter Roberts “my best councillor in Oudtshoorn” in one of the many screaming matches with Chris MacPherson. The DA knew before its members missed that third council meeting exactly what the outcome would be – the DA even had a legal opinion to the effect! – and yet machined that its members continue on the self-destructing course.

And Cope is now without John Maxim. But who cares about Cope?

Oudtshoorn faces 5, maybe 6, or even 7 by-elections.

Under extreme circumstances of political deviltry and associated administrative sabotage, the government of one Gordon April, backed by at least two exceptional directors in Ron Lottering and Francois Human, and a huge specialist consultant in Roland Butler, managed quite spectacularly.

Perhaps is should be said after all…

The real political and governmental challenge came not from the DA, which, methinks, is a spent and inconsequential political entity both in Oudtshoorn and elsewhere – for lack of leadership, but from within the ANC contingent of the governing ANC/Icosa/NPP alliance.

Such outrageous disequilibrium is being addressed as you read here.

How I dare make such an exhorbitant statement about the DA? And in the face of much better informed, qualified and experienced political commentators contending that the DA is on the up?

I have seen the heart of the beast. I have seen the DA leadership in action. I have been in the operating room where the patient’s heart was removed. And I have observed.

The ship is on auto pilot and will sail until it either runs out of fuel, or hits an iceberg.

I don’t care, frankly. At least Oudtshoorn seems to be safe for the time being.

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2 thoughts on “This is where we stand

  1. Well written Ed

    And that is the story of the DA with their own “Chuckle Nors is Boetta” at the helm, 🙂

  2. Love letter straight from the heart.
    Keeps us near… While apart.

    Honesty is such a lonely word.
    Yet, that’s what I expect from you

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