Special Council Meeting at 14h00

This one’s critical and anything can happen

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn.

28 February 2014.

14h20. The speaker closes the council meeting.

14h16. An increase in the budget allocation for Tourism is approved.

14h10. The 11 individuals who were terminated as councillors arrived to enter the chamber. They leave after a while.

Chris MacPherson clearly accepts his news status as an ordinary citizen – his beach attire is indicative of his not beibg a councillor.

The minutes of the three previous meetings are accepted.

12h55. Eden council meeting “postponed”…

12h30. It is reported from the Eden council meeting that the Oudtshoorn delegates, DA mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen; and Cope’s John Maxim, are fighting to remain in council in the face of strong moves to remove them based on their termination as Oudtshoorn councillors…

07h00. The DA only does not govern Oudtshoorn today for what the DA councillors themselves did and are continuing to do. Mostly dumb things.

The ANC may discontinue to govern by what ANC councillors and officious functionaries of the ANC alphabet soup – REC; RWC; PEC; PWC and what not from branches and who knows what – are doing.

And then there’s the ANC’s lunatic fringe. Those who know this minister and the half-brother of a second cousin twice removed of that struggle credentialed former treasurer of Branch 2a in Putsonderwater and can pick up the phone and talk to some ancestral rep fumigating the second floor toilets in Luthuli House.

Ye gods and faeries.

And I’ll have you know that none of the doingses are even remotely predicated upon you. Only 5 principles remain: “What’s in it for me” – the mantra of the politician.

Today, I suspect, an arrogating tail will attempt wag a mangy dog in service of what the tail’s owner knows not who nor what.

That’s the other thing about politicians. They’re not very bright. Mostly. So the scheming few hold sway.

Enough vitriol. For now. I have to run. To honk.

27 February 2014.

20h30. Oudtshoorn has 14 councillors at this time. But 25 seats.

Friday’s council meeting will forge Oudtshoorn’s route to 2016.

Hands will be shown. Aces will be played. The odd Colt shot may ring out.

There will be blood, yet nothing phyisical one trusts.

It has been a period of deceit and contempt.

A winner will be declared Friday. The loser will not acquiesce. But the loser’s teeth may be blunted.


For updates, new stories, and additional comment,
click here to follow @DrewanBaird on twitter

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