Theuns Botha mouths off about Oudtshoorn

Theuns Botha!? Are you kidding!?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 21 February 2014. 07h45. The DA’s Western Cape “Deputy” Leader, self-styled “strongman” Theuns Botha had this to say about Oudtshoorn earlier this week:

By winning the by-election on 7 August 2013, the DA became the majority party in Oudtshoorn.

In a proper functioning democracy, the party in defeat, in this instance the ANC – NPP – ICOSA Alliance, would have made room for the majority party to take control. However the ANC alliance then embarked on an array of legal action and illegal conduct to frustrate and delay the opportunity for the DA to take control.

These actions by the ANC, has now led to fruitless and wasteful expenditure of taxpayers’ money, the same taxpayers who used their democratic right to elect the DA as the governing party in Oudtshoorn.

The DA will eventually, after all possibilities for the ANC to prevent it have been exhausted, take control of the council, after which all the mentioned expenditure as well as the general financial state of the council, will be subjected to a proper forensic audit.

This outcome will be shared with the broader public. All those responsible for any wasteful expenditure will be brought to book.

The DA regards the ANC’s constitutional contempt as very serious and with possible far reaching consequences to democracy in South Africa. We therefore expect the ANC Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe, as well as President Zuma, as leader of the party, to express their opinion on the conduct and contempt shown by the ANC in Oudtshoorn as well as the inability of the ANC provincial leadership to deal with the Oudtshoorn matter.

Theuns, Theuns, Theuns.

Why does Theuns not tell his audience about Nama Khoi in the Northern Cape, where there are no fewer than 11 – ELEVEN! – court cases around keeping the DA in power illicitly!

Ye gods and faeries!

The DA’s deception is discombobulating. Baffling. Befuddling. Bemusing. Bewildering. Flummoxing. Foxing. Fuddling. Daar’s ‘n heerlike Afrikaanse woord vir Theuns en die DA se arrogante eiewysheid: Eenogigheid.

Remember Theuns’s haughty words on may 31 when he announced that the DA “had taken over in Oudtshoorn”…

“As ons nou ‘n hofbevel moet kry, kan kry ons maar die ou hofbeveltjie…” (Minagtend die uwe, Theuns Botha. Ed.)

Ye gods and faeries!

So, Theuns – o, by the by… mooi man! – let’s have your expert analysis of DA democracy in Springbok in the Northern Cape, please man!

Brom! Brom! Brom! Die DA’s dóm!

In Oudtshoorn democracy is alive and well.

Alive and well in the face of fraudulent DA shenanigans.

Let’s face it: If it wasn’t for the fraudulent Nel settlement, the DA would have – and could have… should have, even – governed Oudtshoorn.

Executive mayor Gordon April said:

The enormity of the attempted fraudulent settlement in the Pierre Nel v. Oudtshoorn Municipality matter is alarming.

Clearly the “settlement” was in service of saving Nel’s political career and him from financial ruin. The powers that fronted Nel in the matter they had initiated appear to have attempted to redress their mistake in running an ill advised suit.

Parties continuously accusing the municipality of maladministration and even corruption are alarmingly silent on this outrageous plot by the DA Caucus.

This “settlement” represents a crime perpetrated against the ratepayers and residents of the Greater Oudtshoorn by the DA Caucus.

The vast scope of this giddy cowboy plan was only recently comprehensively revealed.

The real and present damage of this attempted fraud goes way beyond the mere quantum, and reaches far outside the millions involved.

This fraud also cuts to the very character of the DA Caucus and speaks clamorously to the impuissance and hebetude of the DA leadership.

Either the DA leadership knew of the fraud, or it did not.

If the DA Leadership did not know… why not?

Inexplicable Leadership ignorance would worsen the rot in the DA Caucus by indicating that the Caucus even fleeced the Leadership!

That the DA Leadership has not acted since before May 31, 2013, would initially indicate that the Leadership was, in fact, unaware of the trickery… the alternative is, in any event, too ghastly to contemplate.

Yet, in considering this ghastly alternative, one must weigh an instruction by the Leadership, according to intimate information at my disposal, that Councillor Ben van Wyk, a party to the settlement in his capacity as arrogated Executive Mayor in lieu of the May 31, 2013 failed coup, be replaced as ward 6 candidate in the August 7, 2013 by-election. Why this dramatic intervention, as is indeed the intervention to suspend Councillor Pierre Nel, if not for sufficient prima facie evidence of misconduct?

