What!? Constitutional Court!? Are you kidding!?

Why does the ANC Alliance not just pack it in!?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 13 February 2014. 07h30. The Speaker’s petition to the Chief Justice was dismissed within three court days… Herein lurks a story for another day. Or not.

What possible chance does the speaker have to convince the highest court in the land that the WCHC and the SCA were both wrong!?

Well, that’s exactly why the South African Rule of Law Democracy has a Constitutional Court!

The MEC (I am well and truly sick and tired of calling this bloke “the Western Cape Minister”) for local government made a case which the WCHC ruled he had no locus standi to have brought.

This, and several other issues clearly need addressing evn in the continued construction of our young democracy:

1. The law in regard to the question of the reasonably necessary or incidental powers of a Municipality to censure breaches of Codes of Conduct in terms of Section 156(5) of the Constitution.

2. The law in regard to Items 13 and 14 of Schedule 1 of the Systems Act.

3. The law in regard to the duty of the Provincial MEC for local government to exercise his discretion to investigate evidence of malfeasance by Councillors of a Municipality that has been brought to his attention in terms of Section 106 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act No. 32 of 2000.

4. The law in regard to de bonis propriis costs orders against Municipal Councillors for motions produced to a Municipal Council in terms of Section 28 of the Systems Act and Section 3 of the Western Cape Privileges and Immunities of Councillors Act No 7 of 2011, and the decision of the Constitutional Court in Swartbooi v. Brink, 2006 (1) SA 203 (CC).

5. The law in regard to the obligation to negotiate, and avoid judicial proceedings in terms of Sections 41 and 45 of the Intergovernmental Relations Framework Act, No. 13 of 2005.

Let’s see what the CC has to say.

In the mean time, just in case anyone is not clear, the current administration is pretty much blooming:

* The Auditor-General has issued an unqualified audit report for the Oudtshoorn Municipality;
* Annual bonuses has been paid;
* The half-yearly interest payments on external loans are paid up;
* Creditors are being paid within 30 days;
* Cash-flow is positive;
* Cash influx curves upward;
* Streets, in disrepair due to the budgetary problems (supra), supplier constraints, and uncommon inclement weather conditions, are being repaired;
* Streets are being cleaned of weed and undergrowth;
* Housing programs are continuing, with a large current informal housing area, resulting also from farm evictions, reconstructed with due care and diligent caution for residents whose conditions are being improved dramatically;
* Four MIG Projects totalling R14,228,243 are in progress and expected to be completed on schedule;
* The relationship with organised business is at a high;
* Province has confirmed that all compliance reports are filed timely, but commented that stronger action is demanded to recover debtors. To this end the recovery of some R7.2m in legal costs and wasteful expenditure from DA councillors are being pursued vigorously.

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7 thoughts on “What!? Constitutional Court!? Are you kidding!?

  1. Met die volging van die hele sage blyk dit dat die regsbank ook nou politiek gesind is.Schippers DA -Regter ten gunste van die DA. Hopelik is die Konstitusionele Regter ANC gesind.(Ek hoop van harte ek word verkeerd of reg bewys). In die oe en harte van die kiesers is dit egter teleurstellend.Wanneer sal die slogan “The people shall govern” nou regtig begin gestalte kry.Ek droom van daai dag,daarna kan ek maar in VREDE sterf.

  2. Watter paaie is hulle besig om te herstel? Waar ek ry is die sand wat hulle in gegooi het alweer uit en die gate is alweer groter. So die poging was ‘n groot geld mors.

  3. wanneer kom die politieke waarboel tot n einde, nee koalisie nee magtig man, die dorp se mense is siek en sat vir julle kak

  4. Hulle moet na die Konstitusionele Hof om tyd te koop. Daar is vir te veel persone te veel inkomste op die spel.

    Ou Baird. Ek loer so nou en dan hier as die hardlywigheid pla. Jou blog het darem regtig onaktief geword. Nee man, dis tyd dat jy weet jou beginsels aanpas en ‘n nuwe rigting inslaan. Maar jy ken mos die ou wysheid: “Jy kan sommige mense somtyds flous, maar …………….

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