Council Meeting at 14h00


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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 6 February 2014.

14h40. The Mayor thanks Roberts for his stance.

14h35. The Financial Consultant, Roland Butler, will prepare a revommendation on the upper limits.

14h30. The Performance Report is approved.

14h28. The Annual Report is approved.

14h25. The speaker introduces an item to appoint a disciplinary committee.

A committee is approved: Donson, Wagenaar, Gunguluza.

14h18. The budget is proposed and seconded.

Roberts makes a counter proposal that the adjustments not be accepted.

The counter proposal is not seconded.

Thr budget is approved .

14h15. The speaker introduces his finding on the disciplinary investigation into the fraudulent Nel settlement.

No DA councillor but Jurie Harmse may vote in this matter.

The report is accepted by council by 12 votes to nil.

14h10. The DA has not arrived and has informed the speaker that they would not attend.

DA Councillor Peter Roberts is in attendance and the meeting is quorate.

06h50. I came, I saw, I f… left. The DA mantra. Doubtlessly chanted under the “DA Lapa”, the bit of tree opposite the main entrance to Verwoerd Sq on the edge of the lawn adjascent to the C P Nel Museum where the poor sods congregate before and after their usual bloodied noses on council meeting days.

Today, at 2, there is yet another attempt at concluding the budget matter.

But this time around there is so much more information available about the DA shenanigans; chicaneries; guiles and wiles; and deceits, deceptions, dissemblings, and dissimulations. Dônirrrrr.

And to think Helen Zille is thinking that this week cannot get worse…

For updates, new stories, and additional comment,
click here to follow @DrewanBaird on twitter

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2 thoughts on “Council Meeting at 14h00

  1. Can I get Peter Roberts t-shirt size, he’ll look great in a Yellow one ASAP.

    Well done comrade Wessie, you’ve played your part in this and now we shall control Oudtshoorn.

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