32 Nkandlas for Oudtshoorn

But some still want Demockratic Allience control

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 28 December 2013. 13h00. Theuns Botha, the soi disant DA strongman – deputy WC party leader, provincial minister of health, and head of government business – got quite personal in an email distributed to “colleagues” oozing ineffectual attempts at dismissing the shocking cost to Oudtshoorn ratepayers of DA shenanigans, reported below at 27 December.

Clearly my Nkandla analogy struck home with some vengeance, as rightly it should.

No surprise here: Theuns has the greatest of respect for O!O… “Your publication attracts attention everywhere! The only reasonable request from politicians should be that facts are correctly reported – O!O succeeds 100% in this regard.”

But Theuns longer holds this view! Click here too see why.

Theuns wonders, in the email, what percentage of the Oudtshoorn budget might be taken up by my fees… but Theuns calls it “fooitjies”, in a futile attempt at derogation; “fooitjies” being Afrikaans for “small fees” or “tips”. If my fees be “fooitjies”, it should be inconsequential, but a fact only suggestive to a vivid mind.

What screams from Theuns’s email is the absolute dismissal of the issue at hand: The enormous cost to Oudtshoorn ratepayers of the rogueries and chicaneries of the Oudtshoorn DA councillors, acting on instruction and piteous advice of Theuns and his “colleagues”.

But, really, what can be expected of Theuns Botha?

He arrived in Oudtshoorn on the eve of the DA’s illegal attempt at a poorly planned and ridiculous execution of a political coup on May 31, to announce – in the aptly now defunct Pearl Hotel – that the DA had taken over the Oudtshoorn council.

He then added that should a court order be needed, to ensure the take-over, such will be gotten… “As ons ‘n hofbevel moet kry, dan kry ons maar die ou hofbeveltjie” – arrogant to the tee. And nothing, but nothing, to back up the bravado. Classic Klein Mannetjie Sindroom.

In case you have not noticed, my longsuffering readers, the DA is not in control of Oudtshoorn.

Theuns Botha lied through his teeth on May 31. Who is still dumb enough to regard anything he says? No attempted insult from this DA leader can possibly hit the spot.

But that the Nkandla analogy hurts is certain.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 27 December 2013. 10h40. Nkandla, now synonymous with the outrageous spend on the president’s personal residence, comes to some 0.03% of the national budget.

The money owed by DA councillors to Oudtshoorn makes up some 0.96% of the municipal budget.

Oudtshoorn ratepayers are therefore some 32 times worse off than the South African taxpayers, by comparison.

Or, the Dumbocratic Allience is responsible for 32 Nkandlas in Oudtshoorn. But without as much as a brick or a thatch to show for the expense.

Yet, there is a cadre of pseudo intelligentsia baying for DA control… backed up by some unwashed unable to manipulate the current municipal management into handing out contracts and jobs.

The DA councillors are becoming restless, having been snubbed by their “leadership” when the abject lie of prosperity by apostasy inevitably reified. And a number of these DA councillors are seriously compromising themselves.

Who are the local DA leaders?

Ben van Wyk… Fleeced by, according to his own testimony, Theuns Botha and Nic Barrow in believing that he was, indeed, the legitimate Executive Mayor of Oudtshoorn after the silly botched coup of May 31 and conned into signing the impugned Nel v. Oudtshoorn settlement that would have cost ratepayers some R4.5m had the alert municipal management team not thwarted the attempted fraud.

Clearly Van Wyk could not be trusted with running a bath. Oudtshoorn, my dear sir, you can not run.

By the way, apparently even the DA’s federal justice committee, or some like party organ, bought this bilge. That poor Ben didn’t know better. Says summat about the DA leadership, I’ll have you know.

Pierre Nel… Apparently, the DA will not confirm nor deny, still in a state of “membership suspended” – a kind of political purgatory: Nel’s DA membership is suspended hanging the outcome of some disciplinary action that is either in progress or not, but certainly not concluded. It means that Nel is currently not fit to be a member of the DA, but quite fit enough to be a councillor representing one of the biggest rate-paying zones in Oudtshoorn. Not good enough for the DA, but good enough for Oudtshoorn.

You can go straight to hell, bypassing purgatory, my dear DA leadership. Straight… don’t pass “Begin”; do not collect.

Wessie van der Westhuizen… In April the entire Oudtshoorn caucus asked the DA’s Fedex to remove Wessie. Because Wessie is a useless councillor. Period. Yet on May 31, Wessie was the voorbok in the stupid coup attempt. Wessie could not care either way – he remains Eden Mayor and he remains the only Oudtshoorn DA councillor raking in a high salary. Until… the next Eden council meeting looms.

Chris MacPherson… Lying to council. He thinks there will be no consequences. Yeah. Right.

The D in DA. I call it for “demockratic”, or “dumbocratic”. But it may well stand for despicable.

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3 thoughts on “32 Nkandlas for Oudtshoorn

  1. Spot on gentleman, spot on
    We always hear about Theunsie when some mess needs cleaning up inadvertantly created by himself ??
    Master Ivan Meyer is either too important for fixing messes or is it perhaps just plain incompetence?

  2. Is the DA still a home for colords Comrade Nomsa,or are they just being tolerated because they are being used as voting cattle every 5 years?

    Is there any real colored leadership left in the DA or ANC- seeing that the one abuses their black voter support base and the other lusts a portion of the black voter base.

    With coloured “leaders” like Teflon mastering the Oudtshoorn screw up and Eden screw up,a hopeless Knysna mayor to name but two- don’t the colored DA members see that “their” party is going in the wrong direction.

    And before those nameless individuals attack other people believing they are me…yes Teflon and co…my name is none of those you believe I am.

    I am Phumzile Mahlangu……so now you know.

  3. Why is the DA Western Cape “leader” so quiet on issues he is suppose to give leadership on?

    Is Dr Ivan Meyer just a window dress,rudderless colored leader to show the coloreds of the Western Cape that the DA is still a home for them?

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