Is Oudtshoorn ready for independent rule!?

Can Oudtshoorn take the lead in taking back our towns for the residents!?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 21 January 2014. 13h07. It’s been tried before. And it failed. It nearly got off the ground in 2011. But it never did.

Independent control of the Oudtshoorn council means that the people of Oudtshoorn rule Oudtshoorn.

Not Luthuli House.

Not the Marks Building.

Not Leewenhof.

I argued and promoted the idea in Plett in December 2012.

It was shot down by both the DA and the ANC.

I punted the idea of recall – where the constituents have the power to fire a representative.

It was shot down by both the DA and the ANC.

Towns should be run by the people of the towns, not by politicos with agendas reducing towns to sacrificial pawns in some flight of fancy towards an eluding checkmate.

Anton Bredell promised two by-elections in a rash sms during an unguarded moment in Parliament last year.

An initiative by well known Oudtshoorn community leader David Piedt may very likely see a local party contest both such by-elections… and in the Oudtshoorn dynamic a single seat may very well hold the balance of power.

For independents, or a single independent, to control the Oudtshoorn council a single seat is all that is needed. Independent control of Oudtshoorn is a very real probability.

It need not be a Piedt candidate.

It can be you…

Is Oudtshoorn ready to assume the lead in a South Africa athirst (luverly word, ain’t it!?) for local government reform?

We are ideally positioned, to be sure, to show ‘em – the ANC; the DA; the country, that it can be done: people can govern themselves.

Imagine… an executive mayor that need not call party leadership to determine where she should sit in council – like Diane de Jager once did.

Political parties at local government clearly can not stiffen something flacid in a Pfizer laboratory; can not finagle a frisky feeling in a floozy with a fistful of fifties.

We need a new way of doing.

Can Oudtshoorn deliver?

Hell, imagine this: the people of ward 1, and 2, and 3… and 13 get together and nominate a candidate, or candidates, to fight for the privilege to represent them – and wait not for the ANC and the DA and whatever upstart party to decide for them!

Let’s start the ball rolling now; 2016 is around the proverbial corner.

For updates, new stories, and additional comment,
click here to follow @DrewanBaird on twitter

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2 thoughts on “Is Oudtshoorn ready for independent rule!?

  1. Nou praat jy Mnr Baird, nou praat jy!!! Kom laat ons dorp saamstaan en vir eens en vir altyd ontslae raak van die skelm onbeholpe klomp drek wat afgeskei word van die ANC, DA, NPP en ICOSA wat hulleself ons leiers noem!!!

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