DA appeals the Le Grange Judgment

The blue wave becomes a tsunami

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 20 February 2014. 05h30. The DA is vigourously marching to power in Oudtshoorn

Mr Justice André le Grange found 0n September 10 last year that the purported meeting of the Municipal Council of Oudtshoorn held on Friday, 31 May 2013 after the Speaker closed the official, legitimate meeting, was convened unlawfully; that all resolutions purportedly taken at the impugned meeting are unlawful and of no force and effect; and that the incumbents of the positions of Speaker, Executive Mayor and Executive Deputy Mayor are those persons who occupied these positions immediately prior to the impugned meeting.

Also, the 11 DA councillors and the Cope councillor who attended this illegitimate meeting, and the five councillors who abandoned the ANC at the meeting and joined the DA, and the DA itself, have to pay the costs of the matter jointly and severally – the 17 councillors and the DA need to contribute around R100,000 each to foot the bill for this little legal mischief forged in the smithy of vexatious and irresponsible bad management, honed by political stupidity.

Now the DA, and 11 of its 12 Oudtshoorn Councillors are appealing the judgment.

Also, the whole lot of ‘em, except for Peter Roberts, are in Cape Town – apparently – for consultation – apparently – with “The Leadership” – apparently – in anticipation of “taking over” on Monday – apparently.

It appears that this take over is well-nigh certain…

Nothing can stop the blue wave now – apparently.

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3 thoughts on “DA appeals the Le Grange Judgment

  1. dis hoogtyd ,dat die gesteelde grond moet terug aan hul regmatige eienaars besorg word;sjoe maar dit het die DA ook maar lank gevat om te besef hoe skelm die vorige regering was.as jy grond kon steel soos wat gordon april nou onlangs klip en sand kon steel,soos wat daar vermoed word ,is jy tot alles in staat

  2. Hoekom is Peter nie by nie,,,Wat kort dan nou?Ontmoet hulle met tannie Zille?Sjoe maar die DA boer deesdae agteruit///// baie agteruit…..Hulle stem dan deesdae vir Grondhervorming////

  3. Dit klink asof die DA skrikkerig is vir Peter Roberts. Hoekom is die DA bang vir Peter Roberts. Wat is fout DA. Wat is fout tannie Zille. Is dit dalk oor die Nel ding.

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