Council Meeting at 11h00; 12h00

Nè!? Nógals!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn.

25 February 2014

12h11. DA councillors Roberts and Harmse signed the attendance record and left.

The speaker finds no quorum and abandons the meeting.

Mayor April speaks to the fact that the DA prevents Council from effecting its mandate.

12h05. Another skollie performance by 11 people who are not councillors wanting to force their way into the chamber.

What don’t they get?

11h50. Nou wat nou!?

24 February 2014.

11h40. As the DA caucus sits down to a chat, I am astounded about the DA’s arrogance… What about Nama Khoi!? Ye gods & faeries.

11h31. The meeting is still not quorate. The speaker closes proceedings.

11h05. There is no quorum, and the speaker allows 30 minutes for the meeting to quorate.

11h00. The 11 leave, declining the invitation to make use of the facilities in the public gallery.

10h58. For people who absented themselves from three consecutive council meetings, the 11 are rather adamant to attend this time!

Wessie and Ewa Fortuin… Those voices! Ye gods & faeries.

A law enforcement officer claims Van der Westhuizen called him a “dik ding”. Wéssie calling someone “dik”!? Ye gods & faeries!

And a female law enforcer claims Van der Westhuizen called her a “bitch” and told her that he knows where she lives and “ek kom vir jou”. Also, she claims, Van der Westhuizen told her he’ll bring matches. And this… “individual” the DA mayor of Eden!

10h50. With Wessie van der Westhuizen at the front, the 11 individuals removed as councillors on Friday, insist to enter the council chamber. They are shown to the public gallery.

10h45. All seats in the public gallery are spoken for.

07h00. Council meets at 11h00 to consider motions of no confidence in the mayor, his deputy, and the speaker.

Ja well no fine.

For updates, new stories, and additional comment,
click here to follow @DrewanBaird on twitter

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2 thoughts on “Council Meeting at 11h00; 12h00

  1. Our comrade Wessie is untouchable man- that female law enforcement women must leave him alone.

    Vivia Wessie,Viva!

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