Guess what!? The DA is taking over… Again!

Tomorrow, Friday, it is said!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 17 January 2014. 01h20. In a remarkably nasty turn municipal manager Ron Lottering was advised late last night to cancel his Friday program as alarming fresh information about the threat to his very life became apparent.

Lottering refused the warning, even from a prominent law enforcement investigator who also advised that the information be recorded in the local SAPD occurrence book.

O!O learned that the threat to Lottering’s life was discussed in the home of a prominent local DA councillor and that the threat be dismissed at Lottering’s peril. The councillor’s identity is known to O!O and not surprising.

The DA’s Christina Muller, who complained bitterly on Thursday afternoon about O!O’s referral to her, also reported a meeting between DA Oudtshoorn MP Jac Bekker and “several municipal managers”.

This in addition, apparently, to the DA’s feedback session on the delegation to Cape Town which O!O reported on earlier.

The blundering Bekker bodges as he breathes. O!O would very much appreciate some DA leader of substance – yeah, right – to explain why the political head of a particular party meets with municipal managers in the absence of the municipal manager, or with the permission of the municipal manager.

It can be done, of course, but it smacks of conspiracy, and like a dog walking on its hind legs, is possible but not well done.

Clearly O!O’s earlier submission that DA leaders are surely not complicit in plotting (even physical) harm has to be redressed in the light of the above mentioned discussion at the home of a prominent DA councillor and Bekker’s profoundly irresponsible engagement of municipal functionaries.

The municipal manager indicated late last night that action against specific managers is not altogether improbable.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 16 January 2014. 13h15. Rife with internal dissent and leaking like a sieve, the DA caucus yesterday sent a delegation to consult party leader Helen Zille and the DA’s legal minds, for lack of an appropriate appellative for people who had apparently, at some time or another, been made aware of summat called “law”… but altogether ignorant of “strategy”.

The caucus is upset because the members were told that they may have some chance of attempting a council take-over by the end of March… And they want it all. And they want it now.

Said Queen, “… one track mind… just give me what I know is mine… I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now…”

The DA councillors of Oudtshoorn – can anybody still remember who they are – have done NOTHING since May 31 2013 but connive to get power – by any and all means, even patently illegal means, as the Western Cape High Court ruled.

They have boycotted committee meetings and continue to do so. They do not attend official functions. But they do get paid.

The only exceptions are Diane de Jager and Peter Roberts. They are seen at functions. They represent their constituents. Noted.

Twice now ridiculous rumours of some unidentifiable “eviction order” against the current government were bruited; the latest yesterday.

Famously unsuccessful DA candidate Christina Muller also yesterday warned of big things to come.

And then there is the disturbing say on the streets that the DA has brought in gangsters from Cape Town to take out municipal strongman Ron Lottering.

Why not just laugh such nonsense off? How can Christian people, nogal WHITE ones too, EVER stoop so low?

Nee, die DA is mos kerkmense!

Yeah. Right.


MEC Bredell’s legal advisor, Koos Cilliers, told a meeting that civil unrest will assist the DA take-over scheme, and days later DA supporters chained several municipal buildings shut.

Ben van Wyk, one of the forgotten DA councillors – and “executive mayor” since May 31 until the WCHC snubbed the folly, is suing the real executive mayor, Gordon April, because April attempted to ensure his own safety and that of his family by referring to the threat that gangsters were to assassinate him.

This is serious stuff.

Desperate people do desperate things.

“… one track mind… just give me what I know is mine… I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now…”

Given the DA’s alleged involvement, as was raised in parliament recently, with gangsters on the Cape Flats, any and all threats to the safety of municipal functionaries are to be taken seriously.

Obviously, the ringleaders are those DA fringe elements nobody talks about at parties, and not the apple pie and motherhood poster faced Helen, Lindiwe and Pat… locally represented by the rickety Jac Bekker, that remarkably failed political Meleagris gallopavo (turkey) the DA steadfastly refuses to dismiss. But there is no evidence that the exemplary leadership is even attempting to curtail the harum-scarum fringe.

O!O has the names of the inciters, but withhold it on advice and request of law enforcement intelligence.

So. A local DA delegation visisted Helen Zille.

What can Zille do!?

She can’t even run Oudtshoorn – with a majorioty of councillors mind! – so how in the name of the pantheons can she run the country!?

And about taking over tomorrow… Ag asseblief tog.

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2 thoughts on “Guess what!? The DA is taking over… Again!

  1. Mense, mense, waar is CJ. tog.
    Hy sou hulle regruk.
    Nou die dag verbeel ek my, of het ek gedroom,
    Ek kyk in langenhoven se Graf , die waardige ou oom
    draai om en om soos n Sputnik , sewe ensewentig maal
    per minute
    Daai Massey Ferguson sou nie een kon by hou nie.

    Vandat hulle Karen Meiring gepos het, is OUTDSHOORN
    ok nie meer OUTDSHOORN nie, seg ek jou.

    As niemand van jou weet nie, kan niemsnd jou vergeet hie
    Dis tog so eenvoudig…… Dis jy en jy alleen……tra la la la
    Wonder hoe gaan die brand stof fakture wat in gehandig moet
    word, lyk,, groot be sparing. ALMAL sit by die huis.

  2. Why do the DA even bother….with architechts of this 31 May 2013 failed coupe like our Comrade in blue- W “Teflon”,fighting to probe that our colored comrades are not just thieves etc-they’ll never take over.

    Viva Comrade W, Viva!!!!!

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