Municipality and business chamber closer

MM satisfied, excited even

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 8 January 2014. 14h00. Acting municipal manager Ron Lottering today expressed his satisfaction at the prospect of a closer relationship between the municipality and the business chamber.

I am delighted that conversations between the chair of the Oudtshoorn Business Chamber, Mr Niel Els, and me, during December, clearly indicate that business leaders and the municipality will from now on interact confidently, in support of the best possible service delivery to the community of the Greater Oudtshoorn.

The municipality will be represented at chamber meetings with a view to facilitate the free flow of information between the municipality and organised business for sustainable goodwill, and for mutual understanding of both opportunities and restraints influencing service delivery, economic development and social capital growth.

The chairman and I intend to meet regularly, and also to be available to each other whenever the one needs to share something with the other in support of the growing relationship between the chamber and the municipality.

At this time I am proud to confirm that
* Annual bonuses had been paid;
* The half-yearly interest payments on external loans are paid up;
* Creditors are being paid within 30 days;
* Cash-flow is positive;
* Cash influx curves upward;
* Province has confirmed that all compliance reports are filed timely, but commented that stronger action is demanded to recover debtors. To this end the recovery of over-payments to certain functionaries and the recovery of legal costs, and losses resulting from particular previous contractual flaws, are being pursued vigorously.

My administration will continue to strive to manage the affairs of Oudtshoorn professionally and with due regard for input from well-meaning parties.

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Click here to follow @DrewanBaird on twitter for updates, new stories, and additional comment
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2 thoughts on “Municipality and business chamber closer

  1. So far so good to the MM
    Can the same be said from Theunsie, Rip van Bredell and Yes-man Zille ?

  2. If the report is indeed true,
    It’s amazing what can be achieved
    when there is no geverf ent for a week or two..

    We save a fortiun, can even pay our debts.
    No counselors and officials to make uninformed decisions.

    Hold thumbs for next month….

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