The DA Leadership did nothing to protect Oudtshoorn’s ratepayers and residents against its rogue Caucus… but to suspend Nel and Van Wyk, only to reinstate Van Wyk expeditiously for apparent political expediency.

The facts force me to conclude that the DA Leadership had intimate knowledge of the deceit and remains, at best, tacitly accompliced in the attempted fraud.

The dearth of immediate and energetic action by the Leadership at this time tends to confirm that the Leadership must have at least had an inkling of impropriety months ago and that my current appal is not shared by the Leadership, or they would have disciplined the entire Caucus.

As it turns out, the Speaker of the Oudtshoorn Council had to act, and did so in now familiar fashion, having bravely, effectively, and efficiently guarded his Council against charlatans and mountebanks since May 31 when the DA, Cope, and five rogue ANC Councillors illegally attempted a coup d’etat.

On February 6 the Oudtshoorn Speaker published his finding and recommendation in a report unanimously approved by Council. The Western Cape Minister of Local Government, doubling as the DA provincial secretary, was on February 7 informed of the Speaker’s recommendation that the DA Councillors involved in the fraud be removed.

Acting municipal manager Ron Lottering said:

The enormity of the attempted fraudulent settlement by the Oudtshoorn DA Caucus in the Pierre Nel v. Oudtshoorn Municipality matter goes way beyond the mere quantum, and reaches far outside the millions involved.

Not only do DA Councillor Pierre Nel owe an approximate R4m to ratepayers in legal cost awarded by the Court, but the fraudulent so-called “settlement” in this matter has, to a lesser or a greater extent, caused litigation running into additional millions, in excess even of related expenditure and well-nigh incalculable human resource and energy consumption.

Oudtshoorn’s 96km of paved roads and the comprehensive storm water system can be aggressively maintained only when debtors are readily recoverable. The outstanding amounts made up of Nel’s debts and that of the entire DA Caucus come to some R7m. The DA’s trickery is therefore directly harming ratepayers and residents.

Enormous expense accrued to ratepayers, even above the bills mothered by the illegal DA action in its obstinate quest for power at all cost:

No contribution by DA councillors was made since they scuttled the budget they had previously supported even somewhat enthusiastically, and the embarrassing bloody nose on May 31.

The mischievous politicking; and the public instigation to civil disorder, even in formal forums, undermines Oudtshoorn’s administration, and diverts valuable energy and dear resources, and occupies minds that should have been exclusively tuned on service delivery.

Water, electricity, sewerage, indigence, disaster management, and all other services are delivered in the complete and total absence of DA participation – DA councillors do not attend municipal functions; DA councillors do not attend ward committee meetings; DA councillors do not attend municipal strategy, technical, finance, corporate, or community committee meetings. The DA makes no contribution to the management of Oudtshoorn whatsoever. For the DA is too busy plotting for power.

And repeated invitations to participate remain shunned while my administration is continuously hindered by the DA’s petulance.

Yet it is the cold-bloodedness in which the fraud was calculated that discomfits most.

Intimate information at my disposal indicates that the DA Caucus had more than four meetings about the settlement before May 31, 2013, when the DA attempted an illegal coup; and at least two meetings after May 31.

My information further indicates that the Caucus was repeatedly warned about the illegal nature of the intended settlement and that the Caucus members eventually acted to settle in the full knowledge of the questionable nature of the proposal.

The crowning disgrace was the arrogance on January 31 and February 4 when the DA Councillors walked out of Council Meetings without the Speaker’s permission, in apparent solidarity with Councillors Van Wyk and Nel whose voting rights remain suspended hanging a Supreme Court of Appeal hearing… the DA Councillors arrived, enquired as to the (known!) status of the Van Wyk and Nel voting rights; and left without excuse when the Speaker confirmed the familiar status!

All indications are that the DA Leadership had full knowledge of the scheme.

It is telling that the DA Leadership suspend Nel and Van Wyk, only to reinstate Van Wyk expeditiously, most probably in service of accommodating his candidature in the August 7 by-elections.

But the gravity of the wrongful conduct forced the DA Leadership to instruct Van Wyk’s replacement as candidate… an instruction DA Constituency Head Jac Bekker, by my information, attempted to ignore!

Clearly the DA Leadership was fully aware of the shenanigans; clearly the most senior local DA Leader, Bekker, not only knew the nature of the fraud, but actively promoted its execution by avoiding his Leadership’s interventionist punitive measures!

I have also learned of alarming incidents of tampering with Caucus minutes leading to cover-ups in a general environment of disregard for form and decorum in matters of government.

I am confounded by the brazen Wild West politics threatening my administration.

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