The DA is knackered

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 6 February 2014. 17h45. Following today’s council meeting, the DA and Cope councillors, with the exception of Peter Roberts, who attended today; and Jurie Harmse, who excused himself, have until tomorrow to provide reasons why they should not be removed as councillors, having missed three consecutive council meetings.

This means that Eden may be short of a mayor as Wessie van der Westhuizen is an Oudtshoorn delegate to district.

But all the DA was interested in was to move to suspend Peter Roberts, who provided a quorum and sat through several unanimous decisions.

O!O can reveal that Western Cape finance minister Alan Winde wanted the DA councillors to approve the budget; local government minister and Western Cape party secretary Anton Bredell did not want them to approve the budget; and minister of health and DA head of government business Theuns Botha told the councillors that they would be suspended if they dared attend the council meeting.

Poor sods.

And then that brilliant political contriver Jac Bekker weighed in with a letter in today’s Die Hoorn that the DA will (eventually) take over.

Poor dofs.

I have had a pretty busy day and I have, frankly, had it with DA stupidity. I’m going to sit down for mr Jameson, and with messrs Mashele and Qobo’s The Fall of the ANC which I bought Sunday.

The DA is inconsequential. It is deserving not of attention.

And DA comments on today’s council meeting are risible. Alarming really, the political naivety. The pantheons protect us against this lot managing stock in an empty tool shed.

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One thought on “Eviscerated

  1. Comrade Wessie is untouchable Ed,untouchable.

    He and Bredell are braai buddies man- buddies don’t drop each other in extrat,extra hard times like these.

    Comrade Wessie’s mission for us is not yet finished any way

